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Burma Gallantry Medal
awarded to 3312 Havildar Kareng Tang
The Burma Rifles

Captain Kareng Tang, B.G.M.
Northern Kachin Levies

Burma Office, 8th February 1945.

The following awards have been made in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Burma and on the Eastern Frontier of India: —

The Burma Gallantry Medal.

No. 3312 Havildar Kareng Tang, The Burma Rifles (now local Jemadar Northern Kachin Levies).
“During the period 16 Nov. 43 to 15 May 44, Jemadar Kareng Tang has on all occasions shown a very high standard of leadership and devotion to duty. During the past 2 months this officer, working under trying conditions, has ambushed 4 enemy parties superior in numbers and equipment and inflicted heavy casualties without loss to his own platoon. For his continued good work, initiative and desire to kill the enemy this Jemadar deserves the highest praise.”

Kareng Tang on the presentation of his B.G.M.

Another traditional way of rewarding distinguished service was the presentation of weapons.
A gun was awarded to Jem. (Now Capt.) Kareng Tang, B.G.M.
"in recognition of the meritorious service rendered with the Northern Kachin Levies during the year 1942-43."