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10th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment Honours WWII

Military Cross

Major G.O. Watkins
Captain L.J. Elkington
Captain O.M. Schryer (killed)
Captain G. Woodward

Distinguished Conduct Medal

CSM V.C. Hann
CSM I. Pook

Military Medal

Sergeant H. Marmont
Sergeant B. Trevillian
Sergeant T. Wheeler
Corporal E. Cooper
No. 32 Corporal W. Smith
Private A. Crawley
No. 96 Private R. Davis
Private G. Hadfield
Private J. Horsley
Private T. Saunders
Private J. Venn
Private L. Wathen

Member (of the Order of the) British Empire

Captain F.R. Mould

British Empire Medal

RQMS K. Edmunds
WOII R. Griffiths

Mentioned In Despatches

Lieut-Colonel H.C.R. Hose, DSO
Major A.C. Steadman (killed)
Captain D.C. Bagworth
Captain J.S. Jones
RQMS K. Edmunds
Sergeant E. Freeman
Sergeant R. Gunter
Sergeant A. Jenner
Sergeant S. Jones
Sergeant A. Osborne
Sergeant H. Phillips

Certificate of Gallantry

Corporal T. Roberts
Private H. Ind
Private H. Parrott