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5th Battalion (Gloucester)

1859 - 1st Administrative Battalion The Gloucestershire Rifle Volunteers raised. Uniform was dark green with red facings, black leather belts with silver fittings, and a shako.

1881 - Became the 2nd Volunteer Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment.
1st Corps (City of Bristol)
2nd Corps (Gloucester Dock)
3rd Corps (Gloucester)
4th, 5th, 6th Corps (Stroud)
7th Corps (Cheltenham)
8th Corps (Tewkesbury)
9th Corps (Cirencester)
10th Corps (Cheltenham)
11th Corps (Dursley)
12th Corps (Forest of Dean)
13th, 14th Corps (Cheltenham)
15th Corps (Stow-on-the-Wold)
16th Corps (Moreton-in-Marsh)

1882 - Shako replaced with a rifle-green spiked helmet.

1900 - A Machine Gun Section was formed in Cheltenham with 2 one-horsed Maxim guns which could only be fired from their carriages and were of a naval pattern dated about 1890. Both were taken to France in 1914!
17th February 1900 a Volunteer Active Service Company was formed by the Battalion and served with the 61st in South Africa.
Battle Honour "South Africa 1900-02."

1908 - Became the 5th Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment; (145th Infantry Brigade, 48th (South Midland) Division).
Rifleman's busby adopted, with a red and black plume.

1914-1918 < Click Here

1921 - Battalion mobilised as a Regular Unit during the General Strike. It's TA members were specially enlisted as Regular soldiers for a period of 90 days.

1923 - Annual Camp cancelled due to an outbreak of 'small-pox'!

1924 - Annual Training at Bustard Camp, Sailsbury Plain, 3rd-17th August.

1925 - Battalion ceased to be a rifle unit and the rifle-green full dress uniform was discarded.
28th March, Colours presented to Bn by Field-Marshall Lord Plumer. War memorials unveiled to 1/5th and 2/5th Bns.
Annual Training held at Weymouth. Visit arranged to HMS Tiger.

Capt. F. Balfour; 2nd Lieut. A.D. Waller; 2nd Lieut. P.F. Foster joined the Bn.

1926 - During the General Strike, the Permanent Staff instructors and picked volunteers formed a guard over rifles and ammunition at the Barracks, which had been collected from all over the country.
Annual Training held at Chiseldon.
8th August Corpl. W.E. Lappington died.
Officers of the Bn attended The King at the Levee held 31st May.

Lieut-Col. N.H. Waller, MC, TD to be Brevet-Colonel.
2nd Lieut. D.L. Norris joined the Bn.
2nd Lieuts. A.D. Waller and P.F. Foster were attached to 1st Bn.

Territorial Decoration awarded to:
Colonel The Earl Bathurst, CMG
Capt. F.R.E. Kenward, MC
Rev. G.F. Helm, MC, MA

OBE awarded to Lieut. W.G. Tibbles, MC for 'long and distinguished service in the Battalion.'
Joined 1892, commissioned 1923.

1927 - Annual Training held at Whittington, near Andoversford, 31st July - 14th August.
Lieut. J.W.C. Kirkland (Depot), was attached to the Battalion to assist in training.

Officers Promotions:
Captain J.W. Wright, MC to be Major
Lieuts. J.K. Armstrong, C.G. Norris, to be Captains
2nd Lieuts. A.D. Waller; P.F. Foster to be Lieuts.

Captain A. Seldon, MC became Adjutant, replacing Captain C.E. Gardner.
Captain F. Balfour, Lieut. G.A. Godwin, Lieut. R.G. Roberts, resigned.
Lieut. W.G. Tibbles, MBE, MC, retired.

Gazetted to the Battalion: 2nd Lieuts. C.J.H. Lucy; W.G.V. Vyner-Ellis; R.F. Aitken; J.C. Moore; H.C. Gettings; H.G. Mason.

Territorial Efficiency Medal Awarded to: Sergt. E.S. Doubleday

1928 - 2nd Lieut. L.E. Chamberlain joined Bn; promoted to Lieut.
Capt. W. Wynter-Morgan, MC gazetted to permanent commission as Flight-Lieut, RAF.
Lieut. P.F. Foster resigned his commission to take up an appointment in Kenya.
2nd Lieut. R.F. Aitken killed in a motor accident at Minchinhampton, 25th May.

Sergt. A. Brisland (1st Bn) posted to Bn as PSI.
2nd October RQMS L.T. Barnes died.

Annual Training at Swanage.

1929 - Major C. Macfie, DSO (late Seaforth Highlanders) appointed to command Bn.
2nd Lieut. L.A.A. Scott joined Bn
2nd Lieut. D.L. Norris to be Lieut.
Capt. J.K. Armstrong resigned commission.
CSM T. Portman (PS) discharged to Pension, 20 April 1929.
CSM F. Gorwood, MM posted to Bn as PSI (died soon after)
CSM C. Goode posted to Bn as PSI

Annual Training at Whittington.

1930 - Capt. C.G. Norris from Active Service List to TARO
2nd Lieuts. C.J.H. Lucy, W.G.V. Vyner-Ellis and H.C. Gettings to be Lieuts.
Lieut. & QM A.J. Knight, MBE died 26th June, at Stroud, aged 55. He joined the Grenadier Guards as a boy, transferring to the 28th Regt. Served in South Africa, captured at Nicholson Nek. After 12 years service he became a Recruiter based in Stroud. In 1914 he re-enlisted in the 9th Bn. He was commissioned in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. In 1918 he was appointed QM of the 5th Bn Glosters. MBE for war service. QSA, 14/15 trio, LSGC.

Sergt. W.W. Martin (PSI) to pension.
Sergt. V. Ballinger posted to Bn as PSI.
Sergt. F. Jennett rejoined 2nd Bn
Sergt. S. Horne posted to Bn from 2nd Bn.

Territorial Efficiency Medal Awarded to: 5176341 CQMS A. Barnes

Annual Training at Ludgershall, Salisbury Plain, 3-17th August.

1931 - Lieuts. A.D. Waller and C.J.H. Lucy to be Capts.
Lieut. D.L. Norris from Active List to TA Reserve of Officers
Lieut. C.J. Moore resigned his commission
2nd Lieuts. D.G. Howell, St. P.J. Henderson, A.G. Bazley joined Bn
Lieut. M.E. Dale Roberts, RAMC (T) posted to Bn

Annual Training at Swanage.

1932 - Capt. & QM W. Bray, MC promoted Major
2nd Lieut. A.A. Scott to Lieut.
Major J.W. Wright, MC to TA Reserve of Officers
CSM A. Woodward posted as PSI, CSM Goode to pension.

Annual Training cancelled due to lack of funding.

1933 - Major and Quartermaster W. Bray, MC resigned his commission.
Capt. B.V.J. Vigrass promoted Major and appointed Quartermaster.
Acting-RSM R. Wilson discharged to pension
CSM F. Hanson posted to PS and appointed A-RSM.
Sergt. A. Brisland discharged.
Sergt. A. Tanner posted to Bn.

Whitsuntide Camp held at Haresfield.
Brigade Camp held at Windmill Hill, Ludgershall 6-20th August.

Battalion provided a guard of honour at the laying-up ceremony for the King's Colour of the 8th (Service) Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment. It was placed in St. Catherine's Church on Sunday 26th June.

1934 - Col. Earl Bathurst, CMG, TD relinquished Hon. Colonelcy of the Bn in February; after 25 years. He joined the 4th Battalion (Militia) in 1889 as a Captain, Lieut-Col. 1898. Served with his Battalion in Ireland and St. Helena during the Boer War. CMG 1901. Battalion disbanded in 1908 and he was appointed President of the Gloucestershire Territorial Association; resigned in 1912. 1914-1918 served on Staff, commanded Infantry Base Depot Reinforcement Camp at Etaples. CMG, QSA, 1914-15 star trio, TD.

Colonel Sir Percival S. Marling, VC, CB appointed Hon. Colonel. Commissioned August 1880, served in South Africa 1881. Egypt 1882-84 (medal & clasp, Khedive's star). Soudan 1884 with the Mounted Infantry (VC, MID, and 2 clasps). South Africa 1899, commanded 18th Hussars (CB, MID, QSA, KSA). WWI (1914 star trio).

Colonel C. Macfie, DSO retired. Commissioned in Feb. 1900, Seaforth Highlanders. Retired as Major, 1920. Appointed to command 5th Bn in 1929. Brevet-Colonel 1933. WWI (MID, DSO, 1914-15 trio). Retired to Scotland.

Lieut-Colonel F.L. Pardoe, DSO appointed to command Bn. Commissioned March 1900, King's Royal Rifle Corps. Served South Africa (wounded, QSA, KSA), WWI (wounded 3 times, MID, DSO, 1914 star trio).

Major G.H.A. Buxton posted to Bn as 2nd-in-Command.
Capt. J.A. Kitching to be Major
2nd Lieut. St. P.J. Henderson to be Lieut.
2nd Lieut. K. H. Collins, A. Biddulph, C.D. Welford joined Bn.
Lieut. W.V.G. Vyber-Ellis resigned his commission.
2nd Lieut. A.G. Bazley resigned his commission on account of ill health.

Sergt. V. Ballinger rejoined Depot before posting to 1st Bn.
Sergt. S. Horne rejoined 2nd Bn.
Sergt. A. Grandfield and Sergt. P. Linham posted as PSI's from 2nd Bn.

Annual Training Camp at Tidworth.

1935 - 2nd Lieut. P.C. Saunders to be Lieut.
2nd Lieut. K.N. Findlay joined Bn.
Capt. C.J.H. Lucy transferred to TARO
Lieut. H.C. Gettings to be Capt.

CSM A. Woodward (PSI) discharged to pension. CSM W. Capener posted from 2nd Bn (appointed A/RSM)
RQMS E. Jones discharged. CSM V.G. Smith, DCM appointed RQMS.
Sergt. L.C. Meadows promoted Col-Sergt.
A/RSM F. Hanson discharged to pension.
Pte F.S. Bolton promoted to Pioneer Sergt.
CSM J. Huxford, DCM discharged.

Annual Training Camp at Weymouth.
Battalion HQ moved into a new building in Painswick Road, Gloucester.

1936 - Colonel Sir Percival Scrope Marling, VC Hon. Colonel of the 5th Bn died, aged 74.
Major Sir Lionel Darell, DSO appointed Hon. Colonel 5th Bn.
Capt. C.E.A. Firth (Adjutant) left Bn for Staff College, Camberley. Replaced by Capt. F.W. Priestly (from 2nd Bn)
Lieut. C.R. Hodgson to Reserve of Officers on moving to Australia.
2nd Lieuts. A. Reeve, L.C. Hauting and H.M. Workman joined the Bn.

Sergt. A. Tanner (PSI) discharged to pension. Sergt. L. Stoneman arrived from 2nd Bn.

Annual Training Camp at Windmill Hill, Ludgershall.

1937 - Capt. J.E. Chamberlain to Reserve of Officers.
2nd Lieuts. J.N. Collett, J.G. Ellis, G.V. Ellis, G.W.D. Moore, Jenkins, and Shephard joined the Bn.
Lieuts. H.G. Mason and L.E. Chamberlain to be Capts.
2nd Lieuts. A. Biddulph and C.D. Welford to be Lieuts.
2nd Lieut. C.H. Glanister transferred to Bn from The Bucks Bn (Oxford and Bucks L.I.)
2nd Lieut. K.H. Collins resigned commission.

Annual Training Camp at Ty Coch, Porthcawl.

1938 - Lieut-Col. F.L. Pardoe, DSO relinquished command of Battalion, replaced by Lieut-Col. G.A.H. Buxton.
Major D.S. Over joined Bn (from Regular Reserve of Officers) as 2nd i/c.
2nd Lieuts. A.C. Cook, R.W. Slatter, W.S. Westcott, R.A. Jeffries joined Bn.
Capts. W.R.S. Bathurst, L.E. Chamberlain, and Lieut. D.G. Howell transferred to Reserve of Officers.
Bandmaster E. Dawes died, replaced by Band-Sergt. Ford.

Annual Training Camp at Bulford Fields.

King's Birthday Honours List:
CSM J. Wilcox awarded the MBE.

Efficiency Medal Awarded to:
RQMS V.G. Smith, DCM (second medal)
CSM G. Hill ('A' Coy.)
CQMS J.R. Smart ('D' Coy.)
Sergt. E. Lockier ('D' Coy.)
Pte Brown ('B' Coy.)
Pte F.W.G. Stinchcombe ('D' Coy.)

1939 - "B" (Stroud) and "D" (Dursley) Coys. used to form a new 7th Battalion.
1st September, both Battalions mobilized.
10th September, the 5th Battalion colours were laid up in Gloucester Cathedral.
Battalion visited by The King at Savernake Forest.

1940 - 14th January, 5th Battalion sailed from Southampton for France.

France 1940

1941 - Battalion based in Plymouth.
June, conversion to a Reconnaissance Regiment commenced.
Billetted south of Canturbury. Became the 43rd Reconnaissance Regiment; part of 43rd (Wessex) Division.

1942 - May, moved to Old Park Barracks, Dover. During training in light craft of the Dover naval defences, some craft were shot at by German aircraft, with a few casualties.

1943 - October, Regiment moved to Eastbourne.

1944 - 18th June, the Regt. (less HQ and "B" Squadron) embarked on MTS Derry Cunhy for Normandy. Due to bad weather the ship lay off the beach until 24th June. The ship started to move in that morning but struck a mine and sank several miles off shore. Of the 500 men on board, 180 were lost. The survivors gathered at Pouligny, where on 27th June, they were joined by HQ and "B" Squadron. In July a complete squadron of the Green Howards replaced "A" Squadron (which had suffered most of the casualties on 24th June).

The Regiment was in the leading Brigade for the breakout from Normandy and was the first unit to reach the Neder Rijn to contact the Airborne Forces at Arnhem. "B" and "C" Squadrons captured the German "frogmen" who were mining the 2 bridges at Nijmegen, 29th Sept. and saved one of the bridges.

They moved on to Wamel and then Dreumel. In November the Regiment entered Germany in the Geilenkirchen area. Ater the German breakout in the Ardennes, the Regt. spent a bleak white Christmas on the banks of the Meuse in the area of Vise, Liege and Huy.

1945 - The 43rd Division moved into the Reichwald Forest. The Regiment fought at Cleeve and Goch. Then it fought from the flooded Kellen, through Huisberden, Grieth, Wissel, Honnopel, Calcar, Appeldorn, and down to Xanten. Crossed the Rhine on 27th March and moved to Bremen. After the surrender of Germany they were based near Hermannsberg. There they converted back to the 5th Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment.

1946 - In April the Battalion was put into suspended animation.

1947 - The 5th Battalion was reformed.

1947 onwards