22nd November 1848

Colonel Charles Robert CURETON, CB - 16th Light Dragoons - killed in action.
Aged 60. Born in 1789, he joined the 14th Light Dragoons under the name Charles Roberts, and served throught the Peninsular Campaign, transferring to the 1/40th Foot. He recieved the MGS medal with 11 clasps! In 1819 he was a Lieutenant with the 16th Light Dragoons. He earned the Ghuzni medal in 1839, the Gwalior star and a CB in 1842. The Sutlej medal ('Aliwal') in 1846, and was appointed Adjutant General in India, in 1846. He was appointed a Brigadier-General for the Punjab campaign. He was killed when he tried to 'stop the fatal charge made by Colonel Havelock and the 14th Light Dragoons...' His third son, Lieutenant Augustus John Cureton, 14th Light Dragoons, was killed soon after at Chilianwalla.
Memorial at Ramnagur -
"Sacred to the memory of Brigadier General Charles Robert Cureton, CB. Adjutant General, 16th Light Dragoons, Queen's Troop who fell in the Engagement with the Sikh Troops near this spot on the 22nd November 1848 When in Command of the Cavalry of the of the Army under General Lord Gough. Aged 60 Years."

Captain John Forster FITZGERALD - 14th Light Dragoons - wounded on the 22nd and died of his wounds on the 26th November 1848. Born c. 1820, the eldest son of Field-Marshall Sir John Forster FitzGerald, GCB (18th Foot). He served at Ghuzni (Medal) in 1839.

Lieutenant-Colonel William HAVELOCK, KH - 14th Light Dragoons - killed in action.
Aged 55. Born 23 January 1793 at Sunderland. Son of William Havelock and brother of Major-General Sir Henry Havelock, KCB. Served in the Peninsular with the 1/43rd Foot and received the MGS with 7 clasps. He was slightly wounded at Quatre Bras and was at Waterloo (Medal). In 1824 he was made a Knight of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order.He was killed when he led a charge against Sikh troops, but the charge became bogged down in a river bed and was fired upon from the banks. He left a widow, Caroline.
Memorial at Ramnagur -
"Sacred to the memory of William Havelock, Lt Colonel 14 Lt. Dragoons. who fell nobly on the field of Ramnaggar near this spot at the head of his gallant Regt on the 22nd Nov 1848. Born 1793, entered the army 1808, and joined the Peninsular Army, came to India in 1824 and served till his gallant death, regarded throughout India for all that is manly, gallant, and becoming in the gentleman and soldier and in the words of his brother the best and bravest of England's chivalry need not disdain to make a pilgrimage to this spot."

Subedar-Major MIR SHER ALI Sirdar Bahadar - 8th Light Cavalry - killed in action. Aged 78.