December 1915, the R.G.H. were camped at Mena, near Cairo. Restored to a cavalry role, the Regiment strength was now 17 Officers, 316 O.R., and 354 horses.

By the end of March 1916 the Regiment was at Romani. On 1st April a report arrived of a 500 strong enemy force at Bir-el-Abd. The R.G.H. (less one squadron) and the Worcester Yeomanry were ordered to move to Qatia (about 6 miles). April 2nd they left Qatia and found the enemy had fled, scouting parties were sent out.

On April 23rd the enemy attacked. 'A' Squadron R.G.H. commanded by Captain Lloyd-Baker, were at Qatia (101 men). A strong enemy force, with artillery, attacked and inflicted heavy casualties. The other Squadrons attempted to help but after severe fighting had to fall back to Romani.

                       ROLL OF HONOUR

Killed in action:

Lieutenant Viscount M.H.QUENINGTON
2nd Lieut.          W.A.SMITH
Captain             M.G.LLOYD-BAKER
Lieutenant Lord     H.F.ELCHO
  Aged 31.
Sergt. H.G.PEACY *            Pte. W.GREEN
Sergt. W.S.SHUTE              Pte. J.HARVEY
Sergt. W.J.WALKER             Pte. W.T.PARSONS *
Corpl. W.E.EMERSON            Pte. C.MILLS (trumpeter)*
L/Cpl. W.K.HATCH              Pte. E.H.PULHAM
L/Cpl. E.O.JONES              Pte. E.H.SIMPSON *
Pte.   A.E.DAVIS *            Pte. D.TOWNSEND  *
Pte.   P.J.DOWNHAM *          Pte. L.STANLEY

   Sergt. H.G.Peacy
Pte. Albert Edward Davis. Aged 27.(Gloucester)
Pte. P.J.Downham
Pte. William Fredrick Parsons. Aged 19. (Tewksbury)
Trumpeter C. Mills. (Gloucester)
Pte. Eric H. Simpson. Aged 20. (Cheltenham)
Pte. Dick Townsend. Aged 22. (Stroud)


Sergt. C.H.LOVELL             Pte. P.ROWSE
Sergt. W.E.HARDING            Pte. B.COX
Sergt. T.H.SMART              Pte. W.KENDALL
Sergt. E.E.WARNER             Pte. A.W.ALLEN *
L/Cpl. W.J.BOULTON            Pte. E.H.HOLBORROW *
Pte.   A.HATCH  *             Pte. E.GROVES
Pte.   O.SCORGIE              Pte. M.SHANE
Pte.   S.PRICE

Pte. Albert Hatch. (Hartpury, Glos.)
Pte. A.W. Allen (Westbury-on-Severn)
Pte. Harry Holborow. (Cheltenham)Both brothers wounded at Galipoli.

Wounded and Prisoners of War:

SQMS   J.CROSS                Cpl. J.E.B.BRAIN *
Sergt. H.A.COLBORN          L/Cpl. H.WALWIN
Sergt. P.MILLARD              Pte. E.PLAISTER
Corpl. T.O.SPRINGFIELD        Pte. A.J.MOURBY *
Sad-c. W.WICKS                Pte. F.NEALE
Corpl. G.T.JAMES

Cpl. J.E.B.Braine. (Cheltanham)
Pte. A.J. Mourby

Prisoners of War:

Lieut. A.W.STRICKLAND         2nd Lieut. C.C.HERBERT

SSM.   G.HYATT  *             Pte. F.E.MAY *
Sergt. P.E.MILLARD *          Pte. W.D.FARMER
Far-C. B.WOODCOCK  *          Pte. H.MERRY
Tmpt.  F.LEWIS                Pte. E.J.TIPPET *
Pte.   R.C.SMITH              Pte. F.E.BOWL  *
Pte.   J.H.EVANS              Pte. C.C.CLIFFORD  *
Pte.   H.RUFELL  *            Pte. W.FARMER
Pte.   E.A.CUTTS              Pte. E.GREENWOOD
Pte.   F.DILLOWAY *           Pte. F.A.HOPKINS  *
Pte.   F.W.GILL               Pte. C.W.JOHNSTONE  *
Pte.   C.B.HODGES             Pte. L.L.S.LLOYD
Pte.   H.E.HAWKES *           Pte. W.T.NELMES  *
Pte.   J.LIPPETT              Pte. R.PARDINGTON  *
Pte.   E.D.LORD               Pte. E.V.PREEN  *
Pte.   O.OLIVER               Pte. H.R.ROGERS
Pte.   F.PERKINS              Pte. A.J.SMITH
Pte.   A.W.RICH  *            Pte. A.G.TROUGHTON
Pte.   H.R.SMITH              Pte. J.H.KENDALL
Pte.   A.J.SLATTER *          Pte. A.J.BOSWELL
Pte.   W.H.WHITE              Pte. E.PEARCY
Pte.   J.E.WESTCOTT           Pte. J.P.ADCOCK
Pte.   S.V.SILVEY             Pte. T.F.LEIGHTON
Pte.   W.MANN                 Pte. T.H.MARSH  *
Pte.   J.P.LEWIS              Pte. W.C.SARGENT *
Pte.   G.S.LILBEY             Pte. S.C.LOUIS

Squadron-Sergt-Major George Hyatt (Andoversford)
Sergt. Percival Millard. (Cheltenham)
Farrier-Corporal C. Woodcock
Corporal H. Ruffell. (Avening, nr. Stroud)
Pte. F.J. Dilloway. (Gloucester)
Pte. H.E. Hawkes. (Gloucester)
Pte. A.W.(Percy)Rich. Aged 19. (Gloucester)
Pte. Slatter (Gloucester)
Pte. May
Pte. Tippet
Pte. Francis E. Bowl. (Winchcombe)
Pte. Cecil Clifford. Aged 20. (Andoversford)
Pte. F.A. Hopkins. (Winchcombe)
Pte. Cyril William Johnstone. Aged 17. (Cheltenham)
Pte. W.Nelmes. (Cheltenham)
Pte. Reginald W.J.Pardington. (Cheltenham)
Pte. E.V.Preen. (Gloucester)
Pte. Thomas Marsh. (Gloucester)
Pte. Sargent

A few men of 'A' Suadron got away from Katia:

Cpl.   R.H.EATON  *
Pte.   Jack LANE  *

  Corporal R.H.(Bob)Eaton.
Private Jack Lane. (Hartpury)

Military Medals were awarded to:

L/Cpl. G.CASTLE    Pte.   G.P.PIKE

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