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The Royal North Gloucester Militia

The 1902 annual training was suspended due to the period of service at St. Helena. In 1903 the battalion trained at Pembroke Dock (its war station on mobilization). The 1904 and 05 training was held at Cirencester. In 1906 and 07 Brigade training took place on Salisbury Plain.

In 1907 the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act led to 23 battalions of Militia being disbanded in 1908. To everyone's suprise the North Glosters were one of the unfortunate battalions. There was vigorous protests but the decision was final. The mess plate was handed to the 3rd battalion, on condition that it would be returned if the 4th battalion was ever reconstituted. The battalion Colours were handed to Cirencester Parish Church on February 27th with the battalion officers present in full dress uniform.