BACON  - Captain Arthur Henry - 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Killed at Colenso. 15th Dec. 1899. Aged 37. Son of Major-General E.A. Bacon (Bombay Staff Corps).

BAILEY - Captain Edward Burdon - 4/Derbyshire Regt.
Died in an accident at Port Elizabeth. 15th Feb. 1901.

BAILLIE  - Captain William Lyon Dennistoun - 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers
 Killed at Frederickstad. 25th Oct. 1900. Aged 28. He was killed leading a charge, having been wounded twice but staggered forward until killed by a third shot.

BAINES - Lieutenant Lancelot Oswald Talbot - 1/East Lancashire Regt.
Died of enteric at Heilbron. 4th March 1902. Aged 24. Educated Cheltenham College. Son of L.T. Baines, of Bawtry, Yorkshire. Born July 1877.

BAKER - Lieutenant Joseph William - Army Service Corps
Died of wounds at Pretoria. 12th May 1902. Aged 42. He had served 18 years before bring commissioned in July 1901.

BALL-ACTON - 2nd Lieutenant Vere Annesley - Oxfordshire Light Infantry
Killed at Paardeberg. 18th Feb. 1900. Aged 20. Born April 1879.

BARBER - 2nd Lieutenant Arthur - 50th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of enetric at Springfontein. 25th May 1901. He had served as a trooper in the 44th Co. IY (Loyal Suffolk Hussars) but was invalided home. On recovering he was commissioned and returned to South Africa.

BARCLAY -  2nd Lieutenant Charles Roger  - 2/Northumberland Fusiliers
Killed near Reddersburg. 4th April 1900. Aged 22. Son of Charles Barclay, of Bayford. Born 9th Jan. 1878.

BARKER - Lieutenant E. H. - South African Light Horse
Killed at Kaliesfontein. 5th March 1901. Aged 32.

BARKER  - Lieutenant Francis Oswald - 5/Lancashire Fusiliers
Died of enteric at Pietermaritzberg. 2nd Feb. 1900. Attached to the Army Service Corps. Buried in Intombi Cemetery.

BARNETT - Lieutenant Richard Charles - King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed at Talana Hill. 20th Oct. 1899. Aged 23. Son of Charles Edward Barnett, of Watford. Born 3rd December 1875.

BARNINGHAM -  Veterinary-Lieut. Darnley C. -  20th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of enteric at Pretoria. 7th Dec. 1900.

BARRETT - Captain Rushland T. - Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
Killed at Florence. 21st Sept. 1901.

BARROW - Lieutenant Stephen Douglas - Royal Engineers
Died of enteric at Modder River. 9th March 1900. Aged 23. Son of F.H. Barrow (late Bengal Civil Service). Born July 1876.

BARTER - Lieutenant J. St. A. - Johannesburg Mounted Rifles
Died of enteric at Johannesburg. 5th Feb. 1901.

BARTTELOT - Captain Sir Walter George - 2nd Volunteer Batt., Royal Sussex Regt.
Killed at Retief's Nek. 23rd July 1900. Aged 45. Son of the first Baronet Barttelot and Harriet (daughter of Sir Christopher Musgrave), of Edenhall, Cumberland. Husband of Georgiana Balfour.

BASCHE - Lieutenant Carl Oswald - 1/New South Wales Mounted Rifles
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 16th Oct. 1900.
Memorial at St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "Erected by the members of the New South Wales Army Service Corps in memory of their comrades who lost their lives in South Africa while serving their country 1899-1902: Captain David Frederick Miller. Lieut. Rupert Harrington Harriott. Lieut. Carl Oswald Basche. Driver Walter Montrose Ellis. Driver Thomas Morrissey. Driver John Stewart."

BATE - Lieutenant Roger Whitley - 3/Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Killed at Rostpan. 5th Dec. 1901. Aged 19. Son of Thomas Bate, of Kelsterton, Flint. Born October 1882.

BAYLEY - 2nd Lieutenant Melville Gordon - 3/Royal Lancaster Regt.
Invalided home to England. Died 25th Jan. 1901. Son of Sir Stewart Colvin Bayley, KCSI (late Lieut-Governor of Bengal), of Kensington.

BAYNES - Lieutenant J. T. - 12th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Drowned at Kroonstad. 30th Nov. 1901.

BEGBIE - Captain Alfred Richard Glynn - Royal Field Artillery
Killed at Holspruit. 24th Feb. 1902. Aged 26. Mentioned in despatches for "very marked gallantry in action." (LG. 18th July 1902.) Son of Lieut-Colonel Begbie (late Royal Engineers). Born April 1875. Served with 75th Battery, Royal Field Artillery. Transferred to 'T' Battery Royal Horse Artillery. In charge of a Pom-Pom section when he was killed.

BELCHER - 2nd Lieutenant William Greaves - 38th Battery Royal Field Artillery
Killed near Lindley. 3rd July 1900. Aged 22. Born July 1878.

BELL - Lieutenant Reginald William - Royal Engineers
Died of enteric at De Aar. 11th Feb. 1900. Aged 25. Son of Rev. W. Bell. Born Aptil 1874.

BELLEW - Captain Robert Walter Dillon - 16th Lancers
Killed at Fourteen Streams, Piquetberg Road. 16th Oct. 1901. Born July 1872. Joined the army March 1892. Served at Tirah 1897-8. While recovering from enteric at Bloemfontein, he was appointed Assistant Press Censor, before rejoining his regiment.

BENNET - Captain Arthur Buckley -  2/Royal Warwickshire Regt.
Died of peritonitis at Bloemfontein. 24th April 1900. Aged 33. Born June 1866. Educated at Cheltenham College.

BENSON - Lieutenant A. E. - Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
Wounded at Klip Kraal and died at Deelfontein. Originally served with the New South Wales Bushmen.

BENSON - Colonel George Elliott - Royal Artillery
  Wounded at Brakenlaagte. Died 31st October 1901. Aged 40. Son of the late William Benson, of Allerwash, Northumberland. Born May 1861. Entered the Royal Artillery in 1880. Served in Egypt 1885 (medal and clasp, Khedives Star, wounded at Hasheen), Ashanti 1895 (star), and the Dongola Expeditionary Force 1896 (Khedives Medal and 2 clasps, MID, Order of Osmanieh 4th class). At Brakenlaagte he was was twice wounded before being killed.

BENSON - Captain Richard Arthur Starling - 1/Coldstream Guards
Died of dysentry at Wynberg Hospital. 19th Feb. 1900. Aged 30. Son of Colonel Starling Benson (late 17th Lancers). Born December 1869.

BENTLEY - Lieutenant Oliver Tyser - 2/Worcestershire Regt.
Killed at Bethlehem. 29th Dec. 1900. Aged 20. Born March 1880.

BERGHUYS - Lieutenant H. G. - Kitchener's Horse
Died of wounds at Krugersdorp. Feb. 1901.

BERNEY - Captain Thomas Hugh - 2/West Yorkshire Regt.
Killed at Monte Christo. 18th Feb. 1900. Aged 33. Son of Sir Henry H. Berney, of Barton Bendish, Norfolk and Jane Bloxam. Born October 1866. Served in Ashanti 1895-6 (star). He was the first man to reach the top of Monte Christo in the assault and was shot in the head.

BERRY - Lieutenant Charles Frederick - Prince of Wales' s Light Horse
Killed in action. 31st March 1901. Aged 31. Commanded the Cycle Section.

BERRY - Lieutenant W. J. - New Zealand Mounted Infantry
Died of pneumonia at Johannesburg. 10th June 1900.

BERTHON - Lieutenant Herbert Cecil Willoughby - 2/Black Watch
Wounded at Magersfontein. Died at Wynberg on the 15th Dec. 1899. Aged 34. Son of Major-General T.P. Berthon, of the Isle of Wight. Served in the ranks for 7 years, commissioned 1894 in the East Yorkshire Regt. Transferred to the Black Watch in 1897.

BESLEY - 2nd Lieut. Arthur Charles Gordon - 4/Royal Fusiliers
Killed at Wedelfontein. 23rd June 1901. Aged 20. Son of Charles Robert Besley. Born April 1881.

BEST - Lieutenant Alexander Archie Dunlop - Gordon Highlanders
Killed in an attack on a train, near Naboom Spruit. 4th July 1901. Aged 22. Son of A.V. Dunlop Best. Born May 1879.

BETTY - 2nd Lieut. G. E. K. - Army Service Corps
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 25th Feb. 1901.

BICKFORD-SMITH - Captain George Percy - Imperial Yeomanry
Died of wounds at Heilbron. 30th May 1901. Son of W. Bickford-Smith, of Trevarno, Cornwall.

BIDDULPH - Captain Charles Thomas - 3/Leinster Regt.
Died of enteric at Queenstown. 26th April 1900. Aged 30. Son of Lieut-Colonel F.E. Biddulph (late 9th Norfolk Regt.). Born June 1869. Had joined the Colonial Office and served as Superintendent of Police in Gambia.

BINGHAM - Lieutenant John Anderson - 23rd Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Wounded at De Hook, 5th Feb. 1902. Died at Calvinia, on the 11th. Aged 27. Son of William Bingham, of Claughton. Born 9th Oct. 1874.

BIRCH - Captain Charles Francis Grey - 1/South Lancashire Regt.
Killed at Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900. ('while rescuing a wounded man.') Aged 33. Son of Colonel Birch (late 4th North Lancashire Regt.), of South Devon.
Memorial in the Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy -
"In beloved memory of Charles Grant Francis Grey Birch Capt South Lancashire Regiment only son of Colonel Birch of Lympston Grange, S. Devon. Born Nov. 18th 1866. He was killed at the Battle of Spion Kop January 24th 1900 while endeavouring to save a wounded man. His body rests in a military cemetary near Spion Kop. This memorial is placed by his heart broken aunt Francis Birch."

BIRCH - Lieutenant John E. - Canadian Mounted Infantry
Killed at Reit Vlei. 16th July 1900.
Memorial at St. Anns Cemetery, Niagara, Canada - 
"In memory of Lieut. John E. Burch, son of O. and E. J. Burch, born at St. Anns, 1874, killed in South Africa while leading a charge against the Boers, July 16th, 1900."

BIRD - 2nd Lieutenant Hubert Bertram Drought - 9th Battery Royal Field Artillery
Died of enteric at Winburg.  28th July 1900. Aged 20. Son of J.D. Birch, of Dublin.

BLACKBURN - Captain Leslie Dewing - Scottish Rifles
Died of wounds at Crocodile's Poort, 22nd Oct. 1899. Aged 34. Born 29th June 1865.

BLACKETT - Lieutenant Algernon Carey - South African Constabulary
Killed at Syferfontein. 8th Feb. 1902. Aged 28. Son of Captain E.A. Blackett (Royal Navy), of Wylam, Northumberland. Born 6th May 1873. (QSA 6 clasps, KSA.)

BLACKWOOD - Captain Alexander Thomas - 1/South Staffordshire Regt.
Wounded at Olivier's Farm, 20th April 1902. Died the same day. Aged 29. Son of Captain T. Blackwood (late Inniskilling Dragoons), of Ayr. Born August 1872.

BLAIR - Captain Hugh Maxwell - Seaforth Highlanders
Killed at Koodoosburg. 7th Feb. 1900. Aged 28. Son of Alexander Blair (Advocate-Sheriff of the Lothians and Peebles). Born 1872. Served at Chitral 1895 (medal and clasp). Served with the West African Frontier Force.

BLAKE - 2nd Lieutenant Robert Charles Sydney - 2/East Kent Regt.
Accidentally killed at Alkmaar. 19th May 1902. Aged 21. Born July 1880.

BLANCHARD - Lieutenant Monson Goridge -  Royal Canadian Regt.
Wounded at Roodevaal, 7th June 1900. Died at Kroonstad on the 15th.

BLAND - Sub-Lieutenant Horatio Skene - H.M.S. Beagle
Drowned at Seal Island, Mossel Bay, Cape Colony. 29th Sept. 1901. Aged 21. Son of Captain Horatio Bland (late King's Own Scottish Borderers), of Newark, Notts.

BLANDY - Captain Robert Acton - Colonial Defence Force
Killed in the Bamboo mountains, near Molteno. 22nd Nov. 1901. Aged 31. Son of Adam Fettiplace Blandy, of Warren, Abingdon. Born March 1870.
Memorial at St. Nicholas Church, Abingdon, Oxon -
"Robert Blandy eldest son of above. Captain C.D.F. Killed in action near Molteno Cape Colony 22 Nov. 1901 aged 31."

BLEWITT - Lieutenant Charles Oakes Bates - 1/Rifle Brigade
Killed near Blood River Poort. 17th Sept. 1901. Aged 26. Born July 1875.

BLOUNT - Major Charles Hubert - 20th Battery Royal Field Artillery
Died of dysentry at Wynberg. 23rd Feb. 1900. Aged 44. Born July 1855.

BLUNDELL - Lieutenant Wilfrid Astley Blundell-Hollinshead- -  Grenadier Guards
Died of wounds at Belmont. 23rd Nov. 1899. Aged 28. Son of Canon Blundell Hollinshead-Blundell, of Halsall. Born May 1871. Killed by a wounded Boer to whom he was offering his water bottle.

BLUNT - Major Robert Bruce - 2/Lancashire Fusiliers
Wounded at Llangelegen, 19th Feb. 1902. Died the next day. Aged 28. Son of George Blunt, of Leicester. Born 17th May 1873. Served in the Sudan 1898 (medal and Khedives medal). He was serving as Staff Officer, Dundee Sub-district at the time of his death.

BOOTH - Major Arthur William Calvert - 1/Northumberland Fusiliers
Killed near Bloemfontein Water Works. 31st March 1900. Aged 32. Son of W. Booth. Born June 1867. Served Hazara 1888 (medal and clasp), the Niger 1897-8 (medal and clasp)

BORDEN - Lieutenant Harold L. - Royal Canadian Dragoons
Killed at Reit Vlei. 16th July 1900.

BOWEN - Major Robert Scarlett - 2/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed at Wagon Hill, Ladysmith. 6th Jan. 1900. Aged 37. Educated at Cheltenham College.

BOYD - Captain A. J. - South African Constabulary
Died of enteric at Pretoria. 20th April 1902.

BOYLE - Lieutenant Cecil D. - Orange River Colony Police
Serving as Assistant District Commissioner, at Lindley. He was captured at Dewetsdorp 23rd Nov. 1900. He was shot in the back on 2nd January 1901 by one of his captors. A murder trial was held at Bloemfontein in Feb. 1903, but Barend Celliers was acquitted. He later admitted shooting Lieut. Boyle.

BOYLE - Captain Cecil W. - Oxfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry
Killed near Boshof. 5th April 1900. The first Yeomanry Officer to be killed in the War.

BRABANT - Lieutenant Arthur Edward - Imperial Light Horse
Wounded at Ladysmith on the 3rd Nov. 1899. Died on the 5th. Aged 33. Son of Major-General Sir E.Y. Brabant, KCB, CMG, MLA, (Commandant General of the Colonial Defence Force), of Cape Town. Born 12th Nov. 1865. Had served in the Matabele War.

BRADBURN - Lieutenant H. H. - New Zealand Mounted Infantry
Died of wounds at Crocodile Drift. 19th Aug. 1900.

BRADBURY - Lieutenant Lewis Balfour - 2/Gordon Highlanders
Wounded at Elandslaagte, 21st Oct. 1899. Died the next day. Aged 21. Son of L.J. Bradbury (Bengal Civil Service), of Edinburgh.

BRADSHAW - Captain William Edmond John - York and Lancaster Regt.
Killed at Zoutspan Drift. 13th Dec. 1899. Aged 31. Born 1868. Served in the Sudan 1898 (medal, Khedives medal and 2 clasps, Order of Medjidie 4th class, MID).

BRANCKER - 2nd Lieutenant Grafton Lloyd Dulaney - South Staffordshire Regt.
Killed at Ficksburg. 25th June 1900. Aged 23. Born 23rd Dec. 1876.

BRASIER-CREAGH - Captain George Percy - 9th Bengal Lancers
Son of John (ex-Royal Navy) he was born 4th September 1864. Entered the army in 1881. Joined Bengal Cavalry in 1886. ADC to the Viceroy of India 1889-94. Served in the Mirzani and Samana expeditions (medal and clasp), Chitral relief and Tirah (medal and clasps) In 1900 he went to South Africa. Commanding Robert's Horse. Wounded at Karreefontein, 23rd April 1900. Died on the 27th at Eirstelaagte. Aged 36.
Memorial in Christ Church, Rawalpindi -
"To the glory of God and in memory of Rachel wife of G.P. Brazier Creagh Captain 9th Bengal Lancers Born 31 Dec 1873 died at Rawalpindi 29 Dec 1899 also in memory of G.P. Brazier Creagh her husband born Sep 4 1864 died of wounds received at Leeuw Kop South Africa April 27 1900."

BRASS - Captain Ernest Henry - East Yorkshire Regt.
Drowned in the Wilge River. 10th Nov. 1901. Aged 32. Son of Rev. H. Brass. Born 1869.

BRASSEY - 2nd Lieutenant Percy Frederick - 9th Lancers
Killed at Kimberley. 15th Feb. 1900. Aged 23. Son of Albert Brassey, MP, of Heythrop. Born Dec. 1876.

BREE - Lieutenant Reginald Stephen Robert Stapylton - 'H' Company, Victorian Mounted Rifles
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein 26th May 1900.Born 2nd September 1880 at Bewsall, Hamilton, Victoria, son of Robert and Annie Stapylton Bree. Buried at Bloemfontein.
Memorial at Hamilton College, Victoria -
"In memory of Reginald Stephen Robert Staplyton Bree, formerly a pupil of this college, who while fighting as a lieutenant for his country in South Africa with courage as becomes a man, was seized with fever and died, May 26, 1900."

BRENES - Lieutenant Francis George Dominic - 5/Royal Fusiliers
Killed at Amajuba. 29th March 1902. Attached 5th Mounted Infantry.

BRIGHT - Lieutenant Ashley Rowland - 1/Oxfordshire Light Infantry
Killed at Paardeberg. 18th Feb. 1900. Aged 27. Son of G. Bright, of Clifton. Born Nov. 1872. (QSA and 5 clasps).

BRINDLEY - Captain George Frederick Wallace - 2/Manchester Regt.
Died of wounds at Holland. 19th Dec. 1901. Aged 27. Born July 1874.

BRINE - Lieutenant Robert Walter Maxwell - Northumberland Fusiliers
Killed at Belmont. 23rd Nov. 1899. Aged 24. Son of Colonel Bruce Brine (Royal Engineers). Born 23rd June 1875. Served in the Nile expedition 1898 (medal and clasp).
Memorial in Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"In loving memory of Edward Boaz Eagar: Captain and of Robert Walter Maxwell Brine Lieutenant, Fifth Fusiliers they served in the Soudan Expedition to Khartoum and at the Occupation of Crete in 1898-9 and were killed in action 23 Nov 1899 at Belmont S. Africa where they rest aged 39 and 24 respectively. Their death they were not divided."

BROADBENT - Lieutenant John W. - 8th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Killed at Gelegenfontein. 24th Nov. 1901.

BROADLEY - Captain Thomas Stephen Charles William - 1/Royal Scots
Died of enteric at Sterkstroom. 18th Feb. 1900. Aged 32. Born Jan. 1868.

BRODIE - Captain Alastair William Mathew - Seaforth Highlanders
Killed at Magersfontein. 11th Dec. 1899. Aged 28. Son of Hugh Brodie, of Brodie Castle, Forres and Lady Eleanor Ducie. Born April 1871. Served in Hazara 1891 (medal and clasp), Chitral 1895 (medal and clasp). Served in the Royal Niger Constabulary 1897-8 against slave raiders.

BROMFIELD - Captain Charles Gwyn Trivet - 87th Co. 22nd Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of wounds at Boshof, 16th Feb. 1902.

BROOKE - Lieutenant Edward Vanreenen Ingham - 2/Yorkshire Light Infantry
Killed at Brakenlaagte. 31st Oct. 1901. Aged 24. Son of Archdeacon Brooke, Vicar of Halifax. Born Sept. 1877.

BROOKS - Lieutenant S. F. - Volunteer Company, East Surrey Regt.
Died of enteric at Newcastle. 9th June 1900.

BROWN - Captain Arthur Wale - 1/Suffolk Regt.
Wounded at Rensburg, 6th Jan. 1900. Died at Pretoria. Aged 33. Son of J. Brown, of Teignmouth. Born 1867.
Buried at Colesburg Military Cemetery -
"Capt Arthur Wale Brown - 1st Suffolk Regt."
Memorial at Suffolk Hill, Colesburg, South Africa -
"Sacred to the memory of .... Capt. A. W. Brown ...... Killed in Action near this spot 6 January 1900. Faithful Unto Death."

BROWN - Lieutenant A. Wylde - Natal Carabineers
Died of enteric at Pietersmaritzburg. 28th May 1900.

BROWNE - Major Henry Montague - 1/East Lancashire Regt.
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 23rd May 1900. Aged 42. Son of Rev. Henry G. Cavendish Browne, Rector of Bredon and Amelia Brown. Born Nov. 1857. Served in Chitral 1895 (medal and clasp).
Memorial at St. Giles Church, Bredon -
"In memory of Major Henry Montague Browne 30th Regt. Died of Enteric at Bloemfontaine May 25 1900 aged 42 and of Lieut. James Cavendish Browne Imperial Yeomanry who fell in action at Vrede Oct 23 1900 aged 37. Sons of
Henry and Amelia Cavendish Browne at Bredon Rectory, and grandsons of the late Honble Henry Montague Browne, Dean of Lismore who died at this rectory Nov 24 1884 aged 84."

BROWNE - Lieutenant James Cavendish - Imperial Yeomanry
Killed at Vrede. 23rd Oct. 1900. Aged 37. Son of Rev. Henry G. Cavendish Browne, Rector of Bredon and Amelia Browne.
Memorial at St. Giles Church, Bredon -
"In memory of Major Henry Montague Browne 30th Regt. Died of Enteric at Bloemfontaine May 25 1900 aged 42 and of Lieut. James Cavendish Browne Imperial Yeomanry who fell in action at Vrede Oct 23 1900 aged 37. Sons of
Henry and Amelia Cavendish Browne at Bredon Rectory, and grandsons of the late Honble Henry Montague Browne, Dean of Lismore who died at this rectory Nov 24 1884 aged 84."

BRYAN - Lieutenant Harold William - 28th Co. Imperial Yeomanry
Killed at Hardeville. 22nd Oct. 1901.

BUCHANAN - Lieutenant Daniell - Kitchener's Horse
Killed near Paardeberg. 18th Feb. 1900. Son of James Buchanan, of Campden, Gloucestershire. In 1899 he was working as a Mining Engineer in Mexico. He sailed to South Africa to volunteer.
Memorial from the Grammar School, High street, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of Lieut. Daniel Buchanan, Kitchener's Light Horse. Killed in action at Paardeburg, Feb 18th 1900 aged 36."

BUCHANAN-RIDDELL - Major Henry Edward - 2/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Died of enteric at Natal. 16th March 1900. Aged 40. Son of Rev. J.C. Buchanan-Riddell. Born Jan. 1860. Husband of Mildred Phelips. Served in Egypt 1882 and 1884-5 (medal and 4 clasps and Khedives star). He was wounded at Elandslaagte. Brother of officer below.

BUCHANAN-RIDDELL - Lieutenant-Colonel Robert George - 3/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Killed near Spion Kop. 24th Jan. 1900. Aged 46. Brother of the above. Born in 1854. Husband of Agnes Houldsworth.

BULL - Lieutenant Arthur - 3/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Died of wounds at Rooival. 11th April 1902.

BULL - Captain George Parker - 4/North Staffordshire Regt.
Died of empyema at Cape Colony. 11th June 1902. Aged 32. Educated at Cheltenham College. Son of Colonel J.J. Bull (56th Foot), of Falmouth. Grandson of the late Sir George Parker (74th Bengal Infantry).

BURCH - Lieut. John Edgar - Royal Canadian Dragoons
Killed at Reit Vlei. 16th July 1900.
Memorial at St. catharine's, Niagara, Canada -
"Lieut. J. Edgar Burch, Adjt. 2d Dragoons, attached to 1st Battalion C.M.R., on special duty, killed in action near Pretoria, South Africa, July 16th. 1900.

BURTON - 2nd Lieut. Arthur Collingwood - Coldstream Guards
Wounded at Belmont on the 23rd Nov. 1899. Died 26th. Aged 21. Son of Alfred H. Burton, of Queen's Gate.

BUSUTTIL - Lieutenant Michael Albert - 24th Batt. Imperial Yeomanry
Died of enetric at Bloemfontein. 13th May 1902.

BUTLER - Lieutenant Stanley J. H. - Cornwall and Devon Miners Royal Garrison Artillery
Died of enteric at Standerton. 6th June 1902. Attached to the 53rd Battery, Royal Field Artillery.

BUTTERS  - Captain A. - Commander-in-Chief's Bodyguard
Died of wounds 6th Jan. 1901.

BUXTON - Lieutenant Roland Henry Buxton - 2/Norfolk Regt.
Killed near Sterkfontein, 13th December 1901. Born 1874. Served in the West African Frontier Force, Niger 1897-8.

BYRNE - Lieutenant Alfonso - 3/Bedfordshire Regt.
Died of enteric at Bloemfontein. 11th June 1900. Serving at No.1 Depot Remount Department.
Monument at ICL Beaumont -
"Capt. F. Owen-Lewis Nov 24 1899 near Graspan. Lieut. A. Byrne June 10 1900 Bloemfontein. Lieut. J. Lawlor Augt 30 1900 Waterwal. Lieut. A.E. Murphy May 29 1901 Middlekraal. 2nd Lieut. R. Stapelton-Bretherton Jany 30 1902 Ronderan. RIP This monument in memory of old Beaumont boys who fell in the South African War 1899-1902 was erceted by by some old boys and friends of Beaumont 1903."