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28th (North Gloucestershire) Regt. of Foot
On board the 'Melmerby' to South Africa.

Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Adams, CB (Brigadier at Aldershot)
Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Archer Butler (in England)

Major William Roberts (commanding)
Major R.R. Roundell (furlough)

Simpson Hackett
James Williams (Depot)
Graham J. Turner (Depot)
H.F. Morgan
C.D. Ingham
J. Godfrey Day (Depot)
John Preston (District Inspector of Musketry, Bombay Presidency)
F.C. Hutton
C.G. Mackenzie
E. Fox Angelo
C.G. O'Brien (from Cape Mounted Rifles)
T.E. Adams (in India, to 45th Regt)
C.A.S. Dickins (Brevet-Major, from 12th Regt)

Francis Brodigan
A. Lyon Emerson (Staff College)
C.G.S. Ducat (Depot)
Charles Thackeray
F.E. Webb (Depot)
Alexander Humfry
Thomas Horniblow (Instructor of Musketry)
Edward Brett
Frederick Rance (Adjutant)
Jerome O'Brien
Arthur Cook
Henry Reeve
Samuel F. Auchmuty
R.B. Singer
N.R. Slater

Alfred Beere
F.H.P. Duncan
S. McKenna
Antony Smyth
E.J. Bigg-Wither
Charles Owen James (Depot)
Henry Philips (Depot)
R.L. Dickson (Depot)
C. Lloyd (Depot)
H.W. Maclear (Depot)

Paymaster H.A. Berry
Quartermaster Thomas Lumsden
Assistant-Surgeon William Gerard Don
Assistant-Surgeon W. Wilson