Indian Mutiny 1857 - 9


Major-General Nicholas Penny, CB - Killed in action at Kukerowlee - 30th April 1858. Aged 69. Son of Robert and Catherine Penny, of Weymouth, Dorset. Joined the Bengal Army in 1806. Husband of Louisa Gerard. Grave at Meerut - "Sacred to the memory of Major General N. Penny, CB. Commanding the Meerut Division. Born at Weymouth, Dorsetshire on the 12th March 1790, Killed at the head of his column in a skirmish with the enemy near the village of Kukerowlee, in Rolilcund, on the morning of the 30th April 1858 after a service of 51 years. His precious remains were brought to Meerut through the kind exertions of Captain E.J. Simpson Asst Commy Gen."

Major-General Sir Hugh Wheeler - Killed by mutineers at Cawnpore - 27th June 1857
Memorial at All Souls Church, Cawnpore - "To the glory of God and in memory of more than a thousand Christian people, who met their deaths hard by, between 6th June & 15th July 1857. These tablets are placed in this the
Memorial Church. All Souls Cawnpore by the Government N.W.P.
Staff. Major Genl. Sir H. Wheeler K.C.B. Lady Wheeler & daughters. Lieut G.R. Wheeler 1st N.I. A.D.C. Lieut Col. E. Wiggens 52nd N.I. D.J.A.G. Mrs Wiggens. Major W. Lindsay A.A.G. Mrs Lindsay & Daughters. Ensign C. and Mrs Lindsay. Brigadier General Jack C.B. Mr Jack. Capt. Sir G. Parker 74th N.I. Cant. Magistr. Capt Williamson 71st N.I. D.A.C.G. Mrs Williamson & Child."

Brigadier General Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence, KCB. - wounded at Lucknow - 2nd July 1857. Died 4th July. Aged 51. Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Lawrence (77th Foot) and Catherine. Born in Matura, Ceylon, 28th June 1805. Joined the Bengal Artillery in 1821. Husband of Honoria Marshall.
Grave at the Residency, Lucknow -
"Here lies Henry Lawrence who tried to do his duty. May the Lord have mercy on his soul. Born 28th June 1806 Died 4th July 1857."
Tablet in Holy Trinity Church, Lawrence Military Assylum -
"Sacred to the memory of Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence, KCB. Brigadier General, Chief Commissioner in Oudh. He commanded the Garrison of Lucknow at the outbreak of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857; was wounded by a shell on the 2nd and died on the 4th day of July 1857. Aged 52 years. This Institution which he originated, and to which he contributed 87,000 Rupees is his best monument."
Memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta - "In memory of the great and good Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence K.C.B. Christian statesman, philanthropist and soldier who in the Punjab, Rajputana and Oudh taught how kindly subject races should be ruled who first in India, founded hill asylums for British soldiers children and who fell in the memorable defence of Lucknow 4th July 1857 beloved and mourned by natives and Europeans."

Brigadier-General James George Smith Neil - Killed in action at Lucknow - 25th September 1857. Shot in the head at Khas Bazaar. 1st Madras Fusiliers.
Memorial at the Residency, Lucknow -
"Sacred to the memory of Brigadier General J.G.S. Neill A.D.C. to the Queen. Col J.L. Stephenson c.o. Major S.G.C. Renaud Lieut. W.G. Groom. Lieut N.H. Arnold. Lieut A.A. Richardson. Lieut J.A. Chisholm Liuet F. Dobbs 352 non-commissioned officers, drummers and rank and file of the First Madras Fusiliers who fell during the supression of the rebellion in Bengal 1857-58."

Brigadier-General John Nicholson - wounded at Delhi -14th September 1857. Died 23rd September. Aged 34. Son of Dr. Alexander Nicholson and Clara, of Dublin. Joined the Bengal Army in 1839. Served in the Punjab (1848). He was buried at the Cashmere Gate Cemetery, Delhi - "The grave of Brigadier General John Nicholson, who led the assault on Delhi; but fell in the hour of victory, mortally wounded, and died 23rd September 1857; aged 35.'

Brigadier Isaac Henley Handscombe - murdered by mutineers at Lucknow - 30th May 1857. Aged 52. Born in Buckingham. Son of Isaac and Anne Handscombe. Served in Burma War (1825), Ghuzni (1839), Kabul (1842), Sutlej War, Burma (1853). Tablet in St. Mary Magdalenes Church, Lahore Cantonment - 'Sacred to the memory of Brigadier Isaac Handscombe, Bt. Major Robert Spencer and Sergeant Major John Potter who were barbarously murdered by the mutineers when nobly attempting to recall their men to their duty, the first fell at Lucknow on the 31st May and the two last at Meean Meer on the 30th July 1857.'

Brigadier-General Nicholas Wilson - Killed in action at Cawnpore - 28th November 1857. Aged 62. Born 31 March 1795, at Sledagh, Co. Wexford, Ireland. Husband of Anne Holcombe. Lieutenant-Colonel 64th Foot.

Colonel Charles Chester - Killed in action at Badli-ke-Serai - 8th June 1857. Aged 53. Son of Sir Robert Chester and Eliza. Born in Suffolk. Served in Burma (1825), Punjab (1848). Husband of Margaret Mundy. He was buried at Rajpura Cemetery, Delhi - 'To the memory of Colonel Chester Adjutant General of the army, who fell mortally wounded at the battle of Badlee Suraie. This monument is erected by his brother officers of the General Staff in token of their affectionate regard and esteem. his remains were here interred on the 8th June 1857.'

Lieutenant-Colonel George Biddulph - Killed in action at Lucknow - 16th November 1857. Aged 46. Son of Rev. John and Sophia Biddulph, of Frankton, Warwickshire.

Brevet-Major W.P. Jenkins - Killed in action at Kuttunge - 14th November 1857

Captain Neville - Killed in action at Barodia - 31st January 1858

Lieutenant John Wall - Killed in action at Lucknow - 14th March 1858