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          ROLL OF HONOUR      SOUTH AFRICA 1899 - 1902

Charles Stuart KNOX                        Captain                                 died at Colombo 26th November 1901.
Born September 1872. Joined the Gloucestershire Regiment May 1892. Captain February 1900. Served at Rietfontein and Farquhar's Farm.

George Harold MATTHEWS            Lieutenant                           died of wounds May 30th 1900
Wounded at Kheis May 28th. Son of T.G. Matthews of Berkeley, Gloucestershire.  2nd Battalion. Joined Regiment March 1898. Lieutenant February 1900. Wounded whilst serving with the Mounted Infantry.

Edward William Middleton NOEL   Lieutenant                           died of enteric May 19th 1900
Died at Bloemfontein. Eldest son of Colonel E. Noel, Royal Engineers. Born 1880. Educated Cheltenham College. Joined the 2nd Battalion January 1900.

Edmund Percival WILFORD           Colonel        Killed in action 24th October 1899
Killed at Rietfontein. Born May 1846. Joined the 8th Foot in July 1865. Joined the 28th Foot August 1865. Colonel July 1899.


To the Glory of God and in memory of the Officers, NCO's and men of the 1st Batt. Gloucestershire Regiment who were killed or died during the Boer War 1899 - 1900.

                                             Killed at Rietfontein 24th October 1899

                                                             Colonel E.P. Wilford
Corp.        E. Carr                                 Private B. Offer                                     Private C. Miles
L/Cpl        T. Bradley                               "       J. Shelley                                      "        C. Penny
Private     H. Cratchley                           "       H. Thomas                                   "         W. Stone
    "            W. Cubbins                            "       F. Couzens                                  "         W. Whatley

                                             Killed during the Siege of Ladysmith

Corp.      H. Oxenham                   Drummer  J. Horner                                 Private H. Core
L/Cpl.     E. Robinson                   Private      T. Bayliss                                     "        W. Sims
    "          W. Leighton                        "             W. Nicholls                                  "        C. White

                                                           Died during the War

Sgt Major  B. Gray                       Private G. Ball                                             Private T. Cox
C. Sgt.        D. Dennard                             A. Bayliss                                                     W. Love
   "               T. Bricknell                             J. Burnett                                                      H. Martin
Sgt.            C. Parks                                  C. Bygrave                                                    F. Maunders
  "               J. Banks                                  W. Acott                                                         J. Nelmes
Corp.        A. Coles                                    C. Bassett                                                    F. Offer
L/Cpl.        O. Edmunds                            F. Bearne                                                     C. Salcombe
   "              G. Stainer                                W. Butler                                                       F. Smith
   "              A. Pigeon                                 G. Garland                                                    A. Stevens
Private      W. Davis                                   W. Gregory                                                  H. Waite
                   M. Edwards                             F. Hawkins                                                  H. Daykin
                   F. Farr                                       H. King                                                         E. Emery
                   H. Fowler                                 E. Halliday                                                   C. Lusty
                   W. Fido                                     C. Hooper                                                    W. Miles
                   W. Cabb                                   G. Lister                                                        R. Mott
                   W. Grainger                             H. Smith                                                       W. Tracey
                   H. Oborne                                G. Paget                                                       E. Squires

Also to the memory of 39 NCO's and men who lie buried near Nicholson's Nek, whose memory is perpetuated by a monument on that battlefield.

Men of the 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, in service dress for South Africa, 1899. Note the cloth back badge.

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