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Northern Ireland

In October 1969 the Glosters left Berlin for Honiton in Devon. On the 11th December they boarded the Landing ship, 'Logistic' and landed on the 12th at HMS Sea Eagle (Naval Shore Establishment), in Londonderry. Battalion HQ and "A" Echelon was based in HMS Sea Eagle (a Naval shore Establishment). "B" Echelon was based at Caw Camp (a T&AVR Centre). Tac HQ was in Victoria police station. "A" Company was based in Duncreggan TA Camp, one company occupied the derelict City Prison, another was spread around various factories and a warehouse. A third company was at Waterloo Place, with the platoons in a nearby hotel, car park and library. The fourth company was in reserve at HMS Sea Eagle.

From the bases the companies mounted patrols and manned checkpoints and observations posts. The Reconnaissnce Platoon also patrolled the border with Eire.

In June 1970 'A' Company moved to Belfast. In December 1971 the Glosters were patrolling the Lower Falls in Belfast for 4 months, during which 3 men were killed and 10 wounded.

Roll Of Honour

24203302 Private A.R. Aspinwall - 17th December 1971
24182918 Private K.L. Bryan - 5th January 1972
24078868 Lance Corporal I.R. Bramley - 1st February 1972

May 1973 the Glosters were back in the Lower Falls area for another 4 month tour, during which 2 men were killed and 6 wounded. During this tour:

194 shots were fired at the Glosters
33 terrorist bombs
4 rocket and 1 mortar attack

The Regiment killed 2 terrorists
Recovered 60 weapons and 13,000 rounds of ammunition
340lbs of explosives
Made criminal charges against 95 people.

Roll Of Honour

24225245 Private C.P. Brady - 17th July 1973
24285860 Private G.A. Breakwell - 17th July 1973

August 1974 another 4 month tour of Ulster, during which 2 men were seriously injured.

October 1977 an 18 month tour, based near Londonderry, passed without operational casualties. However 2 men died:

Roll Of Honour

242000585 Lance Corporal A.P. Bennett - 4th June 1978
24457939 Private D.J. McChill - 17th August 1978

January 1988 to January 1990 the Glosters were based at Ballykelly, supporting the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Ulster Defence Regiment. They arrested 30 terrorists during the tour, including 3 arrested after having just murdered a part-time UDR man working in his civilian job. The Glosters were awarded 32 decorations and awards for this tour, a record for any battalion in Ulster.

November 1991 they were back in Ulster, but returned to Catterick by Christmas.

In July 1991 the British Government had announced that as part of Army reductions the Glosters would be merged with the Duke of Edinburgh's Regiment. The amalgamation was postponed until 1994 to allow the Regiment to celebrate 300 years of service to the Crown.