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The Boer War
2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment

The 2nd Battalion were in the UK when the war started. In November 1899 the battalion was mobilised and lodges its colours at the Council House, Bristol before moving to Aldershot.

Sailing on the 'Cymric' they landed at Cape Town 21st January 1900. One company was detached to serve as Mounted Infantry on arrival.

The battalion moved north by train and then marched across the Modder River on 15th February. The next day they saw their first action against a party of Boers, Lieut. Shipway and 10 men were wounded.

18th February they reached Paardeberg and on the 19th were in the firing line all day. As darkness fell they took part in a bayonet charge against the Boer positions. 5 men were killed, Lieut-Colonel Lindsell, Lieut. Harrington and 19 men were wounded. Major Richardson-Griffiths and Lieut. La Motte received DSO's)

27th February the 2nd Battalion escorted General Cronje and his army into captivity. At Klip Drift they handed the 4000 prisoners over to the Scots Guards and then moved to Driefontein.

10th March 1900 battle of Driefontein, 4 men killed, Captain R.P. Jordan and 19 men wounded.

13th March the battalion entered Bloemfontein and took turns as garrison at Sannah's Post.

5th May 1900 the battalion moved into Transvaal.

9th May 1900 the Volunteer Company arrived from the UK to join the battalion.

In June they entered Pretoria and helped to liberate the British prisoners being held there, including men of the 1st Battalion who had been captured at Ladysmith.

In September 3 companies were sent to De Westdorp under Major H.R. Tufnell. 18th October the town was attacked by a Boer force and on 23rd October the British garrison was surrendered. The 2nd Battalion lost 10 men killed and Captain Wingfield Digby and 30 men wounded. Several days later the Boers released the prisoners as they were hampering their movements.

The next 18 months were spent in "sweeping operations" in Orange Free State and Transvaal.

May 1901 the Volunteer Company returned to the UK and in April a second Volunteer Company arrived from the UK.

At the end of the War, the 2nd Battalion remained in garrison at Bloemfontein until 1904, when they returned to the UK.