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Magregor Medal
awarded to Havildar Sein U
2nd Burma Rifles


Letter written by Sein U asking for assistance:


I hereby humbly request your kind consideration for the provision of allowance or provident fund that granted from England to those concerned. I joined the British Army in 4th Burma Rifle with effect from 4.4.1937 and again served in 2nd Burma Rifle in 1939. Subsequently I became a Lance Corporal and then promoted to Corporal. I had been in the service in the Army until Burma gained independence.

I served in the British Army from the year 1942 to 1945 in India and I received the medal Macgregor in the battle fought in 1945. I had to attend the dinner given and honoured by His Majesty the King from April 1946 until the month of August.
Now I am old and my age is eighty years and I have been suffering from stroke or paralysis and my health has been deteriorating and am facing with lack of food, clothing and shelter problems. Therefore please be kind enough and do me a favour. I hope any request will be under your kind consideration for any application put up.

Your respectfully

Reg. No. 50201
Name: Sein U
Date of Birth: 4.5.1918
Religion: Christian
National: Kayin

Before he pass away he request his son to write this application.



Sein U died of a stroke 24-4-2001

Discharged 1949