Indian Mutiny 1857-59


4th Madras Light Cavalry :

Captain J.S. Douglas - wounded at Kheri - 7th October 1858. died of wounds

Captain A. Tottenham - wounded at Ramkarra, near Jabalpore - 6th November 1857. died of wounds

5th Madras Light Cavalry :

Captain George Lawrence Herbert Gall - killed carrying despatches from Lucknow to Allahabad - 13th June 1857
Commanding 2nd Oude Irregular Cavalry.

8th Madras Light Cavalry :

Captain George King Newberry - killed in action at Lingasagoor, near Shorapur - 8th February 1858
Son of Thomas Raikes Newberry.

1st Madras Fusiliers :

Memorial at the Residency, Lucknow - "Sacred to the memory of Brigadier General J.G.S. Neill A.D.C. to the Queen. Col J.L. Stephenson c.o. Major S.G.C. Renaud Lieut. W.G. Groom. Lieut N.H. Arnold. Lieut A.A. Richardson. Lieut J.A. Chisholm Liuet F. Dobbs 352 non-commissioned officers, drummers and rank and file of the First Madras Fusiliers who fell during the supression of the rebellion in Bengal 1857-58."

Lieutenant-Colonel John Stephenson, C.B.- wounded at Lucknow - 5th October 1857. died of wounds 21st October 1857
Aged 47.

Major Syndenham George C. Renaud - wounded at Aong, 15th July 1857. Left leg amputated. died of wounds

Lieutenant Nelson Henry Arnold - wounded at Charbagh Bridge, Lucknow - 25th September 1857. Left leg amputated. died of wounds

Lieutenant H. Francis - killed in action at Lucknow - 16th November 1857

Lieutenant William Tate Groom - wounded at Lucknow - 5th October 1857. died of wounds 21st October
Aged 26. Son of the late Richard Groom, Solicitor to the India Board.

Lieutenant Angelo Richardson - killed in action at Oonao - 29th July 1857

3rd Madras European Regiment :

Lieutenant Clarence Colbek - wounded at Banda - 19th April 1858. died of wounds 20th April 1858

10th Madras Native Infantry :

Captain Francis David Gordon - murdered by mutineers at Jhansi - 7th June 1857
Assistant-Superintendent, Jhansi District. Aged 35. Last surviving son of Michael Francis Gordon, of Abergeldie, Aberdeenshire. (The Times 5-8-57)

Captain W.G.P. Jenkins - killed in action at Enotah - 14th October 1857

31st Madras Native Infantry :

Lieutenant Charles Marsham Parsons - drowned near Fyzabad - 8th June 1857
Aged 25. Son of the late Lieut-Colonel Parsons, CMG. Drowned while escaping from mutineers of 17th Bengal N.I. while he was serving with the 6th Oude Irregulars.

34th Madras Native Infantry :

Lieutenant John Peloquin Cosserat - wounded at Lucknow, 23rd March 1858 - died of wounds 10th April 1858.

35th Madras Native Infantry :

Lieutenant H.P. Power - killed in action near Sircy - 19th February 1858

39th Madras Native Infantry :

Captain H.D. Hart - murdered by mutineers at Vellore - 12th November 1858

Captain John Sinclair - killed in action at Jhansi - 3rd April 1858
Memorial at Bower cemetery, Caithness - "Erected by officers 39th Madras Native Infantry in memory of Capt John Sinclair, eldest son of Sir John Sinclair, Baronet of Dunbeath, killed in action Jhansi 5.4.1858 aged 35."

40th Madras Native Infantry :

Captain A.P. Woodbridge - killed in action near Sumbulpore - 12th February 1858
Son of E.C. Woodbridge, of Brighton.

43rd Madras Native Infantry :

Lieutenant R.C.A. Stuart - wounded at Mandwar - 20th January 1858. died of wounds

48th Madras Native Infantry :

Lieutenant Thomas Frankland - killed in action at Lucknow - 17th November 1857
Son of Sir Frederick Frankland (8th Baronet of Thikleby, Yorkshire and Dame Katharine.
Memorial in St. Simon's Church, Portsmouth -
"..... also of their three gallant sons: Fredk. Roger, Midshipman HMS Revenge who died of fever at Sierra Leone Jan 23rd 1845. Thomas, Lieut 48th M.N.I. killed in action at the Secunderbagh Nov 17th 1857. Harry Albert, Midshipman HMS Alarm who died of yellow fever at Vera Cruz May 9th 1847."

Madras Artillery :

Lieutenant C. W. Crump - killed in action at Lucknow - 26th September 1857

Madras Engineers :

Captain C. Scott - killed in action at Rehora - 23rd November 1858

Bombay Army