Indian Mutiny 1857-9


Gwalior Contingent :

Major Muirson Thrower Blake - 2nd Regt. Gwalior Contingent - killed 15th June 1857
Grave at the Christian Cemetery, Gwalior -
"Sacred to the memory of Major Muirson Thrower Blake Comdg 2nd Regt Gwalior Contingt who was shot by the mutineers at Gwalior on entering the lines of the Regt on the night of 15th June 1857 in his ... Year. His remains were interred here by some Sepoys of his Regt. This monument is raised by his afflicted widow."

Captain William Stewart - murdered by mutineers at Moorar - 14th June 1857 - 2nd Co. Artillery.
From Ardvorlich, Perthsire. His wife, Jane and young son Robert were also murdered at the same time.

Hodson's Horse :

Major W. S. R. Hodson - wounded at Begam Kothi, Lucknow - 11th March 1857 - died of wounds

Lieutenant Charles Theophilus Metcalfe McDowell - killed in action at Shumshabad - 27th January 1858. Aged 28. Son of Lieut-Colonel George McDowell, CB, 16th Light Dragoons. Joined the Bengal Army in 1846.

Hyderabad Contingent :

Captain John Sinclair - wounded at Jhansi - 3rd April 1858. died of wounds

Loodiana Regiment :

Lieutenant Patrick Mara - murdered by mutineers at Junapore - 5th June 1857

Malwa Contingent :

Lieutenant Charles John Hunt - murdered by mutineers at Muttragur - 7th June 1857
Aged 27. Son of Revd Thomas Hunt, of West Felton, Salop.

Lieutenant George L. Mills - murdered by mutineers at Mehidpore - 8th November 1857
(attached from the 14th Bombay Native Infantry).

Oude Irregular Cavalry :

Lieutenant Alexander - killed in action at Allahabad - 6th June 1857

Lieutenant Box - killed in action at Lucknow - 22nd December 1857

Oude Irregular Infantry :

Captain George Pratt Barlow - Major of Brigade, Oude Irregular Force - died of wounds at Lucknow - 21st August 1857

Captain E.J. Hughes - wounded at Lucknow - 28th September 1857. died of wounds

Lieutenant Joseph Cudbert Longueville Clarke - 67th Bengal Native Infantry - murdered by mutineers at Bhyram Ghaut - 13th June 1857. Aged 28. Assistant-Commissary in Oude, serving with the 3rd Oude Irregulars.
Memorial at Harrow School - "Sacred to the memory of Joseph C. Longueville Clarke Lieut in the 67th Bengal Native Infantry & 2nd in Command of the 3rd Oude Infantry who was murdered by the mutineers during the Indian Revolt of 1857 at the age of 28 yrs."

The Corps of Guides - Infantry :

Lieutenant Alexander William Murray - killed in action at Delhi - 14th September 1857.
Aged 21. Son of Rev. David Murray, of Hereford. Joined the Bengal Army in 1853.
Grave on the Ridge, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of Alexander William Murray, Lieutenant in the 42nd Bengal NLI and attached during the Siege of Delhi to the Corps of Guides who fell while encouraging his men to follow his own brave example on the 14th September 1857. In admiration of his unvarying gallantry, his Comrades in the Guides erect this tomb."

Punjab Cavalry :

Major Charles Ayshford Sanford - killed in action at Lucknow - 10th March 1858.
Aged 28. Son of Edward Sanford and Henrietta, of Somerset. Joined the Bengal Army in 1850.

Captain John Peloquin Cosserat - wounded at Koorsee - 23rd March 1858. died 18th April 1858
Aged 33. 1st Punjab Cavalry. Son of Revd. George P. Cosserat, Rector of Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Lieutenant Frederick James MacDonnell - killed in action at Koorsee - 23rd March 1858.
Aged 25. Born in Dublin. Joined the Bengal Army in 1853.

Punjab Infantry :

Lieutenant Thomas Frankland - killed in action at Lucknow - 16th November 1857
Aged 29. Son of Sir Frederick Frankland and Dame Katherine Margaret Frankland. Two other sons also died in service - Midshipman Frederick Roger Frankland, HMS Winchester who died of fever at Sierre Leone, 23 jan. 1844, aged 20 and Midshipman Harry Albert Frankland, HMS Alarm, died of fever off Vera Cruz, 9 May 1847, aged 17.
Memorial at St. Marys Church, Thirsk -
"Sacred to the memory of Thomas Frankland, Lieut 48th Madras Native Infantry and 2nd in Command 2nd Punjab Regt killed in action with the sepoy rebels, leading an assault at the Relief of Lucknow 17th Nov. 1858 aged 29 years."

Lieutenant H. T. Macqueen - wounded at Lucknow - 16th November 1857. died of wounds

Lieutenant Frederic Folliott Oldfield - wounded at Lucknow - 16th November 1857. died of wounds
Son of H.S. Oldfield, late Bengal Civil Service.

Lieutenant Eaton Joseph Travers - wounded at Delhi - 3rd August 1857. died of wounds
Aged 32. 32nd B.N.I. Served with 1st Punjab Rifles. Son of the late Major-General Sir Robert Travers, KCB.

Lieutenant E. C. P. Willoughby - killed in action at Rooya - 15th April 1858

Lieutenant George Austen Patterson Younghusband - 5th Punjab Infantry - 2nd January 1858
Memorial at Bamburgh Parish Church, Northumberland -
"Lt. George Austen Patterson Younghusband 5th Punjab Infantry Born 18th November 1831 - mortally wounded at Futtehgur during the Indian Mutiny 2nd January 1858."
Memorial at St. Peters Church, Freshford, Avon - "In memory of Lieut. George Younghusband, Commanding Squadron 5th Punjab Cavalry on the outbreak of the terrible Indian Mutiny of 1857. He was serving on the Afghan border of India then, that renowned body the Delhi Army was formed, his squadron with 2 others of the Punjab Force pressed forward and joined it as the avenging army swept through Delhi on to Agra, to Cawnpore, to Lucknow; their charging cry was heard on every battlefield and never heard but was followed by victory at last, when the campaign was nearly closed, he fell mortally wounded, near Futteghur on 2nd Jany 1858 and died on the second day aged 26 years. He was borne to his grave by grey bearded Sikh warriors who wept when they thought he had led them in his last battle."
Memorial at St. Aidans Church, Bamburgh, Northumberland - "To the glory of God and in memory of the five sons of Major-General Charles Younghusband Royal Artillery. General Romer Younghusband CB Bombay Staff Corps. Born 10 December 1819, died 12 December 1905. Lieut.gen. Charles Younghusband, CB, FRS, Royal Artillery. Born 20 June 1821, died 28 October 1899. Major-General John William Younghusband, CSI, Bombay Staff Corps. Born 2 January 1823, died 20 July 1907. Lieutenant Edward Younghusband 9th Bombay, born 30 July 1824, killed in action at the siege of Mooltan 27 December 1848. Lieut. George Austen Patterson Younghusband 5th Punjab Cavalry, born 18 November 1831, mortally wounded at Futtehghur during the Indian Mutiny 2 January 1858."

Seikh Irregular Cavalry :

Captain Frederick Wale - killed in action at Lucknow - 21st March 1858
(att. from 48th Bengal N.I.) Aged 23. Son of General Sir Charles Wale, KCB, 33rd Foot. Commanding Wale's Horse.

Lieutenant R. A. Hamilton - killed in action at Tonse River, Azimghur - 15th April 1858
(att. from 10th Bengal Light Cavalry).

Lieutenant A. R. Mackenzie - killed in action at Lucknow - 2nd March 1858

Seikh Infantry :

Lieutenant R. J. Grant - killed in action at Jerwah - 30th April 1859.
(att. from 64th Bengal N.I.)

Lieutenant James Yorke - wounded at Delhi - 19th June 1857. died of wounds.
(att. from 3rd B.N.I.)

Bengal Volunteer Cavalry :

Lieutenant L. Hunt - killed in action near Saugur

Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry :

Captain A. Giffard - wounded at Doomureeagunge - 26th November 1858. died of wounds

Cornet Hugh Troup - killed in action at Tilga - 17th April 1858

Bengal Artillery