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Special Reserve (late Royal South Gloucestershire Militia)
Died: 42 officers and 79 men.


Based at Bristol. Served as a training unit. Men were sent as reinforcements to other units. Moved to Woolwich.


Moved to Gravesend, May 1915.

1916 - 1918

Moved to the Sittingbourne and Maidstone area. Remained there for the rest of the war; part of the Thames and Medway Garrison.

Memorial at Milsted, Kent - "In this field the 3rd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment commanded by Lieut.-Col. G.H. Burges was encamped during the summers 1916, 1917, 1918."

Although after the War recruiting for the Militia was stopped and the Battalions faded away, the order to disband them did not come unitl 1953, when he 3rd Battalion was finally disbanded (Army Order 46/1953) along with about 30 other Militia units.