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Coronation 1953

The men selected to represent the Gloucestershire Regiment at the Coronation were:

In the Procession from Westminster Abbey:

(marching, from left to right)

(1st Battalion) Major P.C.S. Heidenstam, Cpl. A.C. Clout, Pte T. Tomlinson, 2nd Lt. D.E. Martin (With Queen's Colour), C/Sgt. P. Lee, 2nd Lt. P.H. Fisher (With Regimental Colour), Sgt. A. Saunders, Pte F. Gibbons, RSM J.A. Thackrah, MM.
(5th Battalion) Major W.O.V. Clee, C/Sgt. J. Cadle, Cpl. R. Milliner, Pte D. Rogerson, RSM F.E. Wright.

In the Street-Lining Party:

(1st Battalion) Major T.K. Lacey, Sgt. Hall, Cpls. Penny, Stevens, and Willis, L/Cpl. Slater, Ptes Cross, Emes, Jones 64, Richards 77, and Williams 50.
(Depot) CQMS Jones, Cpls. Howkins, Marshallay, Ptes Clarke, Conibere, Faice, Richardson, and Tarr.
(5th Battalion) Lt. I.S. Cooper (With Queen's Colour), Sgt. C.H.T. Mutton, Cpls A. James, H. Wragg, L/Cpls. B.W. Cave, R.C. Ferris, C.R. Smith, Ptes C.C. Beames, E. Collier, P. Fowler, M.T. Gray, B.H.C. Hannis, D.J. Hill, W. Hodges, F.J. Leadbetter, T. Parker, N. Phelps, S. Rodman, and D. Sprague.


HQ: Lt.-Col. D.B.A. Grist, OBE, Capt. H.L.T. Radice, a/RSM WO J. Loftus, O/R Sergt. Sexton
No. 1 Company: Capt. S.C.S. Farmer and CSM J. Withey
No. 1 Platoon: Capt. F.S. Burt, Sergt. Budden
No. 2 Platoon: 2nd Lt. M.S. Lee-Browne and Sergt. Fitzsimmons
No. 2 Company: Major C.R. Davis and CSM S. Baldwin
No. 3 Platoon: Capt. D.B. Metcalfe and Sgt. D. Boulton
No. 4 Platoon: Lt. J.D. Barker and Sgt. L. Wateridge, MM
No. 3 Company: Major M.C. Denison and CSM J. Walker
No. 5 Platoon: Capt. M.M. Harvey, MC and Sgt. W. Garrison
No. 6 Platoon: Lt. D.J. Holdsworth and Sgt. A. Taylor


Bandmaster G.E. Plummer, ARCM
Drum Major C.B. Workman

The 1953 Coronation Medal was awarded to:

Lt-General Sir H.E. de R. Wetherall, KBE, CB, DSO, MC (Colonel of the Regiment)

1st Battalion

Lt-Col. D.B.A. Grist
Major A.H. Knight, OBE
Major T.K. Lacey
Major P.C.S. Heidenstam
Major C.R. Davis
Capt. S.C.S. Farmer
Capt. H.L.T. Radice
Lt. (QM) C.W. Phillips
RSM J.A. Thackrah, MM
Bandmaster G.E. Plummer
RQMS W.R. Cheater
CSM H.J. Walker
Drill Sergt. J.J. Loftus
CSM J.F. Withey
CSM R. Baldwin
Drum Major C.B. Workman
Sergt. E.A. Read
Sergt. G.W. Chilcott
Cpl. R.G. James
Cpl. D.W. Palmer
Cpl. A.C. Clout
L/Cpl. D. Slater


Major A.D. Hunter
Major (QM) R.F. Grist, MBE
RSM A.J. Gillett
C/Sergt. L.C.G.C. Jones
L/Cpl. T.B.C. Dix

A.E.R. Distibution

A/Sergt. G.K. Mattock

5th Battalion

Col. R.M. Grazebrook, OBE, MC
Lt-Col. D.W. Biddle, DSO
Major W.O. Clee
RSM F.E. Weight
RQMS C.W. Turner
CSM C.H. Mutton
CSM A.C. Corrick
CSM B.J. Spencer
Pte. V.S. Kent

Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force

Major E.W. Flaxen (OC Cirencester Grammar School Contingent)
RSM W.E. Groves (7th Gloucestershire (Cadet) Regiment, RA. (Bristol).

Bristol and Gloucestershire Home Guard

Col. E.R.C. Ames, MBE, TD (OC 10th HG Battalion (Bristol).