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Burma Gallantry Medal
awarded to
56601 Naik Dil Bahadur Bhaju
The Burma Regiment

Recommendation for the Burma Gallantry Medal:

Main Class: Gurkha Bhaju
P.O.: Myitkyina
During the period 16/11/43 to 15/5/44 this Naik has displayed very high qualities of leadership and personal courage. An example of this was shown in his command of a section holding an ambush position on a track one mile from the enemy base of Sumpralum. On the 2nd December 1943 a strong enemy party advanced along the track, although the role of the section was to ambush the enemy and withdraw, Naik Bil Bahadur Bhaju maintained his men in position in an action lasting five hours and by skilful and cool command countered three enemy attempts to take the position from the flanks. He personally killed two enemy L.M.G. Gunners at five yards range. The enemy was forced to retire with twelve killed. In this as in all his contacts with the enemy Naik Bil Bahadur Bhaju's actions have been over and above the call of duty and magnificent inspiration to all ranks.
Capt. D.R.A. McCorkell
O.C. Hert(?) Det. 10 Burma Regt.


The medal was gazetted 8th February 1945.

The following awards have been made in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Burma and on the Eastern Frontier of India: —

The Burma Gallantry Medal.

No. 56601 Naik Dil Bahadur Bhaju, The Burma Regiment.