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Bronze Star
awarded to Nurse Maran Lu

The nurses of Seagrave Unit 1944
Nurse Maran Lu is standing at the left end of the line.

Certificate for service in Burma from the Governor of Burma

The Bronze Star

The White House

Citation for the Bronze Star Medal

Maran Lu, Nurse, Seagrave Unit. For heroic and meritorious service in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States from 9 January 1942 to 20 May 1942. As a nurse in a medical unit organized to provide aid for Allied Forces fighting in Burma, Maran Lu, together with the other nurses in this unit, underwent indescribable hardships and fatigue, worked with limited supplies and facilities, yet saved many lives and did much to maintain morale of troops during the fighting in and the retreat from Burma. Her infailing attention to duty, tireless performance of all tasks, resourcefulness, courage, and unceasing good humour, won the respect and admiration of every one with whom she served.

Maran Lu married Captain Kum Je Tawng Wah, M.C., B.G.M, Army in Burma Reserve of Officers and Special Operations Executive.
She died at her home in Burma