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Northern Ireland - Roll of Honour

1st Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment

24203302 Private Anthony R. Aspinwall - 17th December 1971 - 3am.
From Somerset. Aged 22. Married, 3 children. Mortally wounded by an IRA sniper in a street off the Falls Road, West Belfast on the night of 16th December 1971. He was shot in the stomach, but still managed to fire 6 shots at the sniper's position. When an ambulance arrived to help it was fired upon by the terrorists. Private Aspinwall had been in Ulster for 1 week. He died in the Royal Victoria Hospital with his wife, father, sister and brother at his bedside. Soon after, the Regiment changed the shiny cap badges to a darkened one.

24182918 Private Keith L. Bryan - 5th January 1972
From Bristol. Aged 18. Single. While on patrol in Ardmoulin Street in the lower Falls district of West Belfast, a sniper fired 2 shots, hitting Private Bryan in the chest. He died in hospital an hour later. He had joined the Glosters as a boy soldier and his brother was also serving with the Glosters.

24078868 Lance Corporal Ian Roy Bramley - 1st February 1972
From Winchcombe, near Cheltenham. Aged 25. Married, 2 children. While on duty at an observation post at the junction of Hastings Street and Divis Street, West Belfast, he was shot in the chest by a sniper and died in hospital 45 minutes later.

24225245 Private Christopher P. Brady - 17th July 1973
From Plymouth. Aged 21. Killed by a 20lb IRA bomb while checking the fifth floor of Divis Flats, West Belfast. He died 20 minutes after the explosion. Private Breakwell was also killed. Two youths (aged 17 and 16) were convicted of 'causing an explosion.'

24285860 Private Geoffrey Alan Breakwell - 17th July 1973
From Brierly Hill, Staffordshire. Aged 20. Single. He was killed by the same explosion as Private Brady (above). He died in hospital 2 hours after the explosion.

242000585 Lance Corporal A.P. Bennett - 4th June 1978 - died during the tour - not as a result of terrorist actions.
24457939 Private D.J. McChill - 17th August 1978 - died during the tour - not as a result of terrorist actions.