Captain ARTHUR GEORGE McCAUSLAND BURN - Killed in action 29th October 1914 - 2nd Battalion East Surrey Regt., attached to 1st Glosters.
Born 22nd December 1882, in Dorunda, Chota Nagpore, India. Son of Lieutenant-Colonel A.G. Burn (Indian Army), of Mansel Lacey, Hereford. He was home on leave when war broke out and was instructed to join the Glosters in France. He was killed at Ypres.

Lieutenant RICHARD WILLIAM DANCKWERTS - Died of wounds 22nd December 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 16th June 1893, in London. Son of W.O. Dankwerts, KC, Orsett Terrace, Hyde Park, London. Educated Winchester and University College, Oxford. Commissioned August 1914. Mortally wounded 22nd December near Festubert, died same day. Buried at Brown's Road Military Cemetery, Festubert.

Captain STUART DUNCAN - Killed in action 13th November 1914 - 3rd Battalion
Born 25th May 1865, son of James Duncan, of London. Commissioned 1884. Served in the Boer War. Retired 1904. Volunteered August 1914 and posted to the 3rd Battalion. Attached to the 4th Middlesex and was killed leading his men.
"He behaved with great gallantry and was shot down leading his men, by whom he was especially beloved." Listed on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ieper.

2nd Lieutenant HERBERT KNOLLYS FOSTER - Killed in action 29th October 1914 - 1st Battalion
  Born 18th October 1895, in Gloucester. Son of Rev. Herbert and Susan Foster. Educated at Marloborough College and Sandhurst. Commissioned August 1914. Killed at Gheluvelt, in Flanders. Listed on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ieper.

Major ROBERT MACGREGOR STEWART GARDNER - Killed in action 31st October 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 25th August 1870, in Hornsey, Middlesex. Son of Francis Gardner and Jane Stewart. Commissioned May 1892. Served in the Boer War (MID).Killed in action at Gheluvelt. Left a widow, Hellen, and 2 daughters (the last born Feb. 1915).

Lieutenant ARTHUR DENNIS HARDING - Died of wounds 30th October 1914 - 4th Battalion
Attached 1st Battalion. Born 1893. Commissioned August 1914, 4th Battalion. Wounded 29th October at Ypres. Aged 22. Son of Mrs. Y. Harding, of South Kensington, London and the late Major A. Harding (RAMC). Buried at Ypres Town Cemetery, Ieper.

Lieutenant EDWARD ROBERT EYRE HICKLING - Died of wounds 2nd November 1914 - 3rd Battalion
Attached to the 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Born 17th August 1895, in Lymington. Son of John and Clara, of Bournemouth. Commissioned October 1913. Whilst guarding a group of captured Germans, a German officer drew a concealed revolver and shot Hickling, who died at No.4 Clearing Hospital at Poperinghe. Aged 19. Buried at Poperinge Communal Cemetery.

2nd Lieutenant HAROLD EDWIN HIPPISLEY - Killed in action 23rd October 1914 - 1st Battalion
 Born 3rd September 1890, in Wells, Somerset. Son of William and Mary. Attended Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and played cricket for Somerset. Special Reserve of Officers. Posted to No. 4 Platoon. Killed at Langemarck when 2 platoons held a trench against a large enemy attack, all the officers and 60% of the men were killed. Hippisley was shot in the middle of the forehead at about 10.30 am. "He was attended by his servant, Private Brown, who was under the impression that if he kept the brain from oozing out of the hole he would be alright. After a time he was convinced that the wound was fatal." He left a widow, Ivy. Listed on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ieper.

Lieutenant ALEXANDER CHARLES HOLME - Killed in action 6th September 1914 - 1st Battalion
 Born 26th September 1888, in Mussoorie, NWP, India. Son of Charles and Eva Holme, of Rawburn, Berwick. Educated at Charterhouse and Sandhurst. Commissioned March 1909. Volunteered to serve in Southern Nigeria with the West African Frontier Force and  was killed at Nsanakang in the German Cameroons. Buried at Limbe Botanical Gardens Burial Ground, Cameroon. (His brother Lieutenant Roland Holme, was killed 9th November 1914 in France with the 2nd King's Own Scottish Borderers)

2nd Lieutenant MILTON KERSHAW - Killed in action 7th November 1914 - 1st Battalion
Commissioned August 1914. Special Reserve of officers.

Captain ARCHIBALD ALASTAIR McLEOD - Killed in action 2nd November 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 3rd June 1877, in Singapore. Son of Lieutenant-General William Kelty McLeod (Highland Light Infantry) and Emily Thomson (grandson of Colonel Alexander McLeod C.B., 61st Foot). Educated Oxford Military College and Sandhurst. Commissioned February 1900. Served in the Boer War (Mounted Infantry), and in Nigeria 1906-08 (West African Frontier Force). Killed leading an attack on a farm 'in Belgium'. Left a widow, Marie, whom he married only 5 months before. Listed on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ieper.

Captain WALTER PENROSE PRITCHETT - Died of wounds 26th December 1914 - 1st Battalion
 Born 21st December 1879. Son of the late George Pritchett, of Oakleigh, Australia. Commissioned July 1900. Served in the Boer War. Wounded in action 21st December 1914 at Festubert. Died 5 days later. Aged 35. Left a widow, Norma (her brothers, Major A. Forbes, 128th Pioneers and Captain H. Forbes, 51st Sikhs, were both killed in April 1916). Buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais.

Major ROBERT EDWARD RISING,  D.S.O. - Killed in action 7th November 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 23rd May 1871. Son of Thomas and Kate, of Great Ormsby, Norfolk. Commissioned November 1892. Served in the Boer War. Awarded the D.S.O. for gallant action at Langemarck 23rd October 1914.  Killed in action at Ypres. Left a widow, Constance, and a son and daughter. Buried at Zillebeke Churchyard, Ieper.

Captain GUY MAXWELL SHIPWAY - Died of wounds 26th August 1914 - 1st Battalion
 Born 21st June 1877. Son of Lieut-Colonel Robert Shipway, of Chiswick, London. Commissioned February 1897. Served in the Boer War (severely wounded at Kimberley) and in Nigeria (1905-6). Seriously wounded by a sniper, near Favril, France on the 25th August, died the next morning at Etreux. Aged 37. Left a widow, Gladys, and a daughter. The first Gloster officer killed. Buried at Etreux Communal Cemetery.

Lieutenant ADRIAN HARRY STEWART - Killed in action 30th August 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 25th February 1888. Son of Col. H.A. Stewart, of Hopton Hall, Great Yarmouth. Commissioned May 1907. Attached to the 3rd Battalion Nigeria Regiment, West Africa Frontier Force. Killed at Garua, German Cameroons on 30th August. Listed on Calabar Memorial, Nigeria.

Lieutenant RUSSELL KENNETH SWANWICK - Killed in action 14th September 1914 - 3rd Battalion
Attached to 1st Battalion. Born 27th September 1884. Commissioned August 1913, 3rd Battalion. Killed in action near Troyon, on the Aisne, whilst leading his men in an attack. Aged 29. Son of Russell and Clara Swanwick, of Cirencester, Glos. Buried at Vendresse British Cemetery, Aisne.

Captain WILLIAM ARTHUR MOULD TEMPLE - Died of wounds 22nd October 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 14th June 1872. Son of Colonel W. Temple, V.C. Commissioned July 1893. Served in the Boer War. Wounded in the right lung at Koekuit, near Langemarck, Belgium on the 21st October, died the next day at Poperinghe No.4 Clearing Hospital. Aged 42. Left a widow, Rhoda and one daughter. Buried at Lijssenhoek Military Cemetery, Poperinge.

2nd Lieutenant EDWARD CHARLES WALTERS - Killed in action 22nd December 1914 - 3rd Battalion
Attached 1st Battalion. Born 26th January 1890, in Cheltenham. Educated Cheltenham College and Keble College, Oxford.  Commissioned August 1914, 3rd Battalion. Killed near Festubert. Aged 24 years. Buried at Brown's Road Military Cemetery, Festubert.

2nd Lieutenant DOUGLAS HOLME WIGGIN - Died of wounds 23rd December 1914 - 1st Battalion
 Born 4th December 1895, in Ceylon. Royal Military College, Sandhurst, commissioned August 1914. Wounded near La Bassee on the 21st december 1914, shot through the chest. 'B' company. Aged 19. Son of the late F. Wiggin, of Ceylon. buried at Lillers Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais.

Lieutenant WILLIAM STANLEY YALLAND - Killed in action 23rd October 1914 - 1st Battalion
Born 27th June 1889. Commissioned December 1912. Killed whilst leading an attack on a German trench at Langemarcke.