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28th (North Gloucestershire) Regt. of Foot
At Aldershot.

Lieutenant-Colonel William Roberts (to 5th Fusiliers)

Major C.F.T. Daniell
Major Simpson Hackett (to 35th Foot)

James Williams
Hill Falconer Morgan
James Godfrey Day
F.C. Hutton
E. Fox Angelo (to 1st Foot, lived in Tasmania)
C.A.S. Dickins
J.G. Turner
C.D. Ingham
J.W. Preston (Major, unattached list)
C.G. Mackenzie
Cornelius G. O'Brien
Edward O'Neill

A. Lyon Emerson
Charles Thackery
Alexander Humfry
Edward Brett
Arthur Cook (to 55th Foot)
S.F.P. Achmuty (became a clergyman in Oxfordshire)
E.C.C. Farnall
G.S.C. Ducat (Adjutant)
Francis Edward Webb
Thomas Horniblow (Instructor of Musketry)
Frederick Rance
H.R. Treeve
N.R. Slator
Oscar H. Blount

F.H.P. Duncan
Edward J. Bigg-Wither
H.W. Maclear
John Marshman
E.P. Wilford
Antony Smyth
C.O. James
G.H. Moore-Lane
George Connor
G.N. Thomas

Paymaster J. Bridge
Quartermaster Thomas Lumsden
Surgeon T.R. Williams
Assistant-Surgeon W.G. Don