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Awarded to men of rank N.C.O.'s of rank Sergeant or above, for distinguished or meritorious service. An annuity was paid with the award of the medal and so the issue was limited. During World War One 'Immediate' M.S.M.' were awarded, without an annuity; (not in list).

M.S.M's to the Glosters

Colour-Sergeant J. ADAMS - 28th Foot. MSM 1915; £10 annuity. Died c. 1918

Acting-Sergeant-Major W. AVERIES, DCM.- 61st Foot. DCM, LSGC. MSM 1953

Quartermaster-Sergeant E. BARTON.- MSM.1921; £10 annuity. Pensioned 1899. died 1930

Quartermaster-Sergeant William BURGESS - 28th Foot. MSM.1894; £10 annuity. Died 1901

Colour-Sergeant John W. CABURN - 28th Foot - Joined the Regiment in 1851 and was discharged to pension in 1872. He served with the 28th in the Crimean Campaign, and was awarded the Crimean and Turkish medals, with the clasps, Alma, Inkerman and Sevastopol. Awarded LSGC 1903. MSM 1948. Information needs re-checking!

Colour-Sergeant John W. CABURN - 61st Foot - Born in the 28th Regt. at Gibraltar. Enlisted 1883 as a Band Boy (no. 660). Transferred to 61st Regt. in 1886. Posted to Depot 1902. Served in "G" Coy. in South African War (part of 5th Bn M.I.). Served on Permanent Staff of 3rd Division. 1905 PSI 1st V.B.G.R. (4th Glosters). Discharged to pension 1910. Enlisted 12th Bn 1914. Discharged unfit 1917. MSM. Died 2nd November 1956, at Bristol, aged 87.

Colour-Sergeant Patrick CARROLL.- 61st Foot. MSM 1899; £10 annuity. Died 1902

Colour-Sergeant G. CASS - 28th Foot. MSM 1918. Died 1919

W.O. II A. CHURCH.- 1st Battalion. MSM 1953. Serving at time of award

Colour-Sergeant R.H. COLLINS.- 28th Foot. MSM 1908; £10 annuity. Died 1915

Colour-Sergeant R. CURTIS - No. 5173579. Served with 8th Bn 1914-18. Re-enlisted as a regular in 1919. Posted to 2nd Bn. Discharged 1937. Served as Orderly Room Sergt. MSM 1951. Died 11th June 1955, at Gloucester.

Sergeant Patrick DENAHY - 61st Foot. MSM 1905; £10 annuity. Died 1908

Sergeant Hugh DIAMOND - 61st Foot. MSM 1855; £10 annuity. Died 1868

Sergeant-Major William DOWLER - 61st Foot - MSM 1850, annuity £15. Awarded LSGC. Served Punjab & Mutiny. Commissioned. Died1872.

Captain M. FITZPATRICK - MSM 1951 - Enlisted in 1885 (No. 1216). Discharged Feb. 1914. Re-enlisted August 1914 as RQMS 9th Bn. Commissioned May 1915, posted to Lincolnshire Regt. His son, L/Cpl. P.C. Fitzpatrick, 2nd Bn, died of wounds in Jan. 1915. During WW2 he was employed at Bristol Recruiting Centre as Interviewing Officer.

Colour-Sergt. J. E. FLAHERTY - LSGC 1903. MSM 1946

Sergeant John FLAHERTY.- 61st Foot. MSM 1914; £10 annuity. Died 1916

Colour-Sergeant J.M. GARBUTT.- LSGC 1902. MSM 1935

Colour-Sergeant John GLENDAY.- 61st Foot. Served in Punjab & Mutiny. LSGC 1860. MSM 1866; £15 annuity. Died 1893

Sergeant Thomas GORDON.- 28th Foot. MSM 1905; £5 annuity; paid by the Indian Government

1754 Sergeant-Drummer W. GREENWOOD.- Enlisted 1877. Left the army in 1907. LSGC. Re-enlisted 1914, aged 56. Appointed Band-Master of the first RAF Band, served until 1919. MSM 1932. Pensioned 1928 as Drum-Major, 3rd (Militia) Bn. Band-Master at Clifton College. Died at Bristol 10th Nov. 1935, aged 78.

Colour-Sergeant Peter GUERIN.- 61st Foot. Joined 61st Regt as a boy in 1835. Served in Indian Mutiny. After discharge, served as Sergt-Major of North Mayo Militia. MSM 1906, £5 annuity. Died in Chelsea Hospital, 30th Dec. 1906.

Colour-Sergeant S.G. GUY - MSM 1947. Pensioned 1912

Quarter-Master-Sergeant H. HARD - 61st Foot. MSM 1917. Serving 4th Bn Glos. Died April 1921

Ex-Regimental-Quartermaster-Sergeant E.R. HART - 61st Foot. Joined 61st Regt as a band boy in 1886. Became colour-sergant of musketry. Rejoined 1914, discharged in 1921.MSM awarded 1952.

Sergeant-Major A. HOOPER - Enlisted 1881. Sergt. 1884. RSM 1895. LSGC awarded 1902. Pensioned 1911. 1914 Lieut. & QM 12th Bn. Capt. 1915. Adjutant 15th Bn 1915. Major 16th Bn 1915. MSM August 1934. Died 1945. In picture he is being presented with his MSM by Major L.H. Cox, MC at the Depot, Bristol.

Quartermaster-Sergeant F.J.E. HORTON - Discharged 1901. MSM 1941. Died 1941

Company-Quartermaster-Sergeant J.W. KEY - No. 4731. Enlisted 1895 and served with 61st Regt. until discharged December 1915, owing to wounds. Died 11th August 1955, at Portsmouth.

Colour-Sergeant Frederick LANGLEY - 61st Foot. MSM 1911; £10 annuity

Sergeant-Major J. MCDONALD - MSM 1920. Died March 1923

  - 61st Foot - Born 12th March 1809 in St. Nicholas, Co. Galway, Ireland. Enlisted 61st Foot 28th July 1826. 1844 promoted QMS. MSM awarded 1847, £10 annuity. Served Punjab Campaign (medal 2 clasps, wounded, commissioned Ensign). Indian Mutiny (medal & clasp). 1861 McDonough transferred to the 3rd West India Regiment. 9th June 1865 Major McDonough retired. Died at Brixton, 10th November 1877, aged 68.

Sergeant W. MILLER - 61st Foot. MSM 1893; £5 annuity.

Hospital-Sergeant Michael MONNEY - 28th Foot. MSM.1894; £10 annuity.Died 1908. (served Crimea)

Colour-Sergeant G. MOORE - MSM 1946. Pensioned as a Sergeant-Instructor Musketry, 1904.

Colour-Sergeant John MURRAY - 61st Foot. MSM 1902; £10 annuity. Died Feb. 1937

Sergeant D. NEWMAN - 28th Foot. MSM 1901; £10 annuity. Died Feb. 1916

Quartermaster-Sergeant Samuel PARKS - 61st Foot. LSGC 1877. MSM 1915; £10 annuity. Died Oct. 1924

Colour-Sergeant S. PIGGINS - 28th Foot. MSM.1908; £10 annuity. Died Feb. 1915

Ex-Lieutenant (QM) F.W. SAUNDERS - 61st Foot - MSM 1958; annuity. Born 1878. Enlisted as No. 4861 in 1895. Served in South Africa, also with the 5th Bn Mounted Infantry. 1909 posted to Permanent Staff of the Royal Jersey Militia. Rejoined Glosters in 1917, commissioned Quartermaster with the York & Lancaster Regt. Invalided from the army in 1919 due to gas poisoning. Retired to Jersey. Secretary to the Governor of Jersey until 1929. Returned to Gloucester as Recruiting Officer, 5th Bn. Retired 1946 and moved back to Jersey. Awarded MSM in 1958. Past Grand Master of St. Aubyns Lodge, Jersey. Died 27th December 1965, aged 87.

Colour-Sergeant J.G. SAVAGE - LSGC 1904. MSM.1942. Died Sept. 1950

Colour-Sergeant James SAVAGE - 61st Foot. MSM 1899; £10 annuity. Died April 1906 (served Indian Mutiny)

Colour-Sergeant A. SCRIVEN - Enlisted 1876. Discharged to pension 1897. Served 28th and 61st Regts. MSM 1929. Died April 1943

Colour-Sergeant F.J. SMITH - LSGC 1902. MSM 1939. Died Oct. 1945.

Bandmaster E.E. SNAPE - MSM 1951. ex-Royal Armoured Corps

Colour-Sergeant John SQUIRE - 61st Foot. MSM 1892'; £10 annuity. Died Nov. 1893

Colour-Sergeant C. STAITE - Enlisted in Royal South Gloucestershire Militia, Dec. 1865. Enlisted 28th Regt. 1866. Discharged to pension, 31st March 1893. Recruiter at Cheltenham until 1897. LSGC 1908. Serving as a Drill Instructor in the National Reserve in August 1914 (aged 65 years). Discharged 1915. 20th March 1916 re-enlisted in National Reserve. MSM 1918. Died at Cheltenham 29th January 1938.

Sergeant James STOOPS - 61st Foot. MSM 1893; £10 annuity. Died Nov. 1899

Sergeant J.H. THOMPSON - 28th Foot. MSM 1906; £10 annuity. Died April 1914..

Garrison-Sergeant-Major James TREVELYAN - Awarded the DCM for Boer War. MSM 1934.
Letter published in Gloucestershire Regt. Journal 1934:
"The War Office, 23rd July 1934.
Mr. J. Trevelyan, DCM
Sir, I am directed to inform you that His Majesty The King has been graciously pleased to confer on you as a reward for your long and highly meritorious service in the Army, an Annuity £5 to commence from the 22nd January 1934, and increased to £10 from 26th March 1934, and that authority has been given to the Assistant Paymaster General to issue the said Annuity to you in quarterly payments in arrear.
I am, Sir, Your obedient servant,
H. Cresswell."

Staff-Sergeant-Armourer E. WARREN -

Quartermaster-Sergeant T. WELCH - MSM 1923; £10 annuity. Died June 1930

Quartermaster-Sergeant H. WILLIAMS - 28th Foot. LSGC 1903. MSM 1941; £10 annuity. Died Sept. 1941.

Colour-Sergeant A. WILSON - MSM 1941. Died Oct. 1946

Sergeant-Major Adam YOUNG - 61st Foot. MSM 1892; £10 annuity. Died Sept. 1915

Ex-Sergeant-Major Edward YOUNG - 61st Foot. LSGC 1898. MSM 1937. Enlisted 1880. Gymnastic Instructor 1884. Discharged 1902. CSM-Instructor 12th Bn First World War. Died 13th August 1953, at Bath, aged 93.