LACE - 2nd Lieutenant Francis Edward - 14th Hussars
Died at Newcastle. 21st Oct. 1901. Aged 20. Born July 1881.

LAFONE - Captain William Bauthcher - 1/Devonshire Regt.

Killed in action at Wagon Hill, Ladysmith. 6th Jan. 1900. Aged 40. Son of Alfred Lafone, MP for Bermondsey. Born 1860. Served Tirah 1897 (medal and 2 clasps).

LAING - Major D. Tyrie - Commander-in-Chief's Bodyguard
  Killed in action near Lindley. 3rd Jan. 1901. A Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute.

LAIRD - Captain Gordon - 8th Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Wounded at Moedwill, died the next day. 1st October 1901. Aged 33. Born May 1868.

LAKE - Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel William Wellington - Militia Medical Staff Corps
Died at Bloemfontein. 13th July 1900. Served in the Ottoman Army during the Russo-Turkish War 1877-8 (medal and Order of Medjidie 4th Class).

LAMB - 2nd Lieutenant Edward A. - New South Wales M.I.
Killed in action. 10th May 1901.
Memorial at St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "To the Glory of God and in memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the 2nd Regiment New South Wales Mounted Rifles who were killed in action or died in the South African War 1901-1902. Erected by the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the regiment as a mark of their esteem to their late comrades. Lieut. G.B. Forster. 2nd Lieut. E.A. Lamb ..."

LAMBTON - Captain Alexander Frederick - 1/Highland Light Infantry
Killed in action at Magersfontein. 11th Dec. 1899. Aged 30. (Brother below.) Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis William Lambton (Scots Guards), of Brownslade, Pembrokshire. Born January 1869.

LAMBTON - Lieutenant Ronald Robert - 1/Durham Light Infantry
Died of wounds at Vryheid, 17th Sept. 1901. Aged 22. (Brother of above). Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis William Lambton (Scots Guards), of Brownslade, Pembrokshire. Born March 1879.

LANHAM - Lieutenant H.W. - Bethune's M.I.
Killed on patrol near Blood River. 20th May 1900.

LASCELLES - Lieutenant Alfred - 'T' Battery   Royal Horse Artillery
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 16th May 1900. Aged 26. Born September 1873.

LAURIE - Captain John Haliburton - 1/Royal Lancaster Regt.
Killed in action near Philippolis. 12th April 1901. Aged 36. Son of Lieutenant-General J.W. Laurie, MP. Born August 1864 at Halifax, Noca Scotia. Educated at R.M.C. Kingston, Canada. Killed while helping a wounded soldier.

LAWLEY - 2nd Lieutenant William George Hodgson - 2/Middlesex Regt.
Killed in action at Spion Kop. 24th Jan 1900. Aged 25. Born February 1874.

LAWLOR - Lieutenant John Lawrence - 6th Inniskilling Dragoons
Died of wounds at Waterval Onder. 30th Aug. 1900. Aged 26. Born February 1874.
Monument at ICL Beaumont -
"Capt. F. Owen-Lewis Nov 24 1899 near Graspan. Lieut. A. Byrne June 10 1900 Bloemfontein. Lieut. J. Lawlor Augt 30 1900 Waterwal. Lieut. A.E. Murphy May 29 1901 Middlekraal. 2nd Lieut. R. Stapelton-Bretherton Jany 30 1902 Ronderan. RIP This monument in memory of old Beaumont boys who fell in the South African War 1899-1902 was erceted by by some old boys and friends of Beaumont 1903."

LAWRENCE - Captain Samuel - 2/Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Died of dysentry at Ladysmith. 18th April 1900. Aged 30. Born March 1870.

LEASK - Lieutenant J. - Queensland Mounted Infantry
Wounded near Kosks River, Pretoria, 21st July 1900. Died 20th Aug.

LEECE - Lieutenant G. - 7th New Zealand Mounted Infantry
Killed in action near Vereeniging. 24th Aug. 1901. From "The Seventh New Zealand Contingent" by K G Malcolm (1903) - ".... we had to bury two more of our comrades, namely, Lieutenant Leece of Auckland and Sergeant-Major Love of Wellington. Both had lost their lives fighting against overwhelming odds, and died the death of a true-born Briton. They were buried side by side 'neath the orange grove's pleasant shade, where the golden summer sun shines bright and clear. The column halted for a day, and the regiment paraded to a man, to bid a last and fond farewell to the remains of two who we admired, and who for the love of their king and country had fought, and bled, and died." (quote supplied by John Wilson, New Zealand)

Le GALLAIS - Lieut-Colonel Philip Walter Jules - 8th Hussars
Died of wounds near Bothaville. 6th Nov. 1900. Aged 38. Born August 1861. Served Nile 1897 (medal and bar), Sudan 1898 (MID, 2 bars, Order of Osmanieh 4th class).
Memorial in St. Helier's Church, Jersey -
"This tablet was erected by the States of Jersey as a tribute to the gallantry of Major & Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Philip Walter Jules Le Gallais 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars who was killed in action at Bothaville South Africa on the 5th of November 1900, in the 40th year of his age. He was the son of the late Edmund Le Gallais Esq and grandson of the late Philip Le Gallais Esq Jurat of the Royal Court of this Island."

LEGGATT - 2nd Lieutenant Edward Oswell Neville Owen - 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
Died of enteric at Ladysmith. 15th April 1900. Aged 21. Son of General O.E. Leggatt, of London. Born July 1878.

LEGGE - Lieutenant-Colonel Norton, C.B., D.S.O. - 20th Hussars
Killed in action at Nooitgedacht. 13th Dec. 1900. Aged 40. Born June 1860. Served Sudan 1885 (medal & clasp, Khedive's Star), Sudan 1896 (medal, Khedive's medal & 2 clasps, wounded, MID, DSO), CB 1900.

LEICESTER - Lieutenant Henry Claude - 1/Leinster Regt.
Died at Vrede. 13th March 1901. Aged 24. Born May 1875.

Le MARCHANT - Captain Gaspard de Coligny - 1/Lancashire Fusiliers
Killed in action at Boschbult, Kleinhardts River. 31st March 1902. Aged 22. Great-grandson of General Le Marchant (killed at Salamanca). Born April 1879.

LENNOX - Captain Amyot Maitland Augustus - 81st Battery, Royal Field Artillery
Killed in action at Paardeberg. 20th Feb. 1900. Aged 32. Born October 1867.

LESLIE - 2nd Lieutenant Theodore Barrington Norman - 3/Grenadier Guards
Wounded at Belmont. Died at Cape Town. 4th Dec. 1899. Aged 21. Son of R.C. Leslie, of Co. Monaghan. Born February 1878.

LETHBRIDGE - 2nd Lieutenant Bertram Escott - 2/Rifle Brigade
Died of wounds at Ladysmith. Nov. 1899. Aged 21. Son of C. Lethbridge, of Sherfield Manor, Basingstoke. Born June 1878.

LEWIS - 2nd Lieutenant Edward Llewellyn - 1/Welsh Regt.
Died of dysentry at Rietfontein West. 4th April 1902. Aged 23. Son of Evan Lewis, of Brynderwen, Llandaffan. Born March 1879.

LEWIS - Major Vernon - 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
Killed in action at Pieters Hill. 27th Feb. 1900. Son of Captain E. Lewis (Royal Scots), of Guildford. Served Chitral 1895 (medal and bar), Niger 1897-8 (MID).

LIBBY - Lieutenant Arthur Treleven - 2/Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Died of enteric at Johannesburg. 6th Nov. 1901. Aged 23. Son of Captain Libby (Royal Navy), of Falmouth. Born February 1878.

LINCOLN - Lieutenant Noel Holmes - 2/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Killed in action at Boschbult. 31st March 1902. Aged 24. Born September 1877.

LINDSAY - Captain Michael William Howard - 2/seaforth Highlanders
Killed in action near Brakenlaagte. 31st Oct. 1901. Aged 29. Son of William Alexander Lindsay, KC, and Lady Harriet Lindsay. Born 1872. Served Chitral 1895 (medal & clasp).

LIPPERT - Lieutenant Wilhelm Arthur David - 2/Royal Lancaster Regt.
Killed in action at Vryheid. 11th Dec. 1900. Son of W.A. Lippert, of Eastbourne. Born October 1878.

LIVINGSTON-LEARMOUTH - Captain Lennox Christian - Royal Field Artillery
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 25th May 1900. Aged 29. Born December 1870. Served with 2nd Cavalry Brigade Ammunition Column.

LLOYD - Lieutenant-Colonel George Evan, D.S.O. - 1/West Riding Regt.
Killed in action at Rhenoster Kop. 29th Nov. 1900. Aged 45. Son of Rev. Prebendary Rhys Lloyd, of Cardiganshire, and Anna Lloyd. Born October 1855. Served Jowaki 1877 (medal & clasp), Afghanistan 1878 (medal & clasp), Nile 1884 (medal & clasp, Khedive's Star, MID, Order of Medjidie 4th Class), Sudan 1885-89 (2 clasps, MID, DSO ("for action at Ginnis"), Order of Medjidie 2nd Class). Attached to Egyptian Army.
The Boer General Ben Viljoen, wrote of Lloyd's death - "A brave officer who had his legs smashed, leant on a gun or his sword, and kept on giving his orders and cheering the soldiers and telling them to charge on. While in this position a second bullet struck him and he fell mortally wounded."

LLOYD - Midshipman Lionel Rodney - H.M.S. 'Doris'
Died of enteric at Kimberley. 28th April 1900. Aged 19.

LLOYD - Captain Thomas Eyre - 2/Coldstream Guards
Died of wounds at Brakenlaagte. 31st Oct. 1901. Aged 30. Son of Major-General Thomas Francis Lloyd, of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick. Born May 1871.

LLOYD - Major William Reade De la Pere - 1/Suffolk Regt.
Killed in action. 26th Jan. 1901. Aged 40. Son of Captain Lloyd (57th Foot), who was killed in action in New Zealand. Born September 1860. Served Hazara 1888 (medal & clasp).

LOCKWOOD - Lieutenant Harry Vernon - 2/Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Died of enteric on the 'Nubia'. 25th Feb. 1900. Aged 24. Born June 1875.

LOFTUS - Captain Francis Cochrane - 1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Killed in action at Colenso. 15th Dec. 1899. Aged 26. Born July 1873. Served in Sierra Leone with the West African Rifles 1898-99 (wounded, recommended for VC?)

LOMAX - Captain David Alexander Napier - Welsh Regt.
Killed in action at Driefontein. 10th March 1900. Aged 31. Born August 1868.

LONG - 2nd Lieutenant Lionel William - 2/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Killed in action at Modder River. 28th Nov. 1899. Aged 20. Son of C.B. Long, of Southsea. Born March 1879.

LONGDEN - Major Arthur Edmond, D.S.O. - Army Service Corps
Died of enteric at Germiston. 20th April 1901. Aged 37. Son of Major-General Charles S. Longden (Royal Artillery). Born 27th March 1864. Served Zululand 1888 (North Staffs. Regt). Transferred to ASC, 1890. DSO 1901.

LONGFIELD - Captain William M. - 17th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Killed in action at Brakenlaagte. 4th June 1901. Aged 47. Educated at Cheltenham College.

LOUGHLIN - Veterinary-Captain John - Army Veterinary Dept.
Died of hepatitis at Wynberg. 2nd Nov. 1900. Aged 37. Born November 1863. Served with the 1st Life Guards.

LOVELL - Lieutenant C.H.S. - Robert's Horse
Died at Wynberg. 14th April 1901. Son of Captain Lovell, of Brent, Devonshire.

LOVETT - Captain Richard Gordon Beresford - 1/Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Died of wounds at Callerberg. 6th May 1900. Aged 30. Born April 1870.

LOW - Lieutenant Harry Lawrence - Royal Irish Rifles
Killed in action at Vaal Bosh Pan. 10th March 1902. Aged 27. Son of George Hamilton (Royal Canadian Rifles). Born June 1874. QSA and 3 bars.

LOWRY - Lieutenant James Taylor - 1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Died in England having been invalided from South Africa. 19th Sept. 1900. Aged 25. Son of Captain Edward L.B. Lowry (41st Foot), of Tullyhogue, Co. Tyrone. Born August 1875.

LOY - Captain John - 2nd Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
Died of dysentry at Heilbron. 21st Jan. 1902.

LUARD - Captain Henry Arthur - 2/East Yorkshire Regt.
Died of enteric at Winburg. 5th Feb. 1901. Aged 40. Son of Captain H.R. Luard (Royal Engineers). Born December 1865.

LUCAS - Captain Edward - Natal Carabiniers
Died at Durban. 7th Aug. 1900. Aged 36. Son of Arthur Lucas, of Darlington.

LUCE - Lieutenant Walter Cecil - Volunteer Company 2/Wiltshire Regt.
Died of enteric at Springfontein. 11th Feb. 1901. Aged 27. Son of Colonel C.R. Luce, of Halcombe, Malmesbury. Born November 1873.
Memorial in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire -
"To the glory of God and in memory of Walter Cecil Luce Lieutenant of the Volunteer Service Company of the Wiltshire Regiment. Born November 27th 1873 Died at Springfontein South Africa February 11th 1901."

LUCE - 2nd Lieutenant William Scott - Royal Field Artillery
Killed in action at Diamond Hill. 11th June 1900. Aged 20. Born March 1880.
Memorial in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire -
"To the glory of God and in memory of William Scott Luce 2nd Lieutenant 82nd Battery R.F.A. who was killed in action at Diamond Hill on the 12th day of June 1900 aged 20."

LUND - Major Alfred - 5/Royal Fusiliers
Died of enteric at Kroonstad. 23rd Jan. 1902. Aged 36. Born May 1863.

LYGON - Lieutenant Edward Hugh - 3/Grenadier Guards
Killed in action at Karree Siding, near Modder River. 23rd March 1900. Aged 26. Son of Earl Beauchamp and Lady Mary Stanhope. Born July 1873.

LYNCH - Captain Nicholas Marcus - 1/South Lancashire Regt.
Died of enteric at Mooi River. 13th Nov. 1900. Aged 32. Born April 1868.

LYON - 2nd Lieutenant Henry Francis - 3/East Surrey Regt.
Died of wounds at Stormberg. 28th Nov. 1901. Aged 20. Son of William Lyon, of Valparaiso, Chile.
Memorial at Southwark Cathedral, London -
"3 Batt East Surrey Regt. Formerly First Royal Surrey Militia.
To the glory of God and In memory of our comrades who gave their lives for King and Country in the
South African War 1901 1902. Killed in Action Major H.W.G. Crofton, 2nd Lieut. H.F. Lyon.... "

LYSLEY - Captain Gerald Lowther - 2/Rifle Brigade
Killed in action near Bergendal. 29th Aug. 1900. Aged 28. Born August 1872.