FALCON - Lieutenant Guy - Robert's Horse
Killed in Cape Colony. 16th Oct. 1901.

FANE - Captain Ralph Nevile - 4/North Staffordshire Regt.
Died of pneumonia at Wynberg. 27th May 1900. Aged 30. Son of Colonel Francis Fane, of Fulbeck.

FARMER - 2nd Lieutenant J. C. - Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Wounded at Buffelshoek. Died of wounds 22nd Oct. 1900.

FAWSSETT - Captain Rupert - Royal Army Medical Corps
Died of dysentry at Bloemfontein. 6th May 1900. Aged 31. Son of Rev. Robert Fawssett, of Upper Tooting, London. Born March 1869. Studied at St. Thomas' Hospital. Joined the RAMC in 1895. Served with the Composite Regiment of Household Cavalry in South Africa as Medical Officer.

FEILDEN - Major Cecil William Montague, DSO - 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)
Wounded at Klippan, 18th Feb. 1902. Died next day. Aged 39. Son of Major-General Randle Joseph Feilden, CMG, of Witton Park, Lancashire. Born Jan. 1863. Served as ADC to the Lieut-General and General Governor of Ireland 1891-95, and Private Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief 1895-7. Awarded the DSO in 1901.

FELLOWES - Lieutenant Navarino Bulwer - 2/West India Regt.
Killed in action at Roodepoort. 17th Nov. 1901. Aged 27. Son of Colonel C.M.N. Fellowes, of Milton Kingsbridge, Devon. Born June 1874. Served 7 years in the ranks of the 2nd Life Guards. Commissioned in 1900.

FENNER - Veterinary-Lieutenant Edgar Alfred Lowdell - 47th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of pneumonia whilst a prisoner at Vrede, 23 June 1900. Buried at Vrede. A member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

FERGUSSON - Lieutenant Gilbert Chas. Dalrymple - 2/Rifle Brigade
Killed in action at Ladysmith. 11th Dec. 1899. Aged 25. Son of Colonel J.A. Fergusson (late Rifle Brigade, Professor of Tactics, Military Administration, and Law at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst), of Cheltenham. Born August 1874. Served in the Sudan 1898 (medal and bar), Crete 1898 (MID).
Memorial at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire -
"This memorial is erected in memory of those Cheltenham men, who, either as regulars, or volunteers, died in their country's service, during the South African war, and on the side panels hereof are recorded the names of those Cheltenham men who volunteered, and served in the war...... Lts.....  G.C.D. Fergusson (R.B.) ... Unveiled by Lt. Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton, K.C.B. 17th. July 1907. W. Nash Skillicorne, Mayor."

FERNS - Lieutenant R. J. - Scottish Horse
Died of enteric at Durban. 3rd March 1901.

FIELD - Lieutenant Henry Norman - 1/Devonshire Regt.
Killed in action at Wagon Hill, Ladysmith. 6th Jan. 1900. Aged 27. Son of Justice Field (late of the Calcutta High Court). Born in 1873. Served at Mohmand 1897-8 and Tirah (medal 2 bars, MID).

FIELD - Captain Percy Neville - Scottish Horse
Killed in action at Doornlaagte. 2nd March 1902. Son of J.B. Field, of Worthing. Enlisted in the Natal Mounted Rifles in 1899. Commissioned for bravery in the field. Wounded 3 times and MID twice.

FIFE - Lieutenant Hugh Wharton - Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Killed in action at Johannesburg. 30th May 1900. Aged 29. Born Dec. 1870.

FINCH - Lieutenant Edward Harlee - 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
Killed in action at Frederickstad. 21st Oct. 1900. Aged 24. Son of Henry Finch, of East Grinstead, Sussex. Born May 1876.

FINLAY - 2nd Lieutenant Francis Henry John - 1/Leinster Regt.
Died of dysentry at Vrede. 11th Dec. 1900. Aged 21. Born Jan. 1879. Educated at Cheltenham College.

FIRTH - Lieutenant Francis Spencer - 2/East Kent Regt.
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 1st June 1900. Aged 20. Born Sept. 1879.

FISHER - Captain John Francis - Royal Garrison Artillery
Wounded at Villiersdorp. Died of wounds 20th Nov. 1901. Aged 33. Son of Herbert W. Fisher, of Hove. Born August 1866. Served in the Dongola 1896 (medal), Uganda 1898 (medal 2 bars), and QSA 2 bars.

FITZGERALD - Captain C. H. - 67th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Wounded at Bezuidenhoutskraal, 17th Jan. 1902. Died 3 days later.

FITZ-HERBERT - Captain Henry - Royal Berkshire Regt.
Wounded at Murraysburg. Died of wounds 11th Jan. 1901. Aged 31. Son of John Knight Fitz-Herbert, of Twynham, Bournemouth. Born June 1862. Served in the Sudan 1885 (medal 2 clasps, Khedives star). Captured at Colenso, but later released.

FLETCHER - 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Charles Septimus - 1/Royal Irish Regt.
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 24th may 1900. Aged 20.

FLETCHER - Major Edward Walter  - 1/Northumberland Fusiliers
Killed in action at Lichtenburg. 3rd March 1901. Aged 36. Son of Colonel H.C. Fletcher, CMG (Scots Guards) and Lady Harriet Marsham. Born Jan. 1865. Educated at Cheltenham College. Served in Hazara 1888 (medal and bar).

FLETCHER - 2nd Lieutenant Walter John Cumberlege - 1/Loyal North Lancashire Regt.
Died at Kimberley. 18th Oct. 1899. Aged 19. Born 26th Nov. 1879.

FLOWER - Lieutenant Richard Fordham - 2nd Batt. Imerial Yeomanry (Warwickshire Company)
Killed in action at Haman's Kraal. 20th Aug. 1900. Son of Edgar and Isabella Flower.
Memorial at St. Eadburgha's Church, Broadway -
"In loving memory of Richard Fordham Flower Lieutenant Warwickshire Imperial Yeomanry, second son of Edgar and Isabella Flower. Killed in action at Haman's Kraal, South Africa August 20th 1900."

FORBES - Lieutenant Archibald Jones, DSO - 2/South Wales Borderers
Died of dysentry at Pretoria. 13th May 1901. Aged 28. Born Jan. 1873. Served in the Niger Territories 1898 (DSO, medal and bar, MID).

FORBES - Captain Dudley Henry - 3/Royal Scots
Died of enteric at Kroonstad. 21st April 1901. Aged 28. Son of William Forbes, of Callander.

FORBES-LEITH - 2nd Lieutenant Percy Forbes - 1st Royal Dragoons
Died of enteric at Newcastle, Natal. 31st Dec. 1900. Aged 19. Son of A.J. Forbes-Leith, of Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire. Born March 1881.

FORD - 2nd Lieutenant Reginald - Army Service Corps
Died of enteric at Ventersdorp. 27th may 1901. Aged 21. Son of Lieut-Colonel A.E. Ford (North Somerset Yeomanry).

FORD - Lieutenant F. C. M.,  DSO. - Reserve of Officers
Killed in action at Moolmeisjesfontein. 17th Oct. 1901. Ex-Durham Light Infantry. Serving with the South African Constabulary when killed.

FORDYCE-BUCHAN - Captain George Charles - 65th Battery Royal Field Artillery
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 21st May 1900. Aged 32. Born August 1867.

FORREST - Lieutenant Anthony Alexander - West Australian M.I.
Killed in action at Brakpan. 15th May 1901. Aged 33.

FORRESTER - Surgeon-Lieut-Colonel James Stevenson - Royal Horse Guards
Died of enteric on SS 'Dunera'. 18th June 1900. Aged 47. Born Oct 1852. Served in Egypt 1882 (medal and bar, Khedives star). In charge of Princess Christian's Hospital, Natal.
Buried at Woodstock Cemetery, Cape Town -
"Lt-Col. Forrester  R. Horse Guards  18.06.00."

FORRESTER - 2nd Lieutenant Ralph - 1/East Lancashire Regt.
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 6th June 1900. Aged 22. Born July 1877.

FORSTER - Lieutenant George Brook - 2nd new South Wales M.I.
Killed in action at Bethel. 8th Dec. 1901.
Memorial at St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "
To the Glory of God and in memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the 2nd Regiment New South Wales Mounted Rifles who were killed in action or died in the South African War 1901-1902. Erected by the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the regiment as a mark of their esteem to their late comrades. Lieut. G.B. Forster. 2nd Lieut. E.A. Lamb ..."

FORSTER - Lieutenant John Lindsey - 2/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed in action at Farqhar's Farm. 30th Oct. 1899. Aged 22. Son of P.F. Forster, of East Woodhays, Hants. Born March 1877.

FORSYTHE - Lieutenant William George - 7th New Zealand M.I.
Killed in action at Langverwacht. 24th Feb. 1902.

FORTESCUE - Major Lionel Henry Dudley - 17th Lancers
Killed in action at Diamond Hill. 11th June 1900. Aged 42. Son of the Earl Fortescue. Born Nov. 1857. Served in Zululand 1879 (medal and bar).

FOSBERY - Captain Francis Langford - Royal Irish Regt.
Killed in action near Belfast. 7th Jan. 1901. Aged 30. Son of G.L. Fosbery, of Bryn Elwy, St. Asaph. Born April 1870. Served at Samana 1897-8 (medal 2 bars).

FOSTER - Captain William Herbert - Army Service Corps
Died at Claremont Sanatorium. 18th Feb. 1900. Aged 31. Born 12th Nov. 1868. Joined the Royal Marines in 1888. Transferred to the ASC in 1889.

FOULERTON - Major Alexander Francis Grant - 1/Leinster Regt.
Died at Vrede. 5th Jan. 1901. Aged 41. Born March 1859. Served in Sikkim 1896 (medal and bar).

FOWLER - Lieutenant Robert Nesbitt - 16th Lancers
Wounded at Calvinia, 25th Feb. 1902. Died next day. Aged 26. Son of R.D. Fowler, of Liverpool. Born March 1875.

FOWLER - Captain Sir Thomas - 1st Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Killed in action at Olivier's Farm, Ficksburg. 20th April 1902. Aged 34. Son of baronet Sir Robert Fowler of Gustard (MP and Lord Mayor of London 1883-4). Born 1868. A partner in a bank, and a Lieutenant for the County of London.

FRANCIS - Captain Henry F. - Steinaeacker's Horse
Killed in action at Opisanes, North Sabie River (near Hassan Ughaz). 7th Aug. 1901.

FRASER - Captain Alexander David - 19th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of enteric at Kimberley. 28th April 1901. Aged 46. Son of Sir David Fraser, KCB, of Castleconnell, Ireland. Born October 1854. Served in Afghanistan 1879-80 with the Gordon Highlanders (medal 3 bars, star), South Africa 1881, the Nile expedition 1884-5 (medal and clasp, Khedives star).

FRASER - Lieutenant Eric - 2/Lancashire Fusiliers
Killed in action at Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900. Aged 21. Son of James Fraser, of London. Shot in the head while helping a wounded man.

FREISLICH - Lieutenant  - 1st Grahamstown Volunteers
Killed in action at Poplars Drift. 7th March 1900. Son of J.G. Freislich (ex-Civil Commissioner and Resident Magistrate of George, South Africa).

FRENCH - Captain Sampson Gough - Royal Irish Regt.
Killed in action at Gaberones. 12th Feb. 1900. Aged 30. Born Jan. 1870. Served in South Africa 1896 (wounded).

FRENCH-BREWSTER - 2nd Lieutenant Henry Gerald - 3/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed in action at Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900. Aged 21. Son of R.A. French-Brewster, of Clonsilla, Dublin. Born Sept. 1878.

FRESHWATER - Captain Arthur - Royal Army Medical Corps
Died of enteric at Kroonstad. 28th Feb. 1902. Aged 46. Born August 1855. Served in the ranks 15 years, commissioned 1894. Served in Bechuanaland 1884-5.

FRYER - Lieutenant Francis Lyall - Grenadier Guards
Killed in action at Belmont. 23rd Nov. 1899. Aged 26. Son of Sir F. Fryer, of Rangoon, Burma. Born August 1873.