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Horfield Barracks

1831 - After very serious rioting in Bristol in 1831, there was a demand for regular troops to be quartered permanently in the city. The city had been HQ of a Recruiting District since 1817 and, as a seaport, there were often troops passing through the city.

1836 - In 1836 it was decided to build a barracks in the city to house 4 companies of infantry and 2 troops of cavalry. There was already an Armoury off Stapleton Road, but this had been sold off in 1830. Finally, on 17th May 1843 a plot of land was purchased near the small village of Horfield. In Sept. 1844 the plans for the new barracks were approved and a tender from Messrs. Reed & Baker, of Bristol was accepted (60,000 pounds).

1845 - The foundation stone was laid on 3rd June 1845. The stone, and even the site of the original barracks is no longer known. According to a newspaper report at the time, an inscription on the stone read - "The foundation stone of the Bristol Barracks was laid on Tuesday the 3rd day of June A.L. 5849 A.D. 1845. and in the Eighth year of the reign of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria. by The Right Worshipful Bro. Frederick Charles Husenbeth, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and the Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bristol, assisted by the Commanding Royal Engineer of the District, Bro. Major Selwyn, P.M. in the presence of The Rt. Worshipful Richard Jenkins Poole King, Esq., Mayor, the Town Council of the City of Bristol; and of Col. John H. Somerset, Inspecting Field Officer of the District, and his Staff; also of the Brethren of the several Lodges of Free and Accepted Masons of the Provinc of Bristol."

1847 - The finished barracks, complete with star shaped walls with loopholes, was handed over to the Board of Ordnance on 26th April 1847. The first occupants were 4 companies of the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade. In 1853 new buildings were added to allow the stationing of artillery units at the barracks.

1873 - 1st April 1873 the barracks became the HQ of No. 37 Brigade District (Gloucestershire). Major W. Blackett, 61st Foot, was appointed to command the Depot. Two Captains, 13 NCO's and Drummers, and 45 other ranks were sent from both the 28th and 61st Foot to staff the Depot.

1877 - Major R. Hutton, 61st Foot, appointed to command depot.

1878 - Major A.L. Emerson, 28th Foot, appointed to command depot.

1879 - HQ of the Royal South Gloucestershire Militia moved to Horfield. The Royal North Gloucestershire Militia (4th Battalion) remained at Cirencester.

1880 - Major C. Thackery, 28th Foot, appointed to command depot.

1881 - Major H. Collingwood, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot. Horfield Barracks was retitled, HQ of No. 28 District.

1882 - Major G. Connor, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot.

1885 - Major C.W. Murray, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot.

1887 - Major J.F.H. Jacson, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot. 400 men of the 1st Battalion encamped at Horfield to take part in the Jubilee celebrations in Bristol.

1889 - Major E. Law, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot.

1893 - Major M.E. Archdale, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1895 - Major S. Humphrey, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1896 - Major C. du P. Richardson-Griffiths, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1898 - Major H.R. Tuffnell, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1900 - Major C.J. Baines, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1902 - Major R. French, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1904 - Major B.O. Fyffe, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1905 - 28th District became part of the South Midland Group in the Southern Command (along with 6th (Warwick), 29th (Worcester), 43rd (Oxford), and 49th (Berkshire) Districts).

1906 - Major C.J. Venables, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1909 - Major R. Connor, 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1910 - Major G.F. Gardiner , 2nd Bn, appointed to command depot.

1913 - Major R.P. Jordan, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot.

1914 - Lieut-Col. C.J. Baines, Reserve of Officers, appointed to command depot. 8th August, 3rd Battalion mobilized at Horfield; then left for Abbey Wood, near Woolwich.

1915 - Lieut-Col. R. French, Reserve of Officers, appointed to command depot.

1916 - Lieut-Col. J.O.D. Ingram, appointed to command depot.

1920 - Lieut-Col. A.W. Pagan, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot.

1923 - Lieut-Col. V.N. Johnson, 1st Bn, appointed to command depot.

1924 - Capt. R.S. Stuart joined from 1st Bn.
Lieut. J.W.C. Kirkland joined from 2nd Bn.
Sergt Bailey (1st Bn) and Sergts Dower and Goode (61st) joined.

1925 - Capt. W.J. Watkins, MBE succeeded Major E.H. Dinham, OBE as Quartermaster in June on Major Dinham's retirement.
Captain C.E.K. Bagot, MC posted to 61st, replaced by Lieut. H.P.L. Hutchinson (from 28th)
Major J.H. Scott-Tucker retired December, replaced by Lieut. W.H. Hynes (from 28th)
CQMS Staite discharged March, succeeded by CQMS Phillips (from 28th)
Sergts Oxenham (61st) and Meadows (28th), Corporals Barnett, Gazzard, Lance-Cpls Parsons, Gale, Thorne and Large (28th) joined Depot. Sergts. Lukins and Witts, Corpls Bridges, Tanner, Sampson, Trinder, Harris, and Gale, Lance-Cpl Meacham rejoined 28th.

29th May - Electric lights introduced at Depot.

1926 - Major A.C. Vicary, MC assumed command Feb 13th. (replacing Lieut-Col. V.N. Johnson, DSO who was posted to 1st Bn).
Capt. R.S.D. Stuart appointed Adjutant of Bristol and Birmingham Universities OTC. Capt. R.B. James succeeded at Depot.
Lieut. G.W.V. Ladds posted to Depot.
CQMS Phillips discharged to pension, succeeded by CQMS Winter.
Sergt. Pearce posted to 2nd Bn; Sergts. Hanson and Bailey, Lance-Sergts. Hall and Gillingham posted to 1st Bn.

1927 - Capt. R.P. Power, OBE joined from 2nd Bn and Capt. C. Matson, MC from 1st Bn.
Capt. A. Seldon, MC and Capt. R.B. James rejoined 1st Bn.
RSM Smith retired. Succeeded by CSM O.T. Gooding (promoted RSM).
Major A.C. Vicary, MC appointed to War Office, to be succeeded by Major A. Capel.
Quatermaster & Capt. W.J. Watkins, MBE retired, succeeded by QM & Capt. S. Hague, MC (2nd Bn).
Lieut. J.W.C. Kirkland attached to West African Frontier Force, replaced by Lieut. E.M.B. Gillmore, from 2nd Bn.
Lieut. G.W.V. Ladds to 4th Bn as Adjutant, replaced by Lieut. R.R. Phillips (fom 1st Bn)

Due to situation in China, 'A' Reservists of the Gloucestershire Regt were called-up in January. 52 men were sent to join the 1st Bn Cameronians at Catterick, for service in China. In April more were called-up and 12 men sent to join the 1st Bn Northamptonshire Regt, for service in China. 21st October the men with the Cameronians returned to the UK and were re-transferred to the Army Reserve.

"To Lieut-General The Right Hon. Sir Frederic Shaw, KCB, Colonel The Gloucestershire Regiment.
Dear General - As you know, 52 Section 'A' Reservists of your Regiment were called up in January this year, and proceeded with the 1st Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) to China. The Battalion did not go to Shanghai, but spent the summer in Hong-Kong, where, as reinforcement to that Garrison, it played a part in preserving peace in South China. These Reservists have returned to this country, and are proceeding to their Depot for demobilisation. I had not the pleasure of seeing them before they disembarked from HMT Herminius. Major Thorburn, who has brought the Reservists home, informs me that their behaviour has been exemplary during their stay in China, and has done much to increase the prestige of our Army in the Far East. By their cheerful, soldierlike spirit and efficiency during the very hot and trying summer in Hong-Kong, they were an example to the young serving soldiers. Yours sincerely,
P.R. Robertson, Major-General,
Colonel, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)."

A Regimental Museum was started at the Depot.

1928 - Major A. Capel assumed command of the Depot.
Lieut. E.M.B. Gilmore posted from 2nd Bn. In August he was posted to RMC Sandhurst as Officer of a Company of Gentlemen Cadets. Replaced by Lieut. H.L.W. Bird.
Capt. R.B. James posted to 1st Bn, replaced by Capt. C. Matson, MC.
Capt. G.W.V. Ladds posted as Adjutant, 4th Bn.
Lieut. R.R. Phillips posted to Depot.
Lieut. T.N. Grazebrook posted to Depot as Adjutant, replacing Capt. W.H. Hynes; who was appointed Staff Captain, Northern Ireland District.

5172109 Sergt. F. Daniels posted to 1st Bn
5172525 Sergt. W. Oxenham to 1st Bn
5172012 CSM J. Webb discharged to pension
7109102 CSM T. Pinkney posted to Depot
5172230 CQMS A. Thurlow posted to 1st Bn
5172198 Sergt. W. Trinder to Depot
5172198 CQMS C. Jones to Depot
5173039 CQMS H. Winter, MM to 1st Bn

1929 - War Office Letter, No.54/Infy/6464 (30 Nov. 1929) "His Majesty The King has been pleased to approve of the facings of the Gloucestershire Regiment being changed from white to yellow."

Capt. E.B. Pope, DSO from 2nd Bn
Capt. R.P. Power, OBE posted to 2nd Bn
Lieut. & QM S.J. Griffin posted from 1st Bn
Capt. & QM S. Hague, MC retired.
RQMS F. Sharp discharged, appointed Lieut. & QM 4th Bn.
QMS J. Barton discharged.
Sergt. R. Perry promted Colour-Sergt. and appointed CQMS
CSM T. Pinkney appointed RQMS

1930 - Capt. M.A. James, VC, MC posted to Depot, replacing Capt. C. Matson, MC (who retired)
Lieut. C. Asplin posted to Depot, replacing Lieut. R. Phillips (who was posted to the Iraq Levies)
Lieut. B.E.R. Morton posted to the Iraq Levies
Capt. C.E.K. Bagot, MC posted to Depot, replacing Capt. E.B. Pope, DSO
Capt. W.G. Chapman, MC posted to Depot, replacing Capt. M.A. James, VC, MC (went to Staff College)
Lieut. R.F. Olive to be Lieut. Reserve of Officers.
William John Llewellyn Jones, Henry Carr Wilson, Gerrard Daniel Joseph O'Connor, Thomas George Harry Robson, Alfred Harry Jackson, and Eric Sayle to be 2nd Lieuts., Supplementary Reserve.

Col.-Sergt. Robson posted to Depot (QMS Barton retired)
CQMS F. Daffurn posted to Depot (CQMS Jones retired)
Sergt. Dean posted to Depot (Sergt. Farmiloe returned to 1st Bn)
Sergt. Welch posted to Depot (Sergt. Trinder returned to 1st Bn)
Sergt. Clift posted to Depot (Sergt. Norman to CQMS, 2nd Bn)
Sergt. Kemp returned to 1st Bn)

Capt. F.H. Bowles, MC no longer in the Reserve of Officers, due to age.

1931 - Major H.N. Vinen, DSO appointed Commanding Officer, Depot, replacing Major A. Capel.
Lieut. R.J. Bewell posted to Depot: Lieut. C. Asplin seconded to King's African Rifles.
Lieut. R.G.T. Collins posted to Depot as Adjutant: Lieut. T.N. Grazebrook seconded to West African Frontier Force.
Lieut. R.S. Butler posted to Depot.

2nd Lieuts. H.A. Walter and C.D. Mercer commissioned in Supplementary Reserve.
2nd Lieut. W.J. Llewellyn Jones appointed from S.R. to T.A.
Capt. W.L. Underhay, Capt. E.E.T. Culley, 2nd Lieut. J.E. Fearn and Lieut. S. Pullen no longer in the Reserve of Officers, due to age.

Sergt. Dean posted to 1st Bn as Instructor of Musketry
Sergt. Connors posted to Depot, appointed CQMS. CQMS Daffurn discharged
CSM G. Dower promoted WO1 and appointed RSM: RSM Gooding discharged
Sergts. Gillingham and Bassett posted to 1st Bn
CSM Hann & Sergt. Gleed posted to Depot from 2nd Bn

1932 -

1933 -

1934 - Lieut-Colonel L.H. Cox, MC appointed Commanding Officer, Depot.
Capts. R.B. James, C.S.R. Campbell, N. Lovett, and Lieut. E.B. Cottingham posted to Depot.

1935 - Major R.M. Grazebrook, OBE, MC appointed Commanding Officer, Depot.
Capt. J. Vicary, MC, and Lieuts. A.E. Wilkinson, V.F.D. Tarrant and E.H. Lynn-Allen posted to Depot.

RQMS Tymms posted to Depot. RQMS T. Pinkney retired.
CSM Trinder posted to Depot. CSM Hann retired.
18 recruits joined the depot from South Africa.

1936 - Major N.F. Somerset, DSO, MC appointed Commanding Officer, Depot.
Capts. G.W.V. Ladds and F.W. Sharpe relieved Capts. J. Vicary, MC and T.H. Barnard.
Capt. & Quartermaster S.J. Griffin posted to 1st Bn. Replaced by Capt. C.A. Budd (from 2nd Bn)
Capt. J.P. Carne, 2nd Lieuts. A.D. Hunter, A.L.W. Soames, C.G. Nuttall, P.J.G. Pope served at Depot for periods during the year.
RSM G. Dower discharged, replaced by RSM W. Middlecote, DCM (from 2nd Bn).
RQMS P. Baker went to Cairo as Garrison Quartermaster.

LSGC medals awarded to:
Drummer Ferguson
Pte Meconi
Lce-Sergt. Rigden, MM
Cpl. Wright

1937 - Capts. E.H. Lynn-Allen and T.H. Barnard retired.
Lieut. V.F.D. Tarrant attached to RAOC.
Lieuts. A.P. Chalmondeley, C.E.B. Walywn, and D.B.A. Grist posted to depot.
RSM W. Middlecote, DCM discharged.
RQMS Cannell posted to depot.

1938 - Lieut-Col. N.F. Somerset, DSO, MC appointed to command 2nd Bn. Major J. Vicary, MC appointed to command depot.
Capt. A.E. Wilkinson (Adjutant) posted to 2nd Bn, replaced by Lieut. P.C.S. Heidenstam.
Major G.W.V. Ladds returned to 1st Bn. Capt. J. Biddulph posted to depot.
RSM W. Oxenham posted to depot.

LSGC medals awarded to:
CQMS L. Meadows
Sergt. S. Hitchings

Proposals for future of Horfield Barracks put forward. Horfield was now too old and unsuitable for a modern Depot. The Army Council approved a plan to move the Regimental HQ to a site near Robinswood Hill, Gloucester in July 1938. Funds for the move were scheduled for 1940-41.

1939 - Horfield used as "Infantry Training Centre The Gloucestershire Regiment."

1940 - ITC and Depot Party moved to Reservoir Camp.

1945 - Depot Party joined by 28 Primary Training Centre, staffed by the Regiment but training all recruits from the County under the General Service Corps badge.

1948 - PTC's abolished. Depot Party continued at Reservoir Camp.

1951 - Regimental recruits trained at Reservoir Camp again. Reservoir Camp renamed Robinswood Barracks.

1959 - All Regimental Depots closed and replaced with Regimental Headquarters.

1969 - Robinswood Barracks closed by Defence cuts. RHQ moved into an empty married quarter at 13 Carne Place, Gloucester.

1978 - RHQ moved to Custom House, Gloucester Docks, Gloucester.
The building also housed the Regimental Museum.