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                     The Second Battalion 1914 - 18


1st January 1917 the Battalion was at Jenimah. Towards the end of January the River Struma was in flood and a new line of posts was prepared away from the River. Time was spent improving defence works.

May 9th a raid was made on a Bulgar post near Kuli Bejkoi, with 20 men under 2nd Lieut. R.E. Culverwell. They ran into an advanced post and killed the 2 sentries with bayonets, but the post was alerted and around 70 Bulgars came out to attack the raiders. They fell back and an artillery barrage drove the Bulgars off.

From May to September the sun was powerful and the weather almost tropical. Topees were issued and all ranks wore shorts. Fever became a problem and it was decided to withdraw from the Struma plain to the hills. A new camp was built just south of the village of Nigoslav, named Gloucester Camp. Time was spent in training, working on a light railway and improving defences. 8th October the battalion was at Marian Camp and on the 13th moved to construct a new line along the south bank of the Struma. On the 21st they were relieved by the 2nd D.C.L.I. and moved back to Marian Camp. On the night of the 24th a big raid was to be made on enemy posts at Sal Mahale, Kispeki and Ada. At 11pm the Glosters crossed the Gudeli Bridge and at 5am went into action near Ada. After taking the village they returned to camp by 12.30pm. They had 1 officer wounded (2nd Lieut. Jenkyn), 5 men killed and 22 wounded.

In early December the battalion moved to the southern section between the Gulf of Orfanu and Lake Tahinos. HQ was set up at Ano Krusoves. The winter was very cold and heavy rain fell.