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I have received a lot of requests for help with finding information on ancestors who served with the British Army. Where possible I am glad to help with any information I have, or to give you some leads on where you may find that information. I have been glad to pass on both details and in one case photographs of a grandfather and his brother, who was killed in 1916. My main area of research is obviously the Gloucestershire Regiment. I do have access to other material and will advise where I can help. I make no charge, all I ask is for patience and as much information as you may have to help me.

I have access to the following :

Complete Rolls of Glosters killed in both World Wars
Complete Rolls of all British Military Personnel killed in both World Wars
Complete Casualty Rolls for the Crimean War, Indian Mutiny, Boer War, Malaya, Korea etc.
Medal Rolls for the Glosters at Waterloo, the Punjab Campaign, Indian Mutiny, Northwest Frontier 1849/50.
Roll of British Army Medical Officers 1660 - 1960
Roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615 - 1930
Hodson's Index of Officers of the Bengal Army 1758 - 1834
Services of Officers of the Bengal Army 1863
Roll of British Officer casualties in the Peninsular War 1808 - 1814
The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Graphic 1914 - 1919 (except 1917) - this weekly magazine published photos of local men wounded, killed or awarded gallantry medals.
The Bond of Sacrifice - biographies and photos of many Officers killed 1914/15
Officers killed in various campaigns - please visit my web site

If you are looking for information on medal entitlements you need access to the appropriate medal rolls. These are held by the Public Record Office. You can go in person, or hire a researcher. I have used the following resercher who has always given an excellent service:

JONATHAN COLLINS - Please visit his website for further information.