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28th (North Gloucestershire) Regt. of Foot
At Gibraltar.

Lieutenant-Colonel C.F.T. Daniell

Major Charles Berkeley Calcott (Lieut-Col. Half-Pay, lived at Cheltenham)
Major James Graham Turner (died 18th Jan. 1870)

James Godfrey Day
F.C. Hutton
C.A.S. Dickins
Francis Brodigan
A. Lyon Emerson (Staff)
Charles Thackery
G.S.C. Ducat
Francis Edward Webb
H. Collingwood
Robert Burn Singer
Antony Smyth (sold out, lived in Ireland)
Joseph Evans

Thomas Horniblow (Adjutant)
Edward Brett (Instructor of Musketry) (Captain, unattached)
Henry Richard Treeve (to 34th Foot)
E.C.C. Farnall
Edward J. Bigg-Wither
C.O. James (to 63rd Foot)
H.W. Maclear (to 3rd Foot)
John Marshman
G.H. Moore-Lane
George Connor
E.P. Wilford
Francis Charles Annesley
W.H. Gordon (sold out)
-. Thorpe (sold out)
L.C.H. Deering

J.H.E. Hinde
J.M. Sherrard
F. Mogg
J.G. Beattie
H.G. Farnall
W.H. Francis
W. Eden (to 8th Hussars)
J.H.F. Jacson

Paymaster J. Bridge
Quartermaster Thomas Lumsden
Surgeon T.R. Williams
Assistant-Surgeon W.T. Wilson