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NEW ZEALAND WARS 1845 - 1864

Lieutenant Edward BEATTY - 99th Foot - died of wounds 11th July 1845
Son of D. Beatty, of Heathfield, Wexford, Ireland. Wounded at the assault on the 'pah of Heke'.
Memorial in St. James Church, Sydney, Australia -
"In memory of Lieutenant Edward Beatty XCIX regiment who fell mortally wounded in the assault of the native fortress at Ohaiowai in New Zealand on the 1st July 1845 whilst gallantly leading the forlorn hope for which duty he had volunteered and died at Waimate on the 11th of the same month aged XXV years. This monument is erected by his brother officers as a mark of esteem and regard."

Ensign BLACKBURN - 99th Foot - Killed in action August 1846
Memorial in St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "In memory of Ensign Henry Middleton Blackburn 99th Regiment who was killed in action with the rebel natives in the Valley of the Horokiwi, New Zealand August 6th 1846 Aged 23 years. This monument is erected by his brother officers in testimony of their esteem and regard."

Captain William Edward GRANT - 58th Foot - Killed in action 30th June 1845

Lieutenant G. PHILPOTS - Royal Navy - Killed in action 30th June 1845
Memorial in St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "In memory of Lieut. George Phillpotts RN who fell at the assault on the Pa at Ohaewae, New Zealand 1st July 1845 aged 31. Erected by his brother officers of HM Ships Hazard and North Star."

Lieutenant Charles Francis BROOK - (Line Company) 40th Foot - killed - Puketakauere 27th June 1860

Captain George Graham DUFF - Royal Navy - died of wounds 21st November 1878
Wounded at Gate Pa, Tauranga 29th April 1864.
Memorial at Saint Mary Cray churchyard, Kent -
"George Graham Duff, Captain R.N., born 29.8.1835 died 21.11.1878 from the effects of wounds received whilst leading a storming party at the Gate Pah during the war in New Zealand. Mary Duff wife of the above born 7.1.1843 died 28.1.1913."

Captain Robert Coke GLOVER - 43rd Foot - killed in action - reported May 1864
Served in Burma (1852. medal)

Captain HEREFORD - Militia - shot through eye, died of wounds - reported April 1864

Commander J.F.C. HAMILTON - HMS Esk - killed in action - reported May 1864
Memorial at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London - "This mounment is erected by the surviving Officers and men to the memory of their comrades who fell in action in New Zealand during the years 1863-1864. Capt. J.F.C. Hamilton RN HMS 'Esk'. Comm. Edward Hay 'Harrier'. Lieut. W.E. Mitchell 'Esk'. Thomas Watkins, Mid. 'Curacoa'. George Watts, Gunner HMS 'Miranda'. William Dalton, Qtr Mastr 'Esk'. James Woods, Qtr Mastr 'Curacoa'. Henry Harding, Sergt. RM 'Eclipse'. Fred. Osborne, Capt. M.T. 'Harrier'. George Young, AB 'Harrier'. William Tidy, AB 'Curacoa'. John Hayes, AB 'Curacoa'. James Harris, Ordy HMS 'Curacoa'. Richard Fuller, Ordy 'Esk'. Henry Clarke, Ordy 'Harrier'. Andrew Greenham, Stoker 'Harrier'. William Leigh, Stoker 'Esk'. Levi Kent, Priv. RM 'Miranda'. David Downer, Priv. RM. 'Harrier'. Richd Stephenson, Boy. 'Curacoa'.

Commander Edward HAY - HMS Harrier - died of wounds - 30th April 1864
Memorial in St. Mary's Church, Portsmouth -
"To the memories of the following Officers and Men of HMS Harrier.
Edward Hay Esq. Commander. Who died April 30th 1864 from wounds received in action at Te Papa, New Zealand.
William Arthur Turner. Assistant Surgeon. died at Wellington, New Zealand. May 7 1862.
Fitzhugh D'Este Jerningham. Acting Sub Lieutenant. Lost at Falkland Islands Jany ....
Richard Harte. died at sea October 3 1861.
Ambrose Gear RMLI died at Auckland Sept 17 1861
Samuel Hooper AB died at Sydney May 4 1863
Fred Osborne 2 Capt Fore Top, David Downer RMLI. Killed in action at Kangarini Nov 20 1863
James McTear. Stoker died Feby 22 1864 on board HMS Curaco
James New, Leading Seaman died at Sydney NSW Sept. ...
Henry Clarke, George Young, AB Andrew Greenham Stoker. Killed in action
at Te Papa April 23 1864.
John Dark, Gunner RMA drowned at sea January 11 1865
John Sheehan also died at sea February 14 1865
William Jarvis, Boy 1st Class died July 23 1864
Thomas Walden, Boy 1st Class died at sea Feby 8 1865.

This tablet is erected as a mark of respect & record by the Captain, Officers and Men of the ship during the commission 1860-65."

Lieutenant Denis JACKSON - 40th Foot - Killed in action at Kairau 23 January 1861

Captain Thomas William John LLOYD - 57th Foot - killed in action - reported April 1864
Gunshot to chest, tomahawk wound to right leg, body decapitated. (New Zealand Herald).

Lieutenant M'NAUGHTON - Royal Artillery - reported as 'killed' March 1861

Captains Henry MERCER - Royal Artillery - wounded at Rangiriri and died 3 days later at Queen's Redoubt - reported 26th November 1863
Shot in the head. Body 'brought to Auckland under an escort of the 50th Regt.' (New Zealand Herald). Served Crimea (medal & clasp)

Lieutenant W.G. MITCHELL - died of wounds at Waipa River - 3rd February 1864.
Memorial at Monikie Kirkyard, Angus, Scotland -
"Lieut. W.G. Mitchell of HMS Esk mortally wounded while in command of HM gunboat Avon in the Waipa River, New Zealand on 3rd February 1864."
2nd Memorial - "Lt. W.E. Mitchell of H.M.S. Esk who was mortally wounded when in command of HM Gunboat Avon in the Waira River New Zealand and died 3 February 1864 aged 22 years."

Captain Charles Reginald MURE - 43rd Foot - killed in action - reported May 1864
Served Kaffir War 1851-3 (medal) and Crimea (medal & clasp, order of Medjidie)

Lieutenant William Lewis MURPHY - 12th Foot - Killed in action at Rangariri 20th November 1863

Captain John Shaw PHELPS - 2nd Bn 14th Foot - wounded at Rangiriri and died later at Queen's Redoubt - reported 26th November 1863
From New South Wales. Shot in the abdomen. Body 'brought to Auckland under an escort of the 50th Regt.' (New Zealand Herald).
Memorial at St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "
To the memory of John Shaw Phelps, Captain in HM 14th Regiment of Foot only son of J.C. Phelps Esqre of Gostwyck, Paterson River. Born in Sydney 21st May 1829 and died 25th Novr 1863 at the Queen's Redoubt, New Zealand, from wounds received while gallantly leading his company against the rebel Maories at Rangariri on the 20th Novr. This lamented officer served with much distinction in the Crimea and in various engagements in New Zealand. Those who knew him to be a good son, a loving brother and a sincere friend, desiring to record their sorrow for his loss have erected this tablet Anno 1864."

Captain James Tarrant RING - 2nd Bn.18th Foot - killed in action at Orakau - reported April 1864
Shot in the abdomen. Served in Crimea (medal & clasp)
Memorial at The Curragh Military Cemetery, Ireland -
"18th Foot (Royal Irish Regiment) Casualty Roll. New Zealand 1863-66. Officers. Died of Wounds. Brevet Major J.T. Ring. Died Accidentally Lt F.P. Leonard. Lt O.R. Lawson. Ensign G.B. Jenkins."

Captain Thomas George STRANGE - 65th Regiment - reported as 'killed' March 1861


At the Eureka Stockade, 3rd December 1854, the 40th and the 12th Foot, with local police, attacked a stockade of armed miners.

Captain Henry Christopher WISE - 40th Foot - wounded at Eureka Stockade 3rd December 1854. died 22nd December 1854.
Aged 25. Son of H.C. Wise, of Woodcote, Warwickshire. Burried in Ballarat Cemetery.

Private Felix Boyle - 12th Foot - aged 32, from Monagh, Ireland. died of gunshot wounds 10th January, 1855.
Private Michael Roney - 40th Foot - aged 21 years, from Ireland. killed
Privates Joseph Wall - 40th Foot - aged 20 years from Westmore, Somerset. killed
Private William Webb, 12th Foot - aged 19 years, died 5th December from gunshot wounds.