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Northern Ireland 1974

Arrived in Belfast in August.
Tac HQ at Hastings Street Mill.

'A' Company
Major R.W. Cullen - OC
Lt. P.E.W.G. Edwards - 2i/c
WOII Hazzard - CSM
C/Sgt. Keen - CQMS

1 Platoon
OC - 2nd Lt. S.J. Oxlade
Pl. Sergt. - Sgt. Keeling

2 Platoon
OC - 2nd Lt. Nurick
Pl. Sergt. - Sergt. Heavens

3 Platoon
OC - Capt. J.A. Shaw
2i/c - 2nd Lt. M.J.G. Martin
Pl. Sergt. - Sergt. Breeze

Company HQ and 1 Platoon based at Albert Street Mill.
2 and 3 Platoons based in Upper and Lower Markets District.
WOII Hazzard injured in road accident.

'B' Company
Major C.J. Newbould - OC
Capt. N.C. Richardson - 2i/c
WOII Ballands - CSM
C/Sgt. Eke and C/Sgt. Bassett - CQMS

5 Platoon
OC - 2nd Lt. P.A. Hodson
2i/c - 2nd Lt. Pollock
Pl. Sergt. - Sergt. Davies

6 Platoon
OC - 2nd Lt. P.W. Storey
Pl. Sergt. - Sergt. Hazard

7 Platoon
OC - 2nd Lt. P.J. Marks
Pl. Sergt. - Sergt. Osbourne and Sgt. Portch

Company HQ in North Howard Street Mill.

'D' Company

Major Graham Hill - OC

Support Company



Major (QM) R.S. Pollard and Capt. (QM) W.R. Lucas - OC
WOII Chidgey - RQMS
WOII Weaving - TQMS
C/Sergt. Summers - CSM
C/Sergt. Adam - MTO
C/Sergt. Smith - EME

Based in Albert St. Mill.

Evening 8-9th August trouble in Belfast. Crowds of youths throwing stones at platoon bases in the Mission Hall and Springfield Rd dispersed by rubber bullets. Shots were fired at the soldiers but no injuries. Soldiers returned fire and 3 gunmen were wounded. Cars hijacked and set on fire in the Falls Rd.

15th August a member of the IRA 'brigade staff' was captured by a 'B' Coy. patrol at a vehicle check-point.
16th August Support Coy. found 3,700 rounds of ammunition in a derelict house in Sandy Row.
23rd August 'B' Coy. captured a terrorist shooting at Springfield Road Police Station was captured with his weapon by a patrol led by Cpl. Milne. In another incident a suspicious car was stopped by L/Cpl. Lord and an Armilite rifle discovered.
26th August 'D' Coy. assisted the RUC in arresting 3 men who had carried out an armed robbery at the Falls Rd Post Office, all 3 were found to IRA.

October guards mounted at Polling Stations to protect voters during the General Election.
15th October 'B' Coy. attended a 3 day riot in the Falls Road. A gunman fired several shots but was hit in the thigh by return fire.
16th Oct. a large crowd tried to remove vehicles from a container depot to set them on fire. 'B' Coy. moved in to prevent this and a struggle followed. Tear gas an rubber bullets were used to push the crowd back. Three gunmen also fired shots, which were returned. A petrol bomber was shot by a Battalion sniper.
Evening of 16th Oct. Cpl. Chambers and Pte Jury ('B' Coy.) received slight shrapnel injuries when a grenade was thrown at them in Sevastopol Street.
17th Oct. Pte Stevens ('B' Coy.) arrested a man carrying a Thompson sub machine gun.

'A' and Support Coys. mounted successful operations against gumen in the Markets and Divis Flats.

Early December the Bn was relieved by the Kings Own Border Regt.