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Burma 1944-45

Two platoons and a section of mortars from the 1st Bn were attached to the 2nd Dorsets for the campaign in Burma 1944-45. Their task was to try and locate the Regimental Silver, which had been buried in Burma during the retreat in 1942.

Lt-Col. A.E. Wilkinson, MC - "On taking command of the 28th I started to make plans for the search for the silver, buried during the retreat from Burma in 1942. I made contact with the CO 2 KOYLI, since their silver had been buried with ours. We agreed that Captain Charles Fox who actually supervised the burial of the silver and drew the sketch maps would be available for the search. The 28th would be responsible for provision of the soldiers. I then visited HQ Allied Land Forces South-East Asia, who agreed to help and to make arrangements for a full strength platoon to be attached as the fourth platoon to the company actually going over the ground where the silver had been buried. The platoon was to fight as a sub-unit with the battalion to which they were attached.

HQ ALFSEA was very helpful and told me that I would hear from the division attacking in that area. Later when plans were firm I corresponded with the GSOII of 2 British Division, which was the division concerned and everything was laid on very well. Lastly I contacted Lt-Col. White who commanded 2 Dorset. The party consisted of a company commander, a platoon drawn from 'B' and 'C' Coys, a mortar section plus cooks and signallers. In addition a small party was attached to Capt. Fox to remain in the area. Everything worked very well. The platoon gained valuable experience and was reported on favourably by 2 Dorset but alas no silver was found!"

The first platoon left Calcutta 29th Nov. 1944 and the second platoon left January 1945.

Roll of Platoon and 3 inch Mortar Section attached to 2 Dorset on 29th Nov. 1945

Major J. Heath, Coy. Comd.
2/Lt. V.C. Pullin, Pl. Comd.

'B' Coy.

3969806 Sgt. Hughes
14519127 Pte Williams
5571313 Pte Skeates
14356295 Pte Murphy
5570645 Pte Prentice
5574400 Pte Edwards
3662797 L/Cpl. Kelly
5568771 Cpl. Hughes (Killed in action)
5677209 L/Cpl. Capon
5573267 Pte Ganfield
5571775 Pte Screen
5677209 Pte G.W.H. Pile (Killed in action 17 Feb. 1945)
5191319 Pte Hemmings
5674941 Pte Caird
5188613 Cpl. Antell
5571723 L/Cpl. Ormerod
5570201 Pte Francis
1490841 Pre Bishop

HQ Coy.

5188367 Sgt. Burgess
5571894 Cpl. Potter
5187876 L/Cpl. Willson
5571039 Pte Woods
5569477 Pte Trembling
5570574 Pte Pinnegar
3911758 Pte Hopwood
5193609 Pte Sheppard
5573262 Pte Woodward

'C' Coy.

3971030 Cpl. Keepin
5571667 Pte Garvin
5186171 L/Cpl. Clancey
5679051 Pte Harding
5570207 Pte Hibberd
5570153 Pte Connor
5569658 Pte Flay
5575793 Pte Phillpott
5679183 L/Cpl. Balding
5574157 Pte Weeks
5680034 L/Cpl. Vile
???????? Cpl. Punter
5574157 Pte Kubler
15002030 Pte Hardy
14386938 Pte Ford
3911612 Pte Howell
5570951 Pte Tryhorn
5569688 Pte Hayman
5570056 Pte Elliott
5193319 L/Cpl. Sturgeon
5190169 Pte Mahon
5570101 Pte Browning
5570925 Pte Pinchin

Roll of Platoon attached 2 Dorsets, Jan. 1945

Pl. HQ

Lt. P. Collister
Sgt. Bowler
Cpl. Evans
Pte Cornford
Pte Hopkins
Pte McArthur
Pte Prater
Pte Maxworthy

1 Section

Cpl. Pritchard
L/Cpl. Chapman
Pte Waygood
Pte Hamblin
L/Cpl. Dent
Pte Herring
Pte Tidy
Pte James
Pte Williams 47
Pte Melly

2 Section

Cpl. Cook
L/Cpl. Hooper
Pte Davis 83
Pte Shergold
L/Cpl. Brown
Pte Flanagan
Pte F. Guest (Killed in Action 25 Feb. 1945)
Pte Messenger
Pte Raymond
Pte Edwards 24
Pte James 49

3 Section

L/Sgt. Beasley
Cpl. Bates
Pte Dickinson
Pte Butcher
L/Cpl. Robinson
Pte Moore
Pte Baverstock
Pte Betteson
Pte Adlam
Pte Niblett

Pte E.J. Walsh (Killed in Action 28 Feb. 1945)
Cpl. McRudden (Killed in Action)