8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

"To the memory of Private ED. CAMMELL aged 34 years of the 8th Kings Rl Irish Hussars who departed this life 18th June 1855 Erected by his only brother D. Cammell Hospital Serjeant of the same Corps."

11th Hussars

"Sacred to the memory of the men of the 11th Hussars
who died in the years 1855 & 1856

Prts. W. Taylor Jany 18th - Prts G. Priestly Aust. 24th
T. Sawbridge Jany 28th - A. Fleming Aust. 26th
J. Strutt Feby 1st - G. Robinson Aust. 26th
J. Massey March 14th - G. Ellis Aust. 27th
T. Ellis June 16th - E. Hoar Oct. 7th
E. Wilcox June 25th - G. Keates Oct. 19th
G. Wiffey July 5th - G. Smith Decr. 11th
Corpl. E. Mallalien July 8th - F. Owen Mch. 22nd 55
Prts. H. Pryor Aust. 18th - V. Bishton Apl. 2nd
W. Pearce Aust. 23rd - R. Friston Apl. 23rd
J. Hall Aust. 24th - W. Baker July 5th 55

M.C. Ancell Asnt Srgn Agst 10th 1855
E. Hudson Jany 31st 1855
E. Seabrook Corpl May 24th 1855"

(grave near Kadikoi).


"Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM BAKER Privte. 11th (P.A.O.) Hussars who died July 5th 1855 Aged 39 years."
(grave near Kadikoi).

"Sacred to the memory of Sergt. EDWD. HUDSON 11th (P.A.O.) Hussars who departed this life Jany. 31st 1855 Aged 32 years."
(grave near Kadikoi).

"Sacred to the memory of Cpl EDWD SEABROOK 11th (P.A.O.) Hussars who departed this life May 24th 1855 Aged 29 years."
(grave near Kadikoi).

4th Light Dragoons

"In memory of CHS. HAMPSHIRE IV LD who died on the 3rd Feby 1855 aged 39 years."
(grave near Kadikoi).

"Sacred to the memory of W. HAYWOOD IV L.D."
(grave near Kadikoi).

"To the memory of JOHN HUNTLEY IV L.D. who died on the 9th Jany 1855."
(grave near Kadikoi).

"Sacred to the memory of Troop Serjt. Major J. THORP 4th Lt Dragoons died while serving in the Crimea."

12th Royal Lancers

"Sacred to the memory of Trumpet Major FRANCIS JOHNSON 12th Royal Lancers who departed this life on the 22nd Decr. 1855 in the 35th year of his age. This stone was erected by the Non Commissioned Officers of the 13th Light Dragoons as a mark of respect."
(grave at Scutari).

13th Light Dragoons

"Sacred to the memory of Private JOHN BRUCE 13 Light Dragoons who departed this life the 9th of March 1855 Aged 33 years. Erected by his affectionate wife."
(grave at Scutari).