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                     The Second Battalion 1914 - 18


In January 1918 Captain S.B. Swan and 2nd Lieut. H.R. Power were awarded the Military Cross. Time was spent in training and working until 16th February when the battalion relieved the 10th Hants. Regiment in the Brigade front line. 7th March a successful raid was carried out on Picket Bank, for which Lieut. Collins was awarded the Military Cross and Privates Davis and Legg received the Military Medal.

18th March Captain H.J. Hammond was wounded by a 'blind' enemy shell and died at Stavros on the 23rd. The weather improved. 10th June the Battalion relieved Lovat's Scouts, with several Greek officers and NCO's attached, as the Greek army was going to take over the sector. On the 22nd the Greek battalion moved in and the Glosters moved to Vrasta by train. Vrasta was a rest camp by the sea. On the 8th July they entrained for Guvesne Camp. On the 9th they moved on and reached Dreveno. Training was stepped up in preparation for an attack.

On the night of the 1st September the Glosters and the 10th Hants. were to attack the Roche Noir Salient. At 5.36pm the battalion advanced and captured the enemy first line before the Bulgars realized an attack was starting. All objectives were taken and the attack a complete success, the Salient was captured. The Battalion lost 14 men dead, 4 officers and 71 men wounded.

The following awards were made for the attack:

Acting Lieut-Colonel A.C. Vicary - a bar to the D.S.O. and the French Legion of Honour.

Lieutenant J. Vicary - a second bar to the M.C.

Lieut. J.F. Russell - the M.C.

Military Medals to Corporal Hunt, L/Corporals Toop, Edwards, Major and to Privates Carter and Rudge.

The Bulgars shelled the Salient, 'A' Company stayed in the Salient with the 10th with the 10th Hants., while the rest of the Battalion moved back to Meunier. Twice the Bulgars tried to attack the Salient, but both assaults were driven off. On the 4th September the Glosters relieved the Hants. in the Salient. More awards were made to the Battalion:

Captain C.E. Whitcombe - a bar to the M.C.

2nd Lieut. D.L. Bateson - the M.C.

Captain H.R. Power - the Greek Military Cross.

Meritorious Service Medals to Sergeants Walkeley and Whittern, CSM Webb, CQMS Sharpe, Corporal Collins, L/Corporal Maddox and Privates Jeynes and Hoxley.

On the 12th the Battalion was relieved back to Molaire. On the 18th the big attack on Doiran began. The 2nd Glosters did not take part, on the 20th they came under shell fire for the last time in the War. The Bulgars were broken and in full retreat. On the 22nd the Battalion marched to Alcah Mah, then to Pardovika. By now the 3 Battalions of the 82nd Brigade were so weak that they were amalgamated into one composite battalion, called the 82nd Brigade Regiment.

At 12 noon on the 30th September the Bulgars surrendered.

The Glosters crossed the Bulgarian border into Strumitza, then to Petric and up through the Kresna Pass. In October they were at Dupnitza. With the Austrians withdrawing the Glosters moved back to Doiran. During the march back news arrived of the Armistice in France. But on December 24th orders arrived to proceed to South Russia.