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Lieutenant William Edward Barnes - Army Service Corps - killed in action 13th August 1896

Major Francis Studdert Evans - 1st Derbyshire Regiment - killed in action 19th October 1896
Aged 37. Served Egypt 1882 (Medal & Khedive's Star)

Captain E.E. Finucane - Salisbury Field Force - died of wounds 20th October 1896

Captain Alfred Ernest Haynes - 43rd Company Royal Engineers - killed in action at Makonis Kraal, 3rd August 1896
Served Egypt 1882 (Medal & Khedive's Star, 5th class Medjidie, MID)

Lieutenant H.J.A. Hervey - Matabeleland Relief Force Corps - killed in action 6th August 1896

Captain Frderick E. Kershaw - 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment - killed in action 5th August 1896

Captain J.W.M. Lumsden - Bulawayo Field Force Corps - died of wounds 10th April 1896

Lieutenant T.J. Pope - Belingwe Column Corps - died 22nd May 1896

Captain Francis Mayne Shadwell - 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment - died 7th September 1896

Lieutenant G. Taylor - Belingwe Column Corps - died of wounds 28th May 1897