Citation for Military Assistance
awarded to 246 Lance-Corporal Zau Lai
3rd battalion Burma Frontier Force
attached to the Kachin Rangers

Statement of Zau Lai as written:
No. 246 Corporal Zau Lai inlist Burma Frontier Force 3rd Bn on 30 November 1939.
1942 March joined to Wingate troop of Chin, while column campaign on attack Japanes.
Burma columns close up to India defence and then Zau Lai was attached to American 101 Kachin Rangers, 1944 to 1945 on 30 June.
1946 in September British Government recalled inquiring military servents of before 2nd World War in military of British Government.
Zau Lai got honourable 1939 to 1945 Star and Citation for Military Assistance.

Photograph of Zau Lai wearing his C.M.A. and 1939-45 Star
The C.M.A. has been hung from a 1939-45 Star ribbon
but originally had a distinctive neck ribbon (see photo below)

Zau Lai's Certificate of Service with Detachment 101
(click image for enlargement)

Official Citation for his C.M.A.

Awarded to Lance-Corporal Zau Lai

1st Battalion Detachment 101

Citation from 1st Battalion Headquarters, Detachment 101: June 26, 1945
1. The Citation for Military Assistance award is hereby bestowed upon L/Corp. Zaulai in recognition of his outstanding services to American troops in Burma.
2. For oustanding service on Jan. 12, 1945, in the patrol clash at Yethin, L/Corp. Zaulai, Section leader of 1st Section, 1st Platoon. Upon contacting 30 Japs on the outskirts of Yethin, L/Corp. Zaulai's and L. Corp. Bang Zing Gam's sections opened fire on them and continued skirmish until they had expended all amo and were forced to withdraw. While withdrawing, L. Corp. Bang Zing Gam was wounded in the left side of the chest by a Nambu machine gun. L. Corp. Zaulai, with utter disregard for his own life, crawled out under the machine gun and pulled him out to safety.
3. In recognition of his outstanding service, Detachment 101 wishes to show its gratitude by awarding L/Corp. Zaulai the Citation for Military Assistance.
Major P.R. Maddox
Detachment 101
C.O. 1st Bn.

The American Citation for Military Assistance

Kachin Rangers being awarded the C.M.A. at Padang Manau, 1945
Apparently worn on a distinctive neck ribbon originally