GALBRAITH - Lieutenant Frederick Alexander - 2/Middlesex Regt.
Killed in action at Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900. Aged 28. Born 22nd July 1871.

GALE - Captain F. G. - Cape Pioneer Railway Regt.
Killed in action at Rhenoster. 7th June 1900.

GARDNER - Lieutenant E. W. - 2nd Brabant's Horse
Died of enteric at Graaf Reinet. 5th April 1901. Aged 22. Son of Major S.H. Gardner, of Tiverton, Devon. Born 15th May 1878. QSA and 4 bars.

GARVEY - 2nd Lieutenant Henry Wiltshire - Border Regt.
Killed in action on the Upper Tugela. 23rd Jan. 1900. Aged 23. Son of Toler R. Garvey. Born April 1876.

GATES - Lieutenant C. A. - Cape Colony Cyclist Corps
Died at Naauwpoort. 22nd Nov. 1901.

GAUSSEN - Captain Charles Louis - 91st Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Killed in action at Tafelkop. 20th Dec. 1901. Aged 32. Son of David Gaussen, of Towcetser, Northamptonshire. Born 26th September 1869. Served in the 18th Hussars 1889, Indian Staff Corps 1892, Reserve of Officers 1900.
Memorial in Northampton Cathedral -
"To the Glory of God and in memory of Brave Men, inhabitants of this County and neighbourhood, who gave their lives for their Sovereign and Country during the War in South Africa 1899-1902, the Western Window of this Cathedral was filled with stained glass, AD 1903........ Imperial Yeomanry, Captain C.L. Gaussen ......."

GAWNE - Lieuenant-Colonel James Moore - 2/Royal Lancaster Regt.
Wounded at Vryheid, 11th Dec. 1900. Died next day. Aged 46. Born July 1854. Served in Zululand 1879 (medal and bar), Bechuanaland 1884. Obituary (Manx Worthies, 1901) -
"John Moore Gawne (born 1854. died 1900). The youngest son of Edward Moore and Emily Maria Gawne, was educated at Lieutenant Shaw's school in Douglas, at Cheltenham College, and at Sandhurst. He served in the Zulu War of 1878, and in the South African War since June last. At the end of September he was appointed district commissioner and general commander of forces at Vryheid, in the Transvaal, " on account of his tact and impartiality in dealing with the Boers." His command was attacked on several occasions by the Boers, who were invariably repulsed) with heavy loss. It was during the last of these attacks, on the 11th December, that Colonel Gawne, who had been complimented by General Hildyard on his " able and prompt measures", was mortally wounded. He died on the following day. According to a brother officer, who knew hint well, he " was a most zealous and active officer. All through his military career his Profession came first with him. He stood alone, and asked favours from none. He saw his duty in front of him, and did it truly and well. His juniors went to him for advice and help, and did not go in vain, and his seniors knew they had in him one they could trust, and whose advice would always be what was right~ He wits loved by officers, N.C.O.'s., and men, and he has left a blank, not only in the regiment, but in the hearts of his friends, that can never be filled."

GEARY - Lieutenant Francis Sandham - Hampshire Regt.
Killed in action near Thaba N'chu. 27th April 1900. Aged 26. Son of Lieutenant-General Sir H. Le G. Geary, Governor and C-in-C at Bermuda. Born February 1874.

GENGE - 2nd Lieutenant Charles Jarvis - 2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Died of wounds at Talana Hill, 20th Oct. 1899. Aged 22. Son of R. Genge, of Waterston, Dorset. Born 22nd September 1877. His brother. Surgeon R.E. Genge (Army Medical Staff) was killed in Kashmir by an avalanche in 1899.

GETHIN - Captain H. - Marshall's Horse
Killed in action at Israel's Poort. 25th April 1900.

GETHING - Lieutenant James Bagnall - 3/South Wales Borderers
Died after fall from horse, at Taungs. 3rd July 1901. Son of J.E. Gething, of London.

GIBSON - 2nd Lieutenant Lewis Henry - Highland Light Infantry
Died of wounds at Spitz Kop, 14th Aug. 1900. Aged 19. Born May 1881.

GIBSON-CRAIG - 2nd Lieutenant Robert James - 3/Royal Scots
Died of dysentry at Naauwpoort. 23rd April 1900. Agd 17.

GIBTON - Captain Lionel William Persse - 1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Died of dysentry at Ladysmith. 19th March 1900. Aged 35. Son of Major William Gibton, of Kingstown, Ireland. Born February 1865.

GIDDY - Lieutenant John - New England Mounted Rifles
Died of enteric at Dellidilli, Basutoland. 28th March 1902.

GILDEA - 2nd Lieutenant George Frederick Campbell - 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
Died of enteric at Johannesburg. 18th April 1901. Aged 25. Son of Major-General Gildea, CB (Royal Scots Fusiliers). Born April 1876.

GILES - Major Edward - Reserve of Officers
Died on a train to Capetown. 19th Dec. 1900. Aged 45. Educated Cheltenham College. Born 1855. Served Royal Field Artillery 1875. Served Kaffir War 1878 (MID), Basuto War 1880.

GILLIAT - Lieutenant Lionel Howard - 16th Lancers
Died of enteric at Barberton. 23rd Sept. 1900. Aged 19. Born October 1880.

GILPIN - Lieutenant A. G. - 3rd Contingent, Mounted Rifles (Victorian Bushmen)
Killed in action at Ottoshoop. 20th Aug. 1900.

GIRDWOOD - Captain - Mafeking Town Guard
Killed during the siege. 13th Feb. 1900. Son of James Girdwood, of Clonaver, Belfast.

GIRLING - Lieutenant William Walters - 1/Coldstream Guards
Died on the transport ship 'Dilwara'. 22nd May 1902. Aged 45. Born May 1857. Served in the ranks for 18 years. Sudan 1885 (medal and bar, Khedive's Star). Quartermaster in 1895.

GLEESON - Lieutenant Patrick John - Army Service Corps
Died at Naauwpoort. 14th Aug. 1900. Aged 38. Born December 1861. Served in the ranks 19 years. Zululand 1879 (medal).

GLOSTER - Captain William - 2/Royal Irish Regt.
Killed in action at Stabbert's Nek. 23rd July 1900. Aged 37. Born April 1863. Served Hazara 1888 (medal and bar, MID).

GODFREY-FAUSSETT - Captain Fermor - 2/East Kent Regt.
Died of accidental gunshot wound at Paardeberg. 20th Feb. 1900. Aged 29. Born September 1870.

GOFF - Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Lionel Joseph - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Killed in action at Magersfontein. 11th Dec. 1900. Aged 45.  Son of Joseph and Adela Goff, of Burton Grange, Herts. Born March 1855. Served Zululand 1879 (medal and bar).

GOFF - Captain William Ernest Davis - 3rd Dragoon Guards
Killed in action on patrol near Blood River. 20th May 1900. Aged 27. Born June 1872. Attached to Bethune's M.I. (commanding mule train) when killed.

GOING - Captain Alexander Charles - King's Own Scottish Borderers
Killed in action near Brandfort. 29th March 1900. Aged 33. Son of Alexander Going, of Cahir, Ireland. Born September 1866.

GOLDIE - Captain Adrian Hope - 14th Battery, Royal Field Artillery
  Killed in action at Colenso. 15th Dec. 1899. Aged 30. Born 1869.

GOODWIN - Lieutenant William Harold - 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Died of pneumonia at Pretoria. 8th July 1902. Aged 24. Son of Rev. E.H. Goodwin (honorary chaplain to the King). Born February 1878.  Serving with the 38th Company Army Service Corps when he died.

GORE-BOOTH - 2nd Lieutenant Douglas Bloomfield - 2/Dorsetshire Regt.
Died of enteric at Mooi River, Natal. 19th Jan. 1900. Aged 24. Son of Colonel James Gore-Booth (Royal Engineers). Born 15th November 1875. Educated at Cheltenham College.

GOUGH - Colonel George Hugh, C.B. - Assistant Adjutant-General, Cavalry Division
Died at Norval's Pont. 29th March 1900. Aged 48. Son of Viscount Gough. Born 1852. Served 14th Hussars 1871. Boer War 1881, Egypt 1882 (medal and bar, Khedive's Star, Order of Medjidie 4th Class, MID), Nile 1884 (wounded, 2 bars, MID).

GRAHAM - Lieutenant Charles Noel Andrews - 3/Northumberland Fusiliers
Wounded near Koornfontein, 28th Aug. 1901. Died at Middleburg, 13th Oct. Aged 22. Son of Major-General F.W. Graham, of London. Born September 1879.

GRANT - Lieutenant Alistair - Robert's Horse
Died at Kimberley. 21st Feb. 1900.

GRANT - Captain Edward Chetwood Hamilton - 1/Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Died of enteric at Kimberley. 25th Aug. 1901. Aged 33. Born May 1868.

GRANT - Lieutenant Robert Josceline - 3/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed in action at Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900. Aged 22. Son of Lieut-General Sir Robert Grant. Born August 1877.

GRAY - Major Edward Wolfenden - Royal Army Medical Corps
Killed in action at Fraquhar's Farm, near Ladysmith. 30th Oct. 1899. Aged 37. Born September 1862. Educated Dublin University (BA, MB, Bch.), Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

GRAY - Captain Lonsdale Richard Douglas - 6th Dragoon Guards
Died of enteric at Johanneburg. 10th June 1900. Aged 30. Son of Baroness Gray. Born March 1870.

GREEN - Lieutenant George Dymoke - 59th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Killed in action at Modderfontein. 31st Jan. 1901. Aged 29. Son of Dymoke Green, of St. Albans. Served as a trooper in the Hertfordshire Yeomanry. Commissioned 1900.

GREENSHIELDS - Lieutenant George Lockhart - 13th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Wounded at Grootafdeeling, 7th June 1901. Died 2 days later. Aged 24. Son of Robert Low Greenshields, of Liverpool. Born November 1876. Served Shropshire Yeomanry.

GREER - Captain William - Reserve of Officers
Died at Johannesberg. 23rd May 1902. Aged 51. Born 1851. Served 13 years in the ranks. Commissioned 1879 72nd Foot. Served Afghanistan 1878 (medal and 4 bars, Star), Egypt 1882 with Seaforth Highlanders (medal and bar, Khedive's Star). Serving with 8th M.I. when he died.

GREGORY - Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Gregory Serocold - Royal Artillery
Died at Durban. 24th Aug. 1900. Aged 51. Born May 1849. Served Royal Artillery 1870-97.

GRENFELL - Lieutenant Claude George Grenfell - Thorneycroft's M.I.
Killed in action at Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900.

GRICE - Lieutenant George - 2/Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Wounded at Tweefontein, 25th Dec. 1901. Died next day. Aged 21. Born January 1879. He was buried at Culloden Farm at Elands River Bridge, but his remains were moved to Harrismith cemetery in 1958-1959.

GRIEVE - Lieutenant G. J. - New South Wales Forces
Killed in action at Paardeberg. 16th Feb. 1900. (Attached to the Black Watch).

GROGAN - Captain Edward Bury - 1/South Staffordshire Regt.
Killed in action at Ficksburg. 25th June 1900. Aged 35. Son of Major-General C.E. Grogan. Born November 1864.

GROVE - 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Langton - 2/Norfolk Regt.
Died of wounds at Buffelsvlei, 12th March 1902. Aged 27. Son of Rev. W.H. Grove, of Bedford. Born June 1874.

GROVER - Lieutenant Percival Charles - 1/Shropshire Light Infantry
Died of wounds at Bloemfontein, 31st March 1900. Aged 25. Born March 1875. Served Malakand 1897 (medal and bar).

GRYLLS - Lieutenant John Bere - 66th Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Died of dysentry at Johannesburg. 6th July 1900. Aged 24. Born March 1876.

GUILLE - Major Henry Stevens Le Marchant - Royal Artillery
Wounded at Warrenton, 4th May 1900. Died at Kimberley 5 days later. Aged 37. Son of Rev. G. de Carteret Guille. Born September 1862. Educated Cheltenham College.

GUINNESS - Lieutenant-Colonel Eustace - 84th Battery, Royal Artillery
Killed in action near Brakenlaagte. 31st Oct. 1901. Aged 41.  Son of Henry Guiness, of Stillgoran, Co. Dublin. Born June 1860. Educated Cheltenham College. Husband of Isabel Bell (2 children).

GUNNING - Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Henry - 1/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed in action at Talana Hill. 20th Oct. 1901. Aged 49. Son of Sir George William Gunning, of Northampton. Born 1852. Served Zululand 1879 (medal and bar), Burma 1891 (medal and bar).
Memorial in Northampton Cathedral - "To the Glory of God and in memory of Brave Men, inhabitants of this County and neighbourhood, who gave their lives for their Sovereign and Country during the War in South Africa 1899-1902, the Western Window of this Cathedral was filled with stained glass, AD 1903.......... The King's Royal Rifle Corps, Lieut-Col. R.H. Gunning......"

GURDON-REBOW - Lieutenant Martin - 3/Grenadier Guards
Killed on patrol near Hanover Road. 16th Sept. 1901. Aged 26. Son of  H.J. Gurdon-Rebow, of Wyvenhoe Park, Essex. Born February 1875. Served Sudan 1898 (medal, Khedive's medal and bar). Buried De Aar cemetery.

GUTHRIE - Lieutenant David Ernest - 39th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of enteric at Mafeking. 2nd Feb. 1902. Aged 31. Son of David Guthrie, of Glasgow. Born October 1870.

GUTHRIE - Lieutenant G. Baillie - 35th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of enteric at Naauwpoort. 16th May 1900. Aged 40. Son of James Guthrie. Served Middlesex Yeomanry.