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The 1st Battalion

1923 - Cologne, Germany until September 1923. To Aldershot, stationed at Blenheim Barracks; part of 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Division.

1924 - 2nd Lieuts. J.B. Cooper, H.P.I. Hutchinson, R.J. Bewell, T.F.G. Hopkins, A.H. Motard, and G.O. Crawford promoted to Lieuts.Cadets C.S.R. Campbell, T.N. Grazebrook, W.R. Phillips, J. Biddulph, and T.H. Clarke to be 2nd Lieuts. from RMC Sandhurst.
Lieut. E.B. Pope, DSO selected for service with the 6 Bn.
2nd Lieut. B.E.R. Morton posted to 2nd Bn.
Lieut. F.C. Holbrook, MC selected for service with Colonial Office.
Lieut. W. Henman, DCM and Capt. M.W. Halford, MC retired.
Capt. R.B. James and Capt. W.P. Oulton, MC posted to 1st Bn.

Lieut. M.A. James, VC, MC, obtained a "Distinguished" Certificate at the Machine Gun School.

Battalion Order, 26 April - "The GOC-in-C wishes to express his satisfaction with the very prompt manner in which all ranks of the 1st Battalion the Gloucestershire Regiment present in barracks turned out to deal with the heath fire which occurred in their area on the afternoon of the 21st April 1924."

7 May 1924 Buff belts were adopted for walking-out dress.
9 June 1924 - Battalion provided a guard and band for the Royal Pavilion during the King's residence there.
15 - 28 June 1924 Battalion Training at Thursley Common Camp.

1925 - Captain C. Matson, MC posted to 1st Bn.
Lieut-Colonel J. Fane, DSO appointed to command 1st Bn
RSM S.J. Griffen to be Lieut. and Quartermaster
Major R.L. Beasley, DSO assumed temporary command of Bn 10-16th August
Captain M.A. James, VC appointed Adjutant (replacing Capt. H.E. de R. Wetherall, DSO, MC)
Lieut. W.H. Hynes posted to Depot
CSM H. Eyers promoted RSM

29th April - Annual Musketry Course.
6th May - Order received abolishing 'Fighting Order', all trianing to be done in 'Marching Order.'
10th June - King's Review on Laffan's Plain.

December, Army Order - "His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve of the following alliance: The Royal Canadian Regiment Unit of the Canadian Militia (Permanent Force) to the Gloucestershire Regiment."

1926 - Capt. R.B. James posted to Depot.
2nd Lieuts. N. Lovett, W.H. Percy-Hardman and R.G.T. Collins joined Bn.
Capt. L.A.W.B. Lachlan posted to Bn.
Lieut. F.C. Holbrook, MC rejoined Bn.
Lieut. R.J. Bewell obtained 'Special Certificate' at 87th Regimental Signalling Instructor's Course.
Lieut. L.A. Powell, MC appointed Adjutant 6th Bn.
Lieut. J.B. Cooper seconded to King's African Rifles.
Lieut. T.F.G. Hopkins seconded to West African Frontier Force.
Capt. R.B. Pope, DSO rejoined Bn, then posted to 2nd Bn.
2nd Lieuts. C.S.M. Campbell, T.N. Grazebrook, and R.R. Phillips to be Lieuts.
Lance-Corporal F.L. Saunders commissioned 2nd Lieut. in RASC.
Capt. P.P. King (late-Iraq Levies) attached to Bn.
Capt. L.A.W.B. Lachlan nominated for Staff College, Camberley.

18th January - the new size back badge was affixed to all steel helmets.
2nd May - Bn received orders to move to the North of England on "Emergency Duty" due to the General Strike.
4th May - Bn bussed to Beverley, Yorkshire, arriving on 7th.
26th June - Bn left Beverley for Hornsea (Annual Weapon Training Course)
31st August - Bn moved to Catterick Camp for Brigade Training.
11th October - Bn moved to Portland by train.

1927 - 2nd Lieuts. R.S.L. O'Connell and E.H.L. Allen joined.
2nd Lieut. J. Biddulph promoted to Lieut.
Major R.L. Beasley, DSO left to assume Command of 2nd Bn.
Capt. C.E. Gardner posted to Bn (late-Adjutant, 5th Bn)
Capt. A. Seldon seconded to 5th Bn as Adjutant.
Capt. A.V. Morton posted to Bn (late-Staff Capt. BAOR)
Capt. H.E. de R. Wetherall, DSO, MC transferred to York & Lancaster Regt.
Capt. F.H. McL. Young promoted Major.
Capt. W.G. Chapman, MC posted to Bn (late-Adjutant, 19th London Regt)
Capt. W.P. Oulton, MC retired (rank of Major)
Capt. P.P. King posted to RAF Depot, Iraq.
Major D.J.B. McMahon joined from 2nd Bn.
Lieut-Col. V.N. Johnson, DSO appointed to West African Frontier Force.
Lieut. D. Calvert-Fisher joined Bn (from King's African Rifles)
Major A. Capel posted to Depot (as CO). Capt. C. Matson, MC and Lieut. R.R. Phillips posted to Depot.

Lieut. F.J. Moon was killed in a motoring accident at Newbold, near Rugby, 29th October.

19th August - Bn moved by train to Tidworth for Brigade and Divisional Training; returned to Portland 19th Sept.

1928 - Major A. Capel, Capt. C. Matson, MC, and Lieut. R.R. Phillips posted to Depot.
2nd Lieut. J.P. Carne to be Lieut.
Lieut. F.C. Davis, MC to be Capt.
Lieut. D. Calvert-Fisher to be Capt. Posted to 2nd Bn.
Capt. W.H. Parkinson appointed Staff Captain 46th (The North Midland) Division, T.A.
2nd Lieuts. Lewis St. John Daly Collinson and Gerald Loworthy Baker posted to Bn.
Capt. B. Temple, MC psoted to Bn ('B' Company)
Major A.F. Chapman posted to Bn
Lieut. A.H. Motard resigned his commission

CSM Reece, DCM posted to 2nd Bn.

March to April - Company Training at Bovington.

28th September - Battalion moved by train to Southampton. Embarked on HMT 'Somersetshire' for Egypt. Reached Port Said on 9th October. Battalion moved to Abbas Hilmi Barracks, Abbassia, Cairo.

1929 - War Office Letter, No.54/Infy/6464 (30 Nov. 1929) "His Majesty The King has been pleased to approve of the facings of the Gloucestershire Regiment being changed from white to yellow."

Lieut. F.C. Holbrook, MC retired.
Lieut. T.N. Grazebrook posted to Depot.
Lieut. C.E.A. Firth posted to Bn as Adjutant
Capt. F.C. Davis, MC joined Bn
2nd Lieuts. N. Lovett and W.H. Percy-Hardman to be Lieuts.
2nd Lieut. A.P. Cholmondeley posted to Bn
Capt. R.P. Power, OBE posted to Bn
Lieut. (QM) S.J. Griffin posted to Depot
Major A.F. Chapman and Capt. B. Temple, MC posted to Bn. Major Chapman assumed command of Bn, 28th April.
Lieut. J.W.C. Kirkland joined Bn
Lieut-Col. J. Fane, DSO to Half-Pay.
Major D.J.B. McMahon retired
Major A.F. Chapman to be Lieut-Colonel.
Capt. R.P. Power, OBE to be Major
RQMS R.E.D. Brassington to be Lieut (QM)
Capt. D.E. Baker posted to Bn
Lieut. G.O. Crawford seconded to RAOC
2nd Lieuts. D.W. Biddle and V.F.D. Tarrant posted to Bn
2nd Lieut. R.G.T. Collins to be Lieut.
Major R.P. Power, OBE posted to 2nd Bn
Capt. M.A. James, VC, MC posted to Depot
Lieut. C. Asplin posted to Depot
Capt. C.E. Gardner retired.

23rd February - Bn marched to Brigade Camp at Mena (12 miles) for 2 weeks training "in the shadow of the Pyramids."
Then marched to Helwan (20 miles) for 1 week training with the Canal Brigade.
27th April Lieut-Colonel Fane, DSO left the Bn.

26th August - civil unrest in Palestine. Lieuts. Kirkland and Collinson led a party of South Wales Borderers into Jerusalem.
27th August - Lieuts. Bewell and Percy-Hardman commanding a platoon of Machine Guns to escort a train load of ammunition from Cairo to Lydda.

1930 - 2nd Lieuts. V.F.D. Tarrant and D.W. Biddle joined the Bn.
Major & Brevet Lieut-Col. V.N. Johnson, DSO posted to Bn (as 2nd-in-Command)
Capt. R.S.D. Stuart posted to Bn
2nd Lieut. E.H.L. Allen to be Lieut.
Major W.H. Parkinson posted to Bn
Capt. C. Matson, MC retired
Lieut. R.R. Phillips posted to Iraq Levies
Lieut. T.G.F. Hopkins placed on HP List.
Lieut. J.P. Carne posted to Mombassa for service with King's African Rifles.
2nd Lieut. L. St. J.D. Collinson attached to 1st Bn Beds. and Herts. Regt.; then to transfer to Indian Army.
Major W.H. Parkinson retired.

Bn provided Guard of Honour for arrival His Excellency the High Commissioner, on his arrival in Egypt.
Bridging training carried out over the Ismailia Canal.
Brigade Training at Giza.
June-July Bn on stand-by during civil unrest. Not called out.

November - Lieut-Col. Johnson, DSO developed appendicitis and returned to UK on sick leave. Bn commanded by Major Power.
RSM Eyres left for discharge in UK after 25 years service with Regiment.

1931 - 28th Jan. Battalion (863 strong) entrained at Abbassia for Port Suez.
29th Jan. at 6am Bn boarded H.T. Neuralia; where Capt. L.A. Powell, MC and 2nd Lieut. R.G. Brownrigg joined the Bn.
17th Feb. Bn arrived in Singapore.

2nd Lieuts G.L. Baker and V.F.D. Tarrant to be Lieut.
Lieut. J.W.C. Kirkland attached to 2nd Bn
Capt. J. Vicary, MC and 2nd Lieut. G. Kitching joined Bn.
Capt. B. Temple, MC to Staff College, UK
Lieut. R.J. Bewell to Depot
Lieut. C.E.A. Firth to be Adjutant, 5th Bn
Lieut. R.G.T. Collins to be Adjutant at Depot.

1932 - Capt. R.G. Douglas and 2nd Lieut. J. Heath joined Bn.
Capt. A. Seldon, MC joined Bn (from Adjutant, 5th Bn)
October - Joint excercise with Singapore Volunteers and Johore Military Forces.
Battalion left Singapore. Regiment arrived at Bombay and moved 600 miles to Mhow. Garrisoned with the 8th Field Brigade, RA and the 4th Bn 6th Rajputana Rifles.
An Indian Platoon was raised made up of Sikhs from the disbanded Bombay and Sikh Pioneer Battalions.
Battalion provides guards for the Treasury and Fort. A guard of honour commanded by Lieut. N. Lovett and the band were at Mhow Railway Station to meet the Viceroy on a visit.

1933 - Early January the Battalion moved to a camp at Kelod, about 4 miles from Mhow, for training.
19th January Colonel Chapman left the Regiment owing to his wife's illness.
16th March Colonel Vinen arrived to assume command of the Regiment.
25th May Captain Vicary married Miss Norah Lovell at Mhow. Major Young went to England on sick leave.
New drums were sent out to the Regiment.
Captain Morton was posted to OC Attached Section, Colaba, Bombay.
Capt. Douglas appointed Brigade Chemical Warefare Officer.
Captains Chapman, Ladds, Lieut. Grist, and 2nd Lieuts. Comber Higgs and H.J. Lovett joined the Battalion.
Capt. Stuart retired in October and Lieut. N. Lovett was posted to the Depot.

Company training at Kelod camp, about 4 miles from Mhow.

1934 - Company battle practice held at Hema.
Major Ollis and Lieut. Bewell joined the Bn. Bewell later left for Staff College.
Lieut. Brownrigg posted to Depot.
Bandmaster Gibbs arrived in May to take over from Bandmaster Yorke.

1935 - 8th Jan. Lieut-Col. H.N. Vinen, DSO left the Battalion at Datoda. Lieut-Col. J.R. Guild, DSO appointed to command.
Major L.A.W.B. Lachlan arrived to assume command (from 2nd Bn).
Major Ollis went on leave to England and retired to take up a position with the Home Office.

Capts. C.E.K. Bagot and W.H. Hynes posted to Bn (from 2nd Bn)
Lieut. B.E.R. Morton posted to Bn (from 2nd Bn)
2nd Lieuts. D.S. Strachan-Audas and J.P. Ingles posted to Bn (from 2nd Bn)
Lieuts. Tarrant and Lynn-Allen posted to Depot.

1936 - Lieut-Col. J.R. Guild, DSO went to Kenya on leave, pending retirement in Jan. 1937.
Major R.M. Grazebrook, OBE, MC assumed command of Battalion.
Major L.A.W.B. Lachlan retired.
Major L.C. Evans moved to the Foreign Office, based in Egypt.
Capt. C.E.K. Bagot, MC was appointed Station Staff Officer at Poona.
Capt. G.W.V. Ladds posted to depot.
Lieuts. D.W. Biddle, A.P. Cholmondeley, G. Kitching and R.E.D. Brasington posted to 2nd Bn.
Capts. R.J. Bewell and T.N. Grazebrook to Staff College, Quetta.
Capt. J.P Carne and 2nd Lieuts. C.R. Davis, C.L.C. Roberts and A.L.W. Soames posted to Bn from 2nd Bn.
RSM W. Reece, DCM retired after 24 years service with the Regiment.
RQMS A. Witts took a discharge.

In Jan. an outbreak of diptheria in barracks at Datoda.
'C' Company and the Drums posted to Nasirabad.
28th Jan. Battalion paraded for a memorial service for the death of King George V.

News received that the Gloucestershire Regiment was to be converted to a Machine Gun Battalion, made up of:
Battalion HQ
HQ Company - signallers, anti-aircraft, and admin. personnel.
Scout Company - 3 platoons armed with lightly armoured vehicles armed with Light MG's
2 MG Companies - each of 4 platoons armed with Vickers MG's and armoured MG Carriers.
Anti-Tank Company - armed with 2 Guns towed behind a truck that carries the team.

50 motorcycles
40 armoured carriers
40 motor cars
20 ammunition and stores trucks

In Feb. Battalion moved to Madras. 2 Companies and HQ Wing based at Fort St. George, 2 Companies at St. Thomas' Mount.
During the hot summer, 200 men are sent to the hill station at Nilgiris.
14th Dec. Battalion provided a Guard of Honour for The Governor of Madras for the Proclamation of King George VI.

1937 - Battalion moved to Wellington in stages, starting with 'D' Coy. in April and finally HQ in September.
Many officers and NCO's attended Machine-Gun courses at Ahmednagar.

Capt. (QM) R.E.D. Brasington posted to the 2nd Bn.
Capt. (QM) S.J. Griffen arrived.
Major R.B. James went on sick leave to England.
Lieut. D.B.A. Grist posted to depot.
Capt. B.E.R. Morton and Lieut. J.P. Ingles attached to RIASC on probation.
Capt. W.H. Percy-Hardman posted to 2nd Bn.
Capt. W.H. Hynes transferred to the Inniskilling Fusiliers in Singapore.
Capt. T.N. Grazebrook to Staff College, Quetta. Then posted to 2nd Bn (due to ill health)
Capt. J.P. Carne appointed Adjutant.
Major L.C. Evans, Capts. J.R. Walton, J. Biddulph, and R.G.R. Chilton posted to Bn.
Lieut. C.W.A. Bath, 2nd Lieuts. E.B. Harding, C.G. Nuttall, P.J.H. Pope, and R.H. Bradford joined Bn.
RSM S. Drinkwater joined Bn.

1938 - Battalion training in Jan/Feb. at Bangalore. Camped at Ibalur. Training included mountain warfare.
Train back to Wellington. April - orders arrived to convert back to a Rifle Battalion!
2nd Lieut. A.D. Hunter joined the Bn (from 2nd Bn).
Capt. R.J. Bewell left for England to be GSO III 4th Division, Eastern Command, Colchester.
Capt. J. Biddulph posted to depot.
1st Nov. embarked on HMT Dilwara for the voyage to Burma. Based at Mingaladon. One Company stationed in Rangoon.

1939 -