Indian Mutiny 1857-9


General Brackley Kennett - Bombay Army - wounded at Coonoor 8th October 1857, died 12th.
Ref. The Times (5-12-57). Attacked by an assassin.

1st Bombay Light Cavalry :

Colonel J. Penney - killed in action at Nusseerabad - 28th May 1858

Captain Hugh Spottiswoode - killed in action at Nusseerabad - 28th May 1858
'Killed while charging at the head of his regiment, a 6 gun battery of the mutineers supported by 2 regiments of infantry' (The Times 24-7-57)

Lieutenant J. M. Heath - killed in action at Gwalior - 19th June 1858

Cornet William Mills - killed in action at Gwalior - 19th June 1858

Cornet Richard Nicholas Newbury - killed in action at Nusseerabad - 28th May 1858
Aged 20. Shot while assisting to recapture guns from the mutineers. (ref. The Times)

2nd Bombay Light Cavalry :

Captain N. B. Tucker - killed in action at Jeerum - 23rd October 1857

1st Bombay Fusiliers :

Lieutenant G. J. H. Burnes - murdered by mutineers at Lucknow - 19th November 1857

Lieutenant William Marwood Mules - killed in action at Multan - 31st August 1858.
Aged 33. Son of Philip Mules, of Devon. Joined the Bombay Army in 1844. Served in the Punjab Campaign (1848).
Grave at New Cemetery, Multan -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. William Marwood Mules late Adjt. 1st Bombay Fusiliers who was killed during the mutiny at Mooltan 31st August 1858 aged 33 years. Erected by his brother officers as a mark of esteem and affection."

3rd Bombay European Regiment :

Lieutenant James W. Henry - murdered by mutineers at Nandoor - 4th Ocotber 1857
Superintendent of Ahmednuggur Police. Son of Arthur Henry, of Lodge Park, Co. Kildare.

1st Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant Charles Bromhead Bannerman - killed in action at Delhi - 8th September 1857
Aged 22. Son of Patrick, of Aberdeen.

9th Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant G. Grant - wounded at Lucknow - 26th July 1857. died of wounds 29th July 1857

Ensign E. I Stubbs - murdered by mutineers at Kolapore - 2nd August 1857

10th Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant E. C. Willoughby - killed in action at Fort Roodanow - 15th April 1858

14th Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant G. L. Mills - murdered by mutineers at Mehidpore - 8th November 1857

23rd Bombay Native Infantry :

Captain Robert Bainbridge - killed in action at Kotah - 1st April 1858
Aged 33. Son of Colonel Bainbridge, of Guernsey. Killed when the magazine was exploded by mutineers.
Memorial at St. Andrews Church, La Route de St. Andre, Channel Islands  -
"To the memory of Captain Robert Bainbrigge, 23rd Regt Bombay Native Infantry, second son of Colonel Bainbrigge of the Rohais Manor, in this parish, killed April 1st 1858 in his 34th year in the zealous performance of an important duty, by the treacherous explosion of the enemy's magazine, after the assault and capture of the fortress and city of Kotah. This excellent and energetic young officer, after an active service with his regiment in India, or in charge of an irregular corps, the Sawant-Warree; obtained leave of absence, joined the Allied Army in the Crimea commanded a Company during the latter part of the siege and fall of Sebastopol. On the breaking out of the mutiny in Bengal, Capt. Bainbrigge returned to his own Presidency and was appointed to the Staff of the Bombay Army as Major of Brigade in the Rajpootana Field Force. This tablet has been erected by his sorrowing parents."

24th Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant Atherton Allan Park - killed in action at Jhansi - 3rd April 1858
Aged 23. Son of Alexander Atherton Park, of Wimple Street, London.

25th Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant Wellington Rose - wounded at Gwalior - 19th June 1857. died of wounds

27th Bombay Native Infantry :

Lieutenant J.T. Norris - murdered by mutineers at Kolapore - 2nd August 1857

Ensign Frederick William Heathfield - murdered by mutineers at Kolapore - 2nd August 1857
Son of Richard Heathfield, Sussex Square, Hyde Park, London.
Parents memorial at Christ Church, Harrow -
"Frederick William Heathfield, third son, late of the 27th Bombay NI who fell in the Indian Mutiny near Kolhapur Aug 2nd 1857 aged 18 years."

Scindia Contingent :

Major John Jacob - murdered by mutineers at Agra - 6th July 1857

Bombay Engineers :

Lieutenant William George Douglas Dick - killed in action at Jhansi - 8th April 1858
Aged 22. Son of the late John Campbell Dick, Bengal Civil Service.

2nd Lieutenant Charles Hancock - wounded in explosion at Kotah - 30th March 1858. died of wounds 14th April 1858 Aged 21. Son of Major-General Hancock, Bombay Army.

2nd Lieutenant Hugh R. Meiklejohn - killed in action at Jhansi - 8th April 1858

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