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OBITUARIES from the Regimental Association Handbook

5173121 CQMS Adams, Glosters 1920-39. Left the service September 1948 after 29 years service, the last 8 being with the Royal Welch Fusiliers to which he was transferred in 1940 on his return from Burma. He will be remembered as a man of many parts - Garrison Provost Corporal in Jhansi, Post Corporal with the rickshaw in Shanghai, anti-malaria wallah in Mhow, club and sword swinger with the 61st concert party, but more famed with his soccer team, "The Ranikhet Roamers" who were undefeated for 3 seasons in the khuds. He has been awarded the LSGC medal, the C-in-C's Certificate and MSM. Transferred to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1940-50. Died 23 Nov. 1963 at Talgarth, Brecon, aged 61.

Captain C. Asplin, died 27th June 1939 at Plymouth. Served 1925-39.

Colonel C.J. Baines, died August 1939 at Frampton-on-Severn, aged 83. Served 1876-97.

Major D.E. Baker, died 27 February 1965 at his home on Canvey Island. Eldest son of RSM W.E. Baker and grandson of RSM (later Yeoman Warder) W.G. Baker, 61st Regt (DCM Indian Mutiny). Enlisted as a drummer boy and to France with 1st Bn 1914. Commissioned 1918 with 2nd Bn. Adjutant to the Indian Railway Volunteer Regt. Retired 1929. Recalled 1939; 11th Bn. Later served with 6th Royal Sussex Regt.

Clr-Sergt E.W. Baker, died 16th Jan. 1934. Enlisted 1887, served as siege of Ladysmith. Returned to England 1901. Worked at Ministry of Labour. QSA, LSGC.

Lieut. G.L. Baker, died at Mhow 14th Nov. 1934, aged 26. Serving with 28th Regt. Son of Col. H.L. Baker (former CO 4th Bn).

Captain Kenneth Baker, enlisted as a boy 1921, served in the 28th Band. Served in Burma WWII (1939, Orderly Room Sergt). Commissioned Dec. 1941. Returned to UK hospital (ill-health) 1944. Served with Military Commission, Asutria 1945. Demobed 1947. Worked as a civilian in the Control Commission, Germany. Died at Kiel 28th August 1948. He was youngest son of RSM W.E. Baker, 61st and grandson of RSM W.G. Baker, the 61st Mutiny Veteran and Yeoman Warder.

Sergt-Major Barber, late 28th Regt. died at Caister 17th May 1933, aged 82 years. Enlisted 1869, was RSM 4th (Militia) Bn, Cirencenster for a while, then RSM of Depot from 1891. Retired on pension. His 2 elder sons were killed in WWI both with the 28th Regt.

RQMS L.T. Barnes, 5th Bn. The late RQMS Barnes served for 3 and half years with the Royal Engineers during the Great War, and on demobilization joined the 5th Battalion with which he was serving as Regimental Quartemaster Sergeant at the time of his death. He was a highly respected member of the Post Office Staff at Gloucester Post Office, where he had been employed for 38 years, he leaves a widow, 3 sons and a daughter. (1928)

Lieutenant-Colonel J.C. Bartlett, Commissioned 2nd Bn 1939. Posted to Somali Gendarmerie 1941 and served in East Africa through the war. Regular commission 1946. Returned to Africa 1950. CO 23rd Bn Kings African Rifles 1954-57. War Office 1957. Retired 1958. Died 14th August 1969 at Bath.

16483 Sgt. W.S. Bascome, MM, died 28 Jan. 1978. Served 3rd, 10th and 12th Bns WWI. MM July 1916. Commissioned 1917 Rifle Brigade.

Major C.F. Baxter, died Sept. 1932. Born 1858, commissioned 1878, retired 1898. Member of 61st Polo Team which won the Infantry Cup in India 1892.

Lieutenant-Colonel D. Baxter, MC, TD, Joined 1st Bn 1913. "A" Coy. 1914. MC for Langemarck 1914, severely wounded. Rejoined Nov. 1915. Married 1919. After leaving the army he was managing director of the family brewery business at Sherborne, 1921-51. Joined 4th Bn Dorsets TA 1922, later commanding the Bn. Honorary Colonel 4/5th Dorsets. Died 12 April 1969 at Sherborne.

RQMS A. Beer, died 14th Dec. 1937. Joined 4th Bn 18th May 1900 after serving in Regular Army. By 1914 was RQMS, served in France until 1916 and discharged on medical grounds 16th August 1919. Rejoined 4th Bn 24th May 1921. Discharged 23rd May 1924.

Major Charles Francis Beville, died at Henly-on-Thames 5th March 1936. Joined 61st Regt at Bombay Sept. 1880 from 6th Regt. Joined 28th Regt 1887. Transferred to Ordnance Corps soon after. Retired 1905. Rejoined RAOC in 1914 but no active service due to failing eyesight.

Lieut-Colonel A. St. J. Blunt, DSO, York & Lancs Regt. Born Oct. 1880. Commissioned York & Lancs Regt 1899. Served South Africa (QSA 6 clasps, KSA 2 clasps). 1914 on leave in UK from India. Posted to 28th Regt on War, served in France with them until July 1915. Appointed Brigade-Major, 60th Brigade July 1915-June 1916. Then to 2nd Bn Y&L until April 1918. Appointed Instructor at Senior Officers School, Aldershot. (DSO, 14 star/bar trio, MID 5 times, wounded twice). His father was in RHA 1846-72 and then commanded the Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery. Died August 1931, aged 50 years.

Major H.A.D. Bockett-Pugh, obtained a Regular commission in the Regiment from the 3rd Militia Bn in May 1902. For a number of years he served with the King's African Rifles and took part in the Somaliland operations 1908-10 (medal & clasp). During the First World War, being unfit for active service, he was adjutant of the 3rd Bn for some years and then commandant of a Convalescent Depot. He retired from the Regt in 1919 and was subsequently employed with the RAPC and was a cashier at Souther Command up to the end of the recent war. Died 13th November 1948 at Salisbury, aged 66.

5179547 ex-Sergt. L. Brown, MM, died May 1964.

Lieut-Colonel J.B. Butler, TD, died at Bristol 30th April 1935. Deputy-Lieut. of Gloucestershire. Commanded 4th Bn 1910 to 1915. He raised the 3/4th Bn in 1915. Served in South Africa and WWI. Sheriff of Bristol 1916.

Colonel G.A.H. Buxton, died at home near Cirencester, July 1948. Served 4th Hussars 1914-28. 1934 was Major, 5th Bn Glosters. CO 5th Bn Jan. 1938. Wounded 1940. Later, CO of a sub-area in Ireland.

Col'r-Sergt. John Caburn, 28th Foot, joined the Regiment in 1851 and was discharged to pension in 1872. He served with the 28th in the Crimean Campaign, and was awarded the Crimean and Turkish medals, with the clasps, Alma, Inkerman and Sevastopol. His son, Col'r-Sergt. J.W. Caburn will be remembered by 61st readers as Col'r-Sergt. of "G" Coy. of that Battalion, and as CSM of the Gloucester Mounted Infantry Coy, during the South African Campaign. (1928)

Lieut-Colonel H. Calvert-Fisher, died at Bristol 30th April 1934, aged 42. Commissioned August 1914 from OTC. To France with 2/6th Bn in 1916, wounded at Passchendale 1917, invalided home. Lieut. 1917. Capt. 1918. Major 1925. 1929 CO 6th Bn. Brevet-Col. 1933. He would have received the TD in August had he lived.

Lieutenant J. Canavan, died at Birmingham, March 1930. Enlisted 1871 and served with 28th in Malta and China. 1877 transferred to Army Reserve but rejoined in 1878. Posted to 61st, served until appointed PS of 2nd Volunteer Bn as Cr-Sergt-Instr. of the Tewkesbury Coy. in 1888. After discharge he joined 5th Bn as a volunteer and was Sergt. and Signalling Instructor. RSM of Bn 1894-1899. In 1914 as RQMS he was too old to go to France with the Bn, transferred to 2/5th Bn as RQMS. Then RQMS of Volunteer Training Corps in Gloucester. Promoted Lieut & QM. Possessed LSGC Medal (Regular Army) and LSGC (Volunteer). (1930)

Major A.R.P. Cannon, died 29 March 1978. Commissioned 26 June 1917, served with 8th Bn. Rejoined June 1940 as Lt. 8th Bn. CO of company at Brockworth Airfield. 1942 served with training units. Company CO. at 28 PTC Reservoir Camp. Released 1947. Chairman of 8th Bn OCA.

Major G.N. Chapman, OBE, died 23rd Jan. 1939 at Newport, aged 62.

1064 Clr-Sergt. J. Clarke, died at Bristol 12th March 1936, aged 68. Enlisted April 1885. Served with 28th and 61st Regts. Posted to 4th (Militia) Bn as PSI. Discharged 1907. Served with Regular Army Recruitng Staff at Bristol 1907-32. LSGC.

Lieut. C.W. Clutsom, died at Bristol 13th Sept. 1934, aged 40. Enlisted 1912, 28th Regt. NCO 1914. Commissioned Feb. 1918. Served with RFC. Retired 1919. 1914 star trio.

Corporal P. Coldrick, 5th Bn TF. Died at Gloucester 4th June 1929. Enlisted 1896, 28th Regt. Served at Siege of Ladysmith, 1914-18 War (twice wounded). Joined 5th Bn. 1914-15 star, War and Victory, QSA. (1929)

Major E.B. Cottingham, MC, died 4 Feb. 1964, aged 55, at Haywards Heath as a result of a car accident. Served Glosters 1930-53. 61st Regt and Depot to 1937. Iraq Levies 1937. MC at Habbanyia 1941. Posted to 9th and 7th Bns in 1942, then with 61st to Normandy 1944. After the war served with the Sudan Defence Force. Retired 1953.

Captain L.K.J. Courtney, Born in Bristol, during WWII served with the 8th Army in North Africa and Sicily (MID). Served at D-Day, Normandy. Posted to 5th Bn as QM. Later first QM to the Wessex Regt. Died 10th Nov. 1977, aged 57, at Bristol.

380 Clr-QMS G. Coveney, died at Bristol 24th March 1936, aged 54. Served with 3rd (Militia) Bn, awarded Militia LSGC. Joined 1st Bn in 1914 (14/15 star trio).

5172284 Sergt. G.W. Crocome, died at the British Military Hospital, Jhansi on 16th Oct. 1928, after an operation for acute appendicitis. Originally a scholar at the Royal Hibernian School, Sergt. Crocome enlisted as a boy in Dublin in 1911. He was posted to the 1st Battalion then at Portsmouth, and was employed in the Tailors Shop. During the War he served with the 8th Battalion, and was possession of the British War and Victory Medals. In 1919 he was posted to the 61st and proceeded to India with the Battalion. Promoted Corporal in 1919, and Sergt. ('C' Coy.) in 1923, he was appointed Sergt. Cook in 1926 - which appointment he held up to the time of his death. Like his younger brother, Sergt. Crocome was a keen cricketer and his death at the early age of 31, and only 6 weeks before the Battalion was due to leave India was particularly sad. (1928)

Major E.E.T. Culley, died at Bristol 9th August 1957, aged 76. Enlisted as No. 5572 in 1899 with the 61st and served in the South African War, and by 1914 was CSM. Appointed RSM to 3rd Special Reserve Bn until commissioned in March 1918. Left the Regiment in July 1921 and became Recruiting Officer in Bristol until 1947 when he reached the age limit.

Major (QM) E.H. Dinham, OBE, died 5th Jan. 1941 at Upminster. Served 1888-1925.

5495 CQMS C. Dipper, MSM, died 5th January 1953 at King's Lynn, aged 77. Served 1899-1920. LSGC, MSM.

Lance-Corpl. H.A. Down, died whilst serving with 61st at Jhansi, March 6th 1928. (1928)

Major Donald Duncan, DSO, MC. Major Duncan served with the 1st batt. during the late war and was awarded the following: 1914 star with clasp; British War Medal; Victory Medal; DSO; MC; Brevet of Major. 3 times MID. He retired from the regiment in 1921 after 11 years service. (1924)

Capt. C.S. Dyer, MC, died 17th Jan. 1934 in London. Served WWI. Awarded MC, Russian decoration, war & victory medals.

Lieut. A.E. Elliott - died at Burford 2nd Feb. 1933 aged 58. Enlisted 1894, 28th Regt. Served at Ladysmith during siege. Later PS 3rd Bn as Cr-Sergt. WWI RQMS 3rd Bn. 1918 promoted Lieut & QM of a Black Watch Service Bn. Demob 1919. QSA, War & Victory.

5172373 Sergt. J. Farmiloe, MM, died at Bristol 19th June 1932, 3 months after being invalided from Regt. Enlisted 1st August 1914, 28th Regt. Awarded MM. Invalided from France to 8th Bn. Posted to 61st in 1919. Regimental Depot 1927. Rejoined 28th in 1929. Invalided from Egypt 1932. MM, 1914-15 star trio.

Captain H.W. Farquharson, died at Bath July 1924. He will remembered by many as the first Regimental-Sergeant-Major of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, or what was known in those days as 'Mardon's Own' and it was in 1900 that he came to Bristol from the 42nd Black Watch. When the war broke out in 1914, he again offered his services, and was accepted as Captain and Quartermaster pf the 2/6th Gloucester Regt. with whom he served until May 1916, when he was appointed Equipment Officer in the Royal Air Force. (1924)

The Fitzpatrick Family
Cpl. Michael Fitzpatrick served with 28th in Peninsula
Cpl. Michael Fitzpatrick (eldest son of above) served with 28th in Crimea (Alma, Inkerman, Sebastopol). He possessed the Crimea, Turkish and GC medals.
John Fitzpatrick (brother of above), also served with 28th in Crimea, and was killed in action at Inkerman.
William Fitzpatrick (2nd brother of above) served with 28th in Crimea, afterwards emigrating to the Colonies.
Captain M. Fitzpatrick (eldest son of Cpl. M. Fitzpatrick) served with 61st during the South African Campaign, also serving in the late war from 1914 to 1920. Possesses six medals, including the Belgian Croix de Guerre.
Lce-Cpl. P. Fitzpatrick (son of above), this young NCO actually represented the 4th generation (as a serving soldier of the Regiment) to the regret of all ranks with whom he was very popular this promising young soldier was killed in action whilst serving with the 61st in France in January 1915.
Cpl. W. Fitzpatrick (brother of Capt. M. Fitzpatrick), served with 61st during South African Campaign, being wounded at Klips Drift in March 1900 (being the Battalion's first casualty), which caused him to be invalided from the Regiment, in addition he saw active service with the Norfolk Regiment in the Burmese Campaign. (1928)

Captain C.F. Foote, died at Gloucester after a long and painful illness on April 8th, 1930, aged 63 years. Enlisted in Cirencester in 1885 the late Captain Foote served for 27 years, and left the Royal Army Pay Corps with the rank of Staff Sergt Major in 1912. He at once became Quarter-Master 5th Bn at Gloucester. In 1914 he proceeded to France with the Bn and remained with them until invalided in 1917, reaching the age for retirement, Capt. Foote took up work in a clerical capacity with the Bn, a position he held until his illness. He was a prominent Freemason, and in his younger days a cyclist of note, winning many prizes. He was awarded the Queen's South African Medal, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals, and LSGC Medal. (1930)

Major F. Wilson-Fox, died at Fowey, Cornwall, 8th Jan. 1934. Born 1866, son of Dr. Wilson-Fox, physician to Queen Victoria. Gazetted to Glosters. Took part in Mashonalland Rebellion 1896-7 and South African war. Native Commissioner of Southern Rhodesia. 1908 transferred to Ministry of Labour, retiring in 1926. During WWI served with Bristol's Own Bn.

4865 Clr-Sergt. A. Fry, died at Bristol, 27th April 1932. Enlisted 1896, served to 1919. With 61st in SA (QSA, KSA). 1914 star trio, LSGC. wounded twice.

Lieut-Colonel Fyffe, died in Scotland, October 1928, at the age of 64 years. Joining the Regiment in 1884. Colonel Fyffe served until May 1914. On the outbreak of war he immediately rejoined for service, and remained until the cessation of hostilities; during the South African Campaign the late Colonel Fyffe was severely wounded at Lombards Kop and was present at the actions of Rietfontein, Relief of Ladysmith, Val Kranz, Poplar Grove and Driefontein. Also operations down to 1902. He possessed the Queen's Medal with 3 clasps, King' Medal with 2 clasps, 1914-15 star, British War and Vicrory Medals. The late Colonel Fyffe was respected by all ranks of the Regiment, and many members will remember him as a kindly, cheerful friend, whose heart and soul was always with the Regiment. (1928)

Colonel W.S. Gange, TD, died suddenly at his home in Bristol, 15th January 1953. Commissioned into the 10th Battalion 1914; he rose to command the 4th Bn. After being wounded at Loos with the 10th, and a spell of service at home with the 3rd Bn, he was seconded for duty with the West African Frontier Force and remained with them until March 1919. In 1921 he was a senior subaltern with the 4th Bn, promoted to Captain in 1924, Major 1930, and command of the Bn in December 1934. He retired in November 1938 and was made a Brevet Colonel. On the outbreak of war in 1939 he did valuable work at County Commander of the Gloucestershire and Bristol ACF. For 20 years he was a member of the Gloucestershire TA Association, only retiring in 1952 on account of ill-health.

5175402 Pte E.H. Gardiner, died in India whilst serving with the 2nd Batt. February 1924.

3887 Sergt. E. Garraway, died at Bristol, Sept. 1928. The late Sgt. Garraway will be remembered as Pioneer-Sergt. of the 28th, a rank he held for 10 years. In addition to the South African Campaign whilst serving with the 28th, the late Sgt. Garraway re-enlisted on the outbreak of the Great War, and saw service in Gallipoli and Mesopotamia with the 7th Battalion. His decorations includeded The Queen's South Africa Medals, the 1914-15 star, British War and Victory Medals, and the medal for long service and good conduct.

Major A.J. Gillett - Major John Gillet died at his home, Weston-Super-Mare, aged 64 on 22nd Sept. 1982. He enlisted in the Regiment in Jan. 1936 and joined the 1st Bn at Wellington, India in Nov. 1937. By the outbreak of war he was the second Signal Sergeant. He served through the First Burma Campaign, in Assam, the Chin Hills and Calcutta. In Calcutta he became CQMS of C Coy. and there married Enid. CSM of B Coy. in Jamaica and went to Korea but was evacuated sick. Spell at Depot then back to 1st Bn as a CSM. RSM Depot 1953. SS Commission 1955, 16 Travelling Wing, South West District, training TA and Cadets. Fell sick again and evacuated to UK. QM at Depot. To 5th Bn 1960. To Jamaica as Garrison Admin. Officer 1961. 5th Bn 1964/ Wessex Brigade Depot on disbanding 5th Bn. Retired 1967.

Lieut-Colonel A. Gilmore - Born 1849. Sandhurst 1867. Commissioned Ensign 61st Foot July 1868. Lieut. 1871. Employed on the Defence of Ireland Survey 1874-5. Served as Commandant Military Police, Cyprus 1878-81. Capt. 1881. Adjutant, Southern Mahrata Railway Volunteer Corps 1888-93. Major 1891. Retired 1897. At start of Boer War volunteered for service and posted as Lieut-Col. to the Depot of the 41st Regt. Died 23rd June 1935, aged 86.

5172110 Colour-Sergt-Major F. Gorwood, MM, died at Gloucester 21st Oct. 1929. Joining the Regt in 1907 the late CSM Gorwood served for 20 years with the 61st and was posted to the 5th Bn as PSI as recently as April last. He will be remembered by many older members as a very fine Cross Country runner. Serving through-out the late war with the 61st and the 8th Bns, CSM Gorwood was awarded the 1914-15 star, British War and Victory Medals, the Military Medal and bar, the LSGC Medal. (1929)

Colonel R.M. Grazebrook, OBE, MC, died at Cheltenham, 29 Jan. 1965 aged 71. Awarded GV Coronation medal as the best cadet at Shrewsbury School OTC, attended the Coronation Parade. Commissioned 1913 1st Bn. Severely wounded in France 1914. Joined 2nd Bn 1915, won MC, severely wounded again. Instructor at Officers School. Rejoined 1st Bn in Ireland 1919. OBE. As a patrol officer he was so effective that he was placed on the IRA "black list" as a target. Posted to 2nd Bn in India. CO Depot 1935. CO 1st Bn in India 1937. Returned to UK 1940. Raised and commanded 15th Bn Royal Fusiliers at Dover. Local Defence Advisor to RAF Stations 1941-44. Retired 1944 due to increasing deafness. Hon. Col. 5th Bn 1951-56. Buried at Swindon village church, Cheltenham.

1881 Clr-Sergt. J.H. Griffiths - died at Aldershot 16th Feb. 1933. Enlisted 1886. Clr-Sergt. 'B' Coy. 61st Regt. Discharged to pension 1908. Stood for Parliament 1932. QSA, KSA, LSGC.

Colonel Sir Paul G.J. Gueterbock, KCB, DSO, MC, TD, died March 1954, who after 20 years service in the 4th Battalion, continued until 1952 to serve on the Gloucestershire Territorial and A.F. Association as member, vice-chairman and finally in 1938 as chairman. Joined the 4th Glosters as a 2nd Lieut. in 1909, went to France with the 1/4th in 1915 and was made sniping officer of his unit. Later he became a Brigade Major of 36th Infantry Brigade and was awarded the DSO, MC and 3 MIDs during the war. He commanded the Battalion from 1924 to 1929, when he was promoted full Colonel. He retired in 1948. Since 1947 he was Honorary Colonel of the 44th/50th Royal Tank Regiment (TA) (formerly the 6th Glosters). In 1934 he received the CB and was made KCB on 1st Jan. 1949. In 1946 he was a Deputy Lieut. for Gloucestershire and in 1947 appointed additional ADC to King George VI, and from 1952 to Elizabeth II. In civilian life he was for many years a managing director of Capper Pass & Son of Bristol.

Clr-Sergt W.H. Gunter, died at Bristol 1st Oct. 1932. Enlisted 1882, served to 1908. Re-enlisted 1914, 6th Bn. Served with Hampshires and then Devons Regts. Then Labour Corps. Demob 1920. 1914-15 star trio, LSGC.

4021 Clr-Sergt-Major W. Handford, died at Bristol 15th Sept. 1934. Joined 28th Regt in 1893. South Africa, POW. Left army and was a licensee in Bristol. 1914 re-enlisted 4th Bn, later to Cyclist Corps. QSA, KSA. Won the All India Light Weight Boxing Championship 1899.

Capt. & QM W.J. Hewitt, died in London 1928. Enlisted 1884, 28th Regt. Clr-Sergt. Served in South Africa, promoted RQMS, then RSM. 1906 promoted to QM. Invalided in France. QSA, 1914 star trio, LSGC.

Colonel H.L.F. Hilton-Green, DSO, MC, died January 1965. Commissioned 1906 with the 61st. Capt. Oct. 1914. Posted to Army Cyclist Corps. Commanded 10th Devons 1918-1919 in Salonika. Awarded DSO, MC, French Legion of Honour, and Order of the Star of Rumania, MID 4 times. Rejoined 61st 1919 in India. Adjuant Simla Rifles 1922-26. Retired Oct. 1929. WWII served as OC Troopship. His only son was killed in Italy with the Coldstream Guards.

Major E.J. Hobbs, MBE, MSM - Jack Hobbs died 5th Dec. 1981, at Catterick, aged 72. Born 1910, in Gateshead, enlisted as a boy in 1925. Posted to 2nd Bn. 1938 Drum-Major. CSM C Coy. 1940. POW at Cassel. RSM 2nd Bn 1947. Korea POW 1951. MBE for Korea. 1953 Commissioned QM 1st Bn. Posted to Duke of Wellington's Regt at Major (QM). Retired 1963.

Lieut-Colonel J.S. Hobbs, died 14th Feb. 1940 at West End, Hants, aged 78. Served 1881-1918.

Capt. W.H. Hodges, died at Evesham 29th April 1936. Enlisted 1898, 61st Regt. To St. Helena and India. Joined 28th Regt in India. Commissioned from CSM in 1914. Wounded at Battle of the Aisne. QSA, MC, 14 star/bar trio.

Lieut-Colonel T. Horniblow, died 21st October 1933, aged 94 years. Born 1839, Ensign in 28th Foot in 1855. Served in India in the Okamundel Expedition 1859. Appointed Instructor of Musketry 1863. To England 1865 his ship was driven to France. Appointed Adjutant 28th Foot 1867. Captain 1870. In 1875 he exchanged into the 24th Foot and retired 1877.

Major A.D. Hunter, Died at Galashiels 14 May 1964, aged 48. Joined the Glosters 1936. OC Depot 1951-53.

Major Arthur McC. Inglis, DSO. The late Major Inglis, DSO joined the 61st in 1906 at Warley. He had previously served in the 3rd Bn Wiltshire Regt. and at the age of 17 proceeded with that Battalion to St. Helena during the South African War. Before the War he had gone out for a tour on the West Coast where he became ADC to the Governor of Gambia. In 1914 he was serving in the Gambia Company, but returned and was attached to the MGC and later the Tank Corps. He went out to France with the first lot of tanks, having christened his section with the names of drinks such as "Curacoa", "Chartreuse" etc. His own tank went by the name of "Creme de Menthe." The capture of Flers in the first tank attack in the war was largely due to the initiative and success of Inglis'section. Most of the tanks actually got stuck but he was able to extricate his own and get it away. His being the famous tank which proceeded through Flers followed by cheering troops. For his leadership on this occasion he was awarded the DSO. He was dangerously wounded in August 1918 during the great advance at Villers L'Bretonneux and never really recovered. He tried to get back to France, but was not allowed, and was given a job at home. He was a temp. Lieut-Colonel in the Tank Corps to which he transferred. In 1929 he became rather suddenly worse and went to a Nursing Home which his brother was running in Cheltenham, and died there on 12th May aged 45. His brother Lionel served in the Regiment during the South African War. (1929)

Major J. O'D. Ingram, CBE, DSO. died 24th April 1939 at Cannes, aged 69.

Lieut-Colonel S.A. James, died at Minchinhampton 3rd Sept. 1936, aged 76 years. Commissioned 28th Regt from the Militia in Oct. 1880. Appointed Adjutant 3rd Bedforshire Volunteers 1893. Retired 13th Sept. 1899. Served with the Militia during Boer War.

Private W. Irving, who died whilst a pensioner at Chelsea Hospital, on Oct. 2nd 1928. Enlisting in Manchester in 1860 in the 34th Foot, the late Pte Irving later transferred to the 28th, from which he was discharged in 1878. He was admitted to Chelsea Hospital as a pensioner in 1921, and was 86 years of age when he died.

4024 Clr-Sergt. M.R. Jarvis, died at Manchester 31st May 1932. |Joined 28th in 1893. Served SA (siege of Ladysmith). Served CSM 10th Bn WWI. QSA, 1914-15 star trio, LSGC. Was an RAC patrolman after the war. His 3 sons served with 28th after the war.

Major J.H. Jerous, died at Bristol, Nov. 8th 1930. Joined 28th in 1891 and served to 1915, when owing to ill health, he took up training work. Served in South Africa. Promoted Clr-Sergt in 1901, RQMS 1907, RSM 1911. Commissioned Dec. 1914. Served France 1914, wounded 9th May 1915. After Armistice went to the Rhine with the Army of Occupation. Retired with rank of Major. QSA 3 clasps, 1914 star & clasp, War & Victory Medals, LSGC Medal. (1930)

3055 Clr-Sergt. J. Jewell, died at Stratton, Cirencester, April 28th 1930. Joined Regt in 1881 and discharged in 1902. QSA, LSGC. (1030)

Lieut-Colonel Richard P. Jordan, CMG, DSO, joined the Glosters from the Militia in 1889, posted to 28th at Dublin. Posted to Depot 1890. Capt. and to 61st 1899. Served in South Africa, DSO for Driefontein (wounded). Depot, adjutant 3rd Militia Bn 1902. Major, 28th 1910. OC Depot 1914. Raised and commanded 7th Bn in Gallipoli. Wounded; CMG. Mesopotamia; injured, invalided to England. Rejoined Bn for capture of Kut and Baghdad. Remained with Bn until they reached Baku 1919. CO 61st 1919. Retired 1922. Married 1934. Died 22 Oct. 1963, in his 94th year.

5179608 CSM Ivor Kibble, 5th Bn. Enlisted 28th Regt 1928. Posted to 61st in 1939 (Carrier Platoon Sergt), POW at Cassel 1940. Depot 1946-48. Posted as PSI 5th Bn. Killed in a motorcycle accident 12 July 1948, near Lydney.

Major J.A. Kitching, TD, died 2nd July 1953 at Cheltenham, aged 60. Enlisted 5th Bn 1914. Commissioned 1916 with KSLI and MGC. Rejoined 5th Bn in 1921, commanded "C" Coy. from 1929-39. WWII served with 7th Bn and as a Garrison Adjutant in Scotland.

Lieutenant & QM A.J. Knight, MBE, died at Stroud June 26th, 1930 aged 55 years. Joined the Grenadier Guards as a boy and later transferred to the 28th, serving with the Bn in South Africa, he was captured at Nicholson Nek, after release, having been on foreign service for 12 years he was transferred to the home establishment and for a period was employed as a Recruiter for the Regt at Stroud. In 1914 he re-enlisted and was posted to 9th Bn, proceeding to France he was then commissioned to the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry and served in the Far East. On the cessation of hostilities he was appointed QM of the 5th Bn Gloucesters. He was awarded MBE and MID for the Great War, he also had the Queen's South African Medal, 1914-15 star, War and Victory Medals, and LSGC Medal. (1930)

Colonel T.K. Lacey, commissioned 2nd Bn in 1930. By 1935 applied for secondment to the RAF for flying duties and trained at No. 1 Flying School. Posted as a pilot to 13 (Army Co-operation) Squadron RAF at Old Sarum, serving with them for 3 years and then with 4 and 66 (Army Co-operation) Squadrons. During the war he served on the operational staff of a wing in France 1940, and later on other operational wings and Groups. Commanded 63 Squadron in 1942 and 1943. Air Advisor (Group Capt.) to Commander 1 Corps for Normandy Landings 1944. In 1944-45 employed as first Chief Instructor at the School of Army Co-operation and then instructor at School of Air Support. Attended both RAF and Army Staff Colleges. After Korea he returned to the 1st Bn Glosters as a Major. Later posted on intelligence duties at Oslo and SHAPE in Paris. Retired to the Isle of Wight. Died 8 Dec. 1977.

Colonel L.A.W.B. Lachlan, OBE, died at Milford Memorial Hospital, 27 June 1964 aged 72. Glosters 1911-36. Adjutant 6th Bn 192-24.

4268 Clr-Sergt. H. Lane - died at Bristol 27th March 1933. Enlisted 1894, 61st Regt. Joined 28th Regt in India. Served Boer War, siege of Ladysmith. 1907 posted to the Depot. Discharged 1920. QSA, LSGC.

Colonel E. Law, died at Cheltenham June 13th, 1930, aged 84 years. Joined the 61st as an Ensign in 1865, his first appointment was obtained for him by the Duke of Beaufort. He saw service with the Regt in Ireland, and proceeded to Newfoundland and Quebec in 1866. In 1867 whilst stationed in Bermuda as a yachtsman he won, amongst other trophies, the Duke of Edinburgh's Cup, as a skater, and as a very good shot, he will be well remembered, whilst he represented the Regt for many years at Polo, as a rider his greatest success was probably in 1866 at Baroda when on his 'King Cole' he beat the Gaekwar of Barodas celebrated 'Sirdar'. Pigsticking and cricket also formed part of his amusements, whilst in later years he became an ardent chess player, and in 1895-6 was champion of Wiltshire. In 1899 he succeeded in beating Lasker, the then World Champion. In 1914 Colonel Law did much work in Recruiting for the new Army, by his death the Regt loose almost their oldest soldier, always a sportsman and a keen soldier, he, during the 29 years he served with the Regt, endeared himself to all who knew, or had the honour of serving with him. (1930)

Colonel E.W. Lennard, who died 16th April 1952, served for many years in the 6th T.A. Battalion. He was commissioned into the Battalion in 1910, promoted Captain in 1916 and Major in 1920, finally commanded the Battalion from 1925 to 1929. Colonel Lennard saw service in the 1914-18 war on the Western Front, in Italy and in Egypt. He was wounded at Ypres in 1917. On giving up command of the Battalion he was promoted Colonel, finally retiring from the Active List in 1945. He was Sheriff of Bristol in 1938-39 and again in 1947. After ill health and a slow recovery, he set out on a cruise of Spain and Portugal, but had a relapse and died in hospital at Cork, Ireland.

Lieut-Colonel R.W.P. Lodwick, died 6th Feb. 1934. Born 1853, joined the Inverness Militia 1872. Commissioned 1873 as Lieut. 28th Regt. His brother, a sub-Lieut. 28th Regt. died at sea 1876. ADC in Bombay 1877. Capt. 1881. Adjutant 3rd (Militia) Bn 1885-86. Oct. 1891 transferred to Army Pay Dept. Major 1891. Lieut-Col. 1906. QSA, KSA.

Lieut. A. Long, died at Gloucester 8 March 1924 as the result of illness contracted through service. Lieut. Long retired on medical grounds, due to active service, in July 1921 after 25 years service with the regiment. Under No. 4913 Lieut. Long served with the 2nd Batt. from 1896 to 1910, on Depot Staff as Colour-Sergt from 1910-13, with the 1st batt. from 1913 until commissioned during the Great War in July, 1915. (1924)

5621 Lance-Cpl A.E. Luscombe, died at Gloucester 27th Oct. 1936, aged 63. Enlisted West Yorkshire Regt, transferred to 61st Regt July 1899. Served South Africa (QSA, KSA, LSCG). Served WWI with the Army Cyclist Corps.

Colonel C. Macfie, DSO, died 23 Dec. 1963 at Cheltenham. Seaforth Highlanders. Retired 1922. CO 5th Bn Glosters 1929-1934. Employed at War Office 1940-46. Lived at Fayre Court, Fairford, Glos.

Lieut. K.G. Merritt, died at home 3rd January 1936, aged 26; accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Commissioned 1929 in 61st Regt. Attached RAOC Jan. 1935.

5101 CQMS R. Milton, the late CQMS Milton will be remembered as a member of the Rugby Team which brought the Army Cup to the Regiment in 1910, whilst older members who served with the 61st in the South African War will remember him as serving with the 5th Battalion Mounted Infantry during that campaign. Invalided from France while serving with the 61st in the Great War, the late CQMS Milton was transferred to another unit where he remained until the cessation of hostilities. His death, which occurred in October 1927, was due to heart trouble, and he leaves a widow and 4 children, 3 of whom were born in the 61st. His decorations include The King's and Queen's South Africa Medals, the 1914-15 star, British War and Victory Medals. (1928)

5182247 RQMS A.E. Morton, BEM, died at Chobham, Surrey, 29 Jan. 1964. Glosters 1933-57. 28th Regt. Discharged 1946. Re-enlisted 1947. As CSM was pow in Korea, awarded BEM on release. Served Kenya, Aden, Bahrain.

Lieut-Colonel C. Moss, DSO, died suddenly at Corvichan Station, British Columbia, January 1930. Born at Agra in 1857 he was the 4th son of the late Thomas Moss of the East India Company who fought in the Mutiny, and like his brothers was destined for service in the army, he was commissioned to the 61st in 1881, serving with the Regt until 1905, during this period he held the appointment of Adjutant, and was No.1 of the Regimental Polo Team which won the All India Cup for Infantry at Lucknow in 1892. In 1899 he was appointed Brigade Major at Aldershot, and shortly afterwards proceeded with the 61st to South Africa, taking part in all actions in which the Bn was engaged, for some time he acted as DAAG Bloemfontein district, from 1902-5. Fot his services he received the King's and Queen's South African Medals, Brevet of Major and was 3 times MID. Retiring in 1905, he proceeded to Canada 3 years later. On the outbreak of War he rejoined for service and in Dec. 1914 was gazetted Lieut-Col. 6th Bn South Lancashire Regt, later he commanded the 14th Bn Cheshire Regt. In 1918 he proceeded to Italy and was Commandant at Legano and Arquata, returning to Canada in 1919. He was awarded the DSO, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals. (1930)

Major G. Moulder, MC, died at Bristol 21st June 1929, after a few days illness, aged 63 years. Joining the Regiment in 1882 the late Major Moulder will be remembered by the older members as Cr-Sgt. of "D" Coy. 61st, the rank he held during the South African War, where he was twice MID for conspicuous gallantry at Modder River. After the War he was posted to the Pay Staff 6th Bn TF. On the outbreak of the Great War he immediately rejoined for service and was posted to the 9th Bn as RSM, later commissioned he served in Egypt and Palestine, where he was awarded the MC and MID. As Chief Superintendent Attendance Officer of The Bristol Education Committee, the late Major was respected by the many friends he made in the City. He possessed the King's and Queen's South African, 1914-15 star, British War, Victory Medals, Military Cross, LSGC. (1929)

Major R.C. Munden, died 24th Feb. 1950 at Fayid, Egypt, from infantile paralysis. "Herbert", as he was always known in the Regt., was born and bred in Gloucestershire and educated at Cheltenham College. He joined the 61st from Sandhurst in March 1936. In 1940 he was Battalion Signal Officer in France and was evacuated from Dunkirk suffering from acute appendicitis. He became adjutant at Horfield Barracks and was later posted to the 28th in Calcutta. Soon after, he was selected for Staff College, Quetta. Then he was appointed DAQMG at Delhi. Next he was posted to Group ITC at Bulford. In 1948 he was posted to GHQ at Fayid. Here it was that he died. His sudden death during the prime of his life is a sad loss to the Regiment.

Colonel Sir C. Wyndham-Murray, KCB, died in London, October 1928, at the age of 84 years, joining the Regiment in 1862, the late Col. Murray had a distinguished career as a soldier, the campaigns he took part in being as follows: South African War 1879, where he received the Brevet of Major, was MID and awarded the medal with clasp. The Afghan War of 1880-81, expedition to Logar Valley, where he served as DAQMG, Quetta Division, awarded medal. Egyptian Expedition of 1882, served as DAA and QMG present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir, Brevet of Lieut-Col., MID, awarded medal with clasp, bronze star, 4th class Osmanieh. Bechuanaland Expedition 1884-5, served as DAA and QMG, MID. On leaving the service the late Sir C.W. Murray took up politics and sat as MP for Bath, on the outbreak of war he at once offered his services and was awarded the 1914-15 star, British War and Victory medals for this campaign. In addition he possessed the Orderof the Rising Sun (Japan) and was Gentleman Usher of the Scarlet Rod in the Order of the Bath, also a Knight of Justice of the Order of St. John. Many members who were serving with the 28th will no doubt remember him visiting the Battalion in the line at Festubert, in the early days of the war, he was then 72 years of age. As a Vice-President and Life Member of the Regimental Association he took a very keen interest in all Regimental matters, and his death is mourned by all members. (1928)

Major-General Henry Needham, CB, CMG, DSO, died at Windsor, 29 August 1965, aged 89. Commissioned 1893 4th Militia Bn at Cirencester. Migrated to Canada, served with the Canadian Artillery at Vancouver. 1900 Commissioned Glosters for Boer War. 1902 seconded to West African Frontier Force for next 10 years. Staff College 1912. Instructor at Sandhurst 1914. Served WWI in France, Egypt, Salonika and Russia. DSO. CO of a battalion of Worcesters. Military Attache in Brussels and then Paris. GOC Bombay District. Retired 1935 to live at Ascot.

5174039 Pte A.E. Older, joining the Regiment during the War 1914-18, Pate Older afterwards served with the 61st in India. On completing his service in the Regular Army he joined the 4th Bn (TF) and was serving with them at the date of his death, which occurred suddenly in London on Jan. 15th 1928. He possessed the British War and Victory Medals. (1928)

3992 Sergt. E. Packer, died at Bristol 14th Sept. 1936, aged 64. Enlisted 28th Regt 1893, pensioned 1912. Served South Africa (siege of Ladysmith). Did a tour with the West African Frontier Force. Rejoined 28th in 1914-1919. LSGC.

Lieut. D.A.C. Page, killed in motor accident near Cirencester 2nd Sept. 1936. Commissioned 61st Regt Jan. 1932. Resigned Jan. 1933.

Colonel F.L. Pardoe, DSO, accidentally drowned at Llandilo, Wales, 10th August 1948 while slamon fishing on holiday. Served 60th Rifles 1900-30, commaning the 1st Bn. Served Boer War (wounded) and WWI. CO 5th Glosters 1934-39. WWII was Controller of Cirencester Area ARP Services. Aged 68.

5172368 Bandsman R. Parry, DCM, died at the Royal Navy Hospital, Chatham, 13th Feb. 1929, after an operation for perotinitis. Educated on the TS Formidable, Parry enlisted into the Regt as a boy in May 1914. On attaining man service he was attached for the war to the MGC. As a lance corporal he won the DCM for oustanding gallantry in capturing a German machine gun nest single-handed. After the war he rejoined the 61st and went to India with them. He developed into a keen and useful cricketer, and his death at the age of 30, so soon after the return home of the Bn, was very much regretted. (1929)

Pte J.J. Priestley, died at Bristol 24 July 1924. Born in Bermuda, whilst his parents were serving with the 61st, in 1868. He joined the regiment in 1887 and saw service with the 61st in the South African War. He was invalided from the regt in 1901, suffering from illness contracted during the war. (1924)

Lieutenant-Colonel A.H. Radice, DSO, died 4 April 1968, aged 94.

Major R.H. Rainbird, MM, died 9th Feb. 1953 at Salford. No. 8874 CQMS served with the 61st 1914-18, awarded the MM. Sub-postmaster at Weaste, Salford. Major in the Manchester Home Guard 1940-44.

Lieut. R. Reeves - died 11 Nov. 1933 at an Armistice Parade, aged 63. Served 28th Regt, later an Instructor of Volunteers. Served with a company of volunteers in South Africa. Re-enlisted 1914, commissioned.

Lieutenant (QM) W.J. Salvage, died at Cardiff 22nd May 1957 aged 80. No. 4800 served in the Regiment 1896-1903 and 1914-21. South Africa with the 2nd Bn, MID. Re-enlisted 1914 with 12th Bn, becoming RQMS. Commissioned 1918 as Lieut. QM to a Pioneer Bn. Retired 1921. Employed with Shell-Mex and BP Ltd in Cardiff for 21 years.

Major J.R.L.H. Scott-Tucker, died at Dartmouth Hospital, July, 1964. Commissioned 1908 to 28th Regt. At Depot in 1914. Adjutant 1st Bn. Severely wounded at Gheluvelt 21 Oct. 1914. Awarded French Croix de Guerre, MID 3 times. Staff Captain at War Office 1919-22. Adjutant 3rd Bn 1922-25. Retired 1925 to family home, Bowden House, Devon.

Major P.H. Short - died 1935, aged 60. Commissioned 1895, 28th Foot. Served South Africa, wounded at Lombard's Kop. QSA 3 clasps. Served on Staff. 1903 Nigeria (Kano-Sokoto campaign. Medal & clasp). 1904 operations north of Wase (clasp & MID). 1906 operations in Nigeria (DSO, clasp to medal, MID). In WWI served in East Africa (War & Victory medals). Acting-Commissioner, Bole, Gold Coast. Member of the Royal Geographical Society.

Lt-Col. H. Hamilton Smith, DSO, died at St. Brelade, Jersey, May 1964, aged 86. Glosters 1898-1902. Served 28th in South Africa. MID. Transferred to Indian Army (10th Jats and 9th Bhopals). Retired 1925.

3420 Lce-Corpl. J.C. Stone, died at Bristol 14th May 1924. Enlisted in the regiment on October 12th 1891 and was discharged to pension on Dec. 18th 1919, thus having served 28 years with the regiment. He saw service with the 2nd Batt. during the South African War.

Major G.M. Stevenson, DSO - died at Nairobi, Kenya 22nd August 1933. Serving in Mercantile Marine 1908. Won 20,000 pounds on the Calcutta Sweep Ticket. In 1914 enlisted in West Riding Regt, commissioned to 7th Bn Glosters. To Kenya 1925 as chief of Nairobi Fire Brigade. DSO, 1914-15 star trio.

3079 Clr-Sergt. J. Tanner, died at Poulton, near Cirencester, April 1930, aged 70 years. Enlisted as Stroud, Feb. 1881 and joined 61st at Quetta. Posted to 4th (Militia) Bn in 1893 as PS, discharged in July 31st 1902. Served at St. Helena with the 4th Bn guarding Boer POW's. QSA, LSGC Medal. (1930)

2292 Clr-Sergt. W.T. Tanner, died at Stroud, 20th Nov. 1935, aged 73 years. Enlisted at Bristol 9 Nov. 1880. Joined the 28th Regt. in Ireland. Posted in 1893 to 4th (Militia) Bn as PSI. Pensioned 1899. In WWI he served as QMS 17th Middlesex Regt for 2 years, until discharged for medical reasons.

Lieut-Col. J.F. Tarrant, TD, died at his home at Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, 13th April 1951. Joined the ranks of the 2nd Volunteer Bn in 1887, became a sergt. and was commissioned July 1898, reaching rank of Major by 1913. When the 2nd Vol. Bn became the 5th Glosters in 1908 he was OC "F" Coy. To France in 1915. Lt-Col. 1916, 4th Reserve Bn in England. Transferred to TARO after the war.

Colonel H.D'A. P. Taylor, CMG, died 28th Sept. 1939 at Bournemouth, aged 79. Served 1880-1910, commanded 61st 1906-10.

Lt-Col. H.C.W. Theobald, DSO, died January 1952 at Guilford, aged 75. Commissioned into Regt. from the Gloster Militia 1898. Served 1st Bn, won DSO at Ladysmith during the siege. 1901 transferred to Manchester Regt. Retired 1919.

Clr-Sgt. J.H. Thompson, late 28th Regt. (Crimea). March 1914 journal

Colonel C.J. Vines. The death of Colonel Vines which occurred suddenly in February 1928 in London, at the age of 69 years and 8 months, will be deeply regretted by all members, he will be remembered especially by 61st men, as one of the most popular commanding officers the Battalion ever had. Joining the Regiment in January 1878, he served until July 1907, retiring with the Brevet rank of Colonel. During the South African Campaign he at various times commanded the 28th and 61st, also the 4th Battalion Derby Regiment, and served throughout the Campaign, being present at the actions of Paardeberg, Driefontein and The Relief of Kimberley. He was twice MID and awarded the King's Medal with 2 clasps, and the Queen's Medal with 5 in addition to the Brevet of Lieut-Colonel. During the Great War he commanded a service Battalion of the Regiment and was awarded the British War and Victory medals. (1928)

Captain J.H. Waller, CVO, died on 14th April 1934 aged 94 years, he was one of the very few survivors of the Indian Mutiny. Born Sept. 27th 1839 he was the son of the late Rev. Robert Waller, rector of Bourton-on-the-Water for 35 years, and a descendant of the poet Waller. He entered the Army aged 16, joining the East Kent Militia, and was gazetted during the Crimean War. After the Crimean War he obtained a cadetship in the East India Company's Service, and was later commissioned to the Dublin Fusiliers. When the Mutiny broke out he was one of the many officers in their teens who went to India. He served during the Mutiny and received the medal. At the close of the campaign he was invalided home and transferred to the 28th Regiment. Retiring in 1870 with the rank of Captain. He was a member of the Royal Bodyguard from 1870 to 1931, and was on duty at the Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, and the Coronations of King Edward and King George. He was also on duty at the laying in state of King Edward and Queen Alexandra. He served under three Sovereigns and was created a CVO in 1921. During the Boer War Capt. Waller served as King's Messenger. He was a senior Oxfordshire magistrate, having been appointed in 1881, and was chairman of the Chadlington Bench for more than 20 years, he was also a member of the Standing Joint Committee of the county, and a member of the Prison Committee. A bearer party from the Depot and RQMS Martin, who deposited a wreath on behalf of the Regiment, attended the funeral at Bourton-on-the-Water.

Lieut-Col. D.W. Ware, TD, died 30th November 1952, at Weston-super-Mare, aged 59. Enlisted 4th Bn 1914, wounded in France. Commissioned 6th Bn in 1917, served in Italy. 2nd i/c Bn 1934. In WWII commanded 13th (Bristol) Bn, Home Guard. President of the 6th Bn OCA.

Major E. Warrick, TD, enlisted as 6996 Pte. Warrick in the 61st in 1903. Served with the 28th in India. Served in Regt. Police and as a Scout Cpl. Was Provost Sergt. in 1914. Captured at Gheluvelt 1914. Repatriated 1918. 1920 Colour-Sergt. Discharged 1925. QM 6th Bn. Promoted Major QM during WWII. Died 1st April 1949, aged 62.

9324 Sergt. F. Webly, MM, late 1st batt. accidentally killed in a mine explosion February 1924. Sergt. Webly went to France with the 1st Battalion in August 1914 and was awrded the MM for bravery at Festubert whilst serving with the regiment. On recovering from wounds, Sergt. Webly returned to the regiment in France and served with them until the Armistice was signed.

Quarter-Master-Sergt. T. Welch, died at Warwick, 29th June 1930. Enlisted 3rd May 1879 in 1st Bn 11th Regt. Discharged to pension in 1906. Served at Depot, Gloucestershire Regt. Pensioner Clerk until 1926. MID in 1919, MSM and LSGC. (1930)

5563 Pte E.T. Willcox, died 13th August 1953 at Princess Beatrice Hospital, Kensington, aged 71. Served 1899-1909, including South African War.

6716 RSM R. Wilson, died at Gloucester 5th August 1934. Enlisted 1902, 61st Regt. Wounded in France 1915. Served as RSM 5th Bn. Discharged to pension 1933. 1914-15 star trio, LSGC.

Lieut-Col. M.E.G.R. Wingfield, died 2nd January 1952 at Barrington Park, Gloucestershire, aged 79. Served in the Life Guards 1894 to 1898, when he was granted a commissio as captain 4th (Militia) Bn, Glosters. Served in South African War. Instructor of musketry, transferred to 3rd Bn in 1908. Major 1913, Lt-Col. 1918. Commanded Bn until 1927. High Sheriff of Oxfordshire 1934, JP for Gloucestershire amd Oxfordshire, Deputy-Lieut. for Gloucestershire since 1910.

5178446 Major (QM) F.H. Worlock, died December 1964. Enlisted 1925 in 1st Bn. WOI 1939. Burma 1941 granted Emergency Commission as QM. 1943 Regular Commission. 1951 Major. 1952 appointed Staff Quartermaster at Aldershot. Retired 1955.

Air Commodore W. Wynter-Morgan, CB, CBE, MC, died 27 March 1968. Served 1/5th Bn WWI, later joined the Royal Air Force.

2377 Sergt-Major E. Young, MSM, died 13th August 1953, at Bath, aged 93. Served Glosters 1879-1902 and 1914-18. In WWI was on Army Gymnastic Staff, attached 12th Bn. After the war he became PT instructor at Downside School until 1936. LSGC and MSM.