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British Gallantry Medals

THE VICTORIA CROSS : Instituted in 1856. Awarded for very exceptional gallantry in action. Awarded 1,354 times. Among the awards 2 have been won by Germans, 1 Russian and 5 Americans. Three men have won the V.C. on 2 occasions.

THE GEORGE CROSS : Instituted in 1940. Awarded for acts of heroism and courage, not in action with the enemy. Just over 150 have been awarded, including 1 to the Island of Malta in World War Two.

THE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER (DSO) : Instituted in 1886. Awarded to Officers for distinguished service and leadership.

THE MILITARY CROSS (MC) : Instituted in 1914. Awarded to junior commissioned officers and warrant officers, for acts of gallantry.

THE DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL (DCM) : Instituted in 1854. Awarded to 'other ranks' for acts of gallantry in action. Second only to the V.C.

THE MILITARY MEDAL (MM) : Instituted in 1916. Awarded to NCO's and 'other ranks' for acts of bravery 'in the field'.