CLARKE - Captain Robert - HMS Adventure - killed 1st March 1708
Memorial at St. Mary's Church, Charborough, Dorset -
"To the Memory of Captain Robert Clarke, Commander of Her Majesty's Ship Adventure was was killed in an engagement on board her in ye West Indies, the 1st of March 1708 in the 24th year of his age."

EVERETT - Captain Michael John - HMS Ruby - killed 22nd June 1779
Memorial at St Peter & St Paul Church, Fareham, Hampshire -
"Captain Michael John Everett who commanded H.M.S. Ruby was killed by a cannon ball near the island of Hispaniola on 22nd June 1779 AE 26. Smit in the hour of youth's just opening bloom, the aspiring hero found an early tomb. Blush not to weep, but o'er the honoured bier. With virtue and his Country drop a tear."

BUTT - Lieutenant Peter - HMS Conqueror - killed 7th July 1780
Memorial at St. Nicholas' church, Deptford, Kent -
"In memory of Lieut. Peter Butt, R.N., at 17 eldest son of Peter Butt, esquire, who died 7th July 1780, of wounds received on board H.M.S. Conqueror on the 19th of May proceeding in the Fleet under the Command of Vice Admiral Sir George Rodney in action with the French fleet in the West Indies. Also of Lieut. John Butt, second son of Peter Butt, esquire, who was drowned while in command of an armed ship in the North Sea 24th September 1799."

BAYNE - Captain William - killed April 1782
- Captain William - killed April 1782
Captain Robert - killed April 1782
Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London - "Captain William Bayne, Captain William Blair, Captain Robert Manners were mortally wounded in the course of the Naval engagements under the command of Admiral Sir Bridges Rodney on the IXth and the XIIth of April MDLCLXXXII. In memory of their service the King and Parliament of Great Britain have caused this monument to be erected. Lord Robert Manners, aged 24. Capt. William Bayne, aged 30. Captain William Blair, aged 41."

ALMS - Lieutenant George Pigot - HMS Superb - killed 12th April 1782
Memorial at Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex, - "Sacred to the memory of Lt George Pigot Alms of the Royal Navy killed on board the Superb in action with the French fleet in the East Indies 12 April 1782 in the 16th year of his age. Eldest son of James Alms who commanded the Monmouth in the same engagement. His mother caused the monument to be erected."

HEIGHAM - Lieutenant George - HMS Royal George - killed 29th May 1794
Memorial at  St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk -
"George Heigham youngest son of Pell Heigham Esqr and Penelope his wife was born Set.15.1770 and being 8th Lieutenant of his Majesty's Ship the Royal George, fell, by a cannon shot in action with the French Fleet, May 29th 1794. Such were the amiable qualities, such the professional merits of this promising young officer, that his early death will long be a subject of deep regret to his friends, and may be esteemed, no inconsiderable loss to his country."

HARVEY - Captain J. - HMS Brunswick - killed 1st June 1794
HUTT - Captan J. - HMS Queen -
killed 1st June 1794
Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London -
"Sacred to J. Harvey and J. Hutt. Captains of the Brunswick and the Queen who fell gloriously in the memorable victory obtained off Brest on the 1st June MDCCXCIV. This monument was erected at the public expense as an honourable testimony of their meritorious services." 

MONTAGU - Captain James - HMS Montagu - killed 1st June 1794
Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London -
"Erected at the public expense to the memory of James Montagu who was killed on board the Montagu which he gallantly commanded in the memorable victory over the French fleet off Brest on the First of June 1794 in the Forty Second year of his age and twenty eighth of his service."

ROSS - Lieutenant Francis - HMS Tremendous - killed 1st June 1794
Memorial at the Cemetery, Topsham, Devon -
"This monument is dedicated to the memory of my father Lieut. Francis Ross RN who was killed on board HMS Tremendous in the victory of the 1st of June 1794, in the 36th year of his age."

FAULKENOR - Captain Robert - HMS Blanche - killed 5th January 1795
Memorial at St. Paul's Cathedral, London -
"This monument was erected by the British Parliament to commemorate the gallant conduct of Captain Robert Faulkenor who on the 5 January 1795 in the thirty second year of his age and in the moment of victory was killed on board the Blanche frigate while he was engaging La Pique a French frigate of superior force the circumstances of determined bravery that distinguished this action which lasted five hours deserve to be recorded. Captain Faulkenor observing the great superiority of the enemy watched an opportunity of the bowsprit of La Pique coming athwart the Blanche and with his own hands lashed it to the capstern and thus converted the whole stern of the Blanche into one battery but unfortunately soon after this bold and daring manoeuvre he was shot through the heart."

Battle of Cape St. Vincent - 14th February 1797

GODENCH - Midshipman J. - HMS Blenheim - killed
LIVINGSTONE - Lieutenant G.A. -
Royal Marines - HMS Culloden - killed
MORRISS - Captain W. -
Royal Marines - HMS Blenheim - killed
PEFFERS - Boatswain P. - HMS Excellent - killed
WIXON - Master's Mate J. - HMS Blenheim - died of wounds

BURGES - Captain Richard Rundle - HMS Ardent - killed at Camperdown - 11th October 1797
Memorial at St. Paul's Cathedral, London -
"Sacred to the memory of Richard Rundle Burges Esquire commanding His Majesty's Ship The Ardent who fell in the XLIID year of his age while bravely supporting the honour of the British flag in a daring and successful attempt to break the enemy's line near Camperdown on the 11th of October 1797. His skill coolness and intrepidity eminently contributed to a victory equally advantageous and glorious to his country that grateful country by the unanimous act of her legislature enrolls his name high in the list of those heroes who under the blessing of providence have established and maintained her naval superiority and her exalted rank among nations."

JOLLIFFE - Lieutenant George - HMS Bellerophon - killed at Aboukir - 1st August 1798
Memorial at St. Peter's Church, Petersfield, Hampshire - "To the memory of George Jolliffe, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, third son of William Jolliffe Esquire M.P. for this borough: who in the service of his Country bravely met an early but signally distinguished death on board His Majesty's Ship Bellerophon, in the glorious and triumphant contest with the superior Navy of France in the Bay of Aboukir on the Coast of Egypt August the 1st MDCCXCIX, in the 19th Year of his Age. His grateful Country dedicate this marble to perpetuate his well earned fame the charges thereof having been defrayed from a patriotic subscription voluntary raised in aid of the Sufferers and in/honourable Memorial of those who so gallantly fell contending for the brightest Victory ever achieved even by the British Navy."

WESTCOTT - Captain George Blagdon - HMS Majestic - killed at Aboukir - 1st August 1798
Memorial at St. Paul's Cathedral, London - "Erected at the public expense to the memory of George Blagdon Westcott, Captain of the Majestic; who after 33 years of meritorious service, fell gloriously in the victory obtained over the French fleet off Aboukir, the first day of August in the year MDCCXCVIII, in the 46th year of his age."

COOKE - Captain Edward - HMS Sybille - wounded 1st March 1799. died at Calcutta 23rd May 1799
Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London -
Erected by the Honourable East India Company as a grateful testimony to the valour and eminant services of Captain Edward Cooke Commander of His Majesty's ship Sybille; who, on the 1st March 1799, after a long and well-contested engagement captured La-Forte, a French Frigate of very superior force, in the Bay of Bengal: An event not more splendid in its achievement, than important in its results to British Trade in India. He died in consequence of the severe wounds he received in the memorable action on the 23d of May 1799; aged 27."
Grave at South Park Street Cemetery, Calcutta - "Sacred to the memory of Captain Edward Cooke Esq. HM Ship La Sibylle who received a mortal wound in a gallant action with the French Frigate La Forte which he captured in Balasore Roads March 1 1799 and brought it to this port, where he died May 23 1799 aged 26 years."

MOSSE - Captain James Robert - HMS Monarch
- Killed at Copenhagen 2nd April 1801
RIOU - Captain Edward - HMS Amazon - Killed at Copenhagen 2nd April 1801
St Paul's Cathedral, London -
"The services and death of two valiant and distinguished Officers. James Robert Mosse, Captain of the Monarch and Edward Riou of the Amazon fell in the attack upon Copenhagen conducted by Lord Nelson 2nd April 1801 are commemorated by this Monument erected at the national expense.
James Robert Mosse was born in 1746 served as a Lieutenant several years under Lord Howe and was promoted to the rank of Post Captain in 1790. To Edward Riou who was born in 1762 an extraordinary occasion was presented in the early part of his service, of signalizing his intrepidity and presence of mind which were combined with the most anxious solicitude for the lives of those under his command with a magnanimous disregard for his own. When his ship, the Guardian struck upon an island of ice, in Dec. 1789 and afforded no prospect but that of immediate destruction to those on board, Lieut. Riou encouraged all those who desired to take the chance of preserving themselves in the boats to consult their safety but judging it contrary to his own duty to desert the vessel he neither gave up to despair nor relaxed his exertions; whereby after ten weeks of the most perilous navigation he succeeded in bringing his disabled ship into port receiving this high reward of fortitude and perseverance rom the devine providence on whose protection he relied."

PARKER - Captain Edward Thornborough - died of wounds 27th September 1801
Memorial at St George's Church, Deal, Kent -
"This is the tomb of Captain Edward Thornborough Parker a gallant and distinguished commander who wounded in action off Boulogne died on 27 September 1801 aged 23 years. Admiral Lord Nelson whose close friend he was attended his funeral."

BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR - 21st October 1805

ADAIR - Captain Charles William - Royal Marines - HMS Victory
AIKENHEAD - Midshipman John - HMS Royal Sovereign
BRAUND - Midshipman Thomas - HMS Royal Soveriegn
BROOKS - Midshipman Edward F. - HMS Revenge
BROWN - Midshipman William - HMS Tonnant
BUSIGNY - Captain Simeon -
Royal Marines - HMS Temeraire
CHALMERS - Master William - HMS Royal Sovereign
COOKE - Captain John - HMS Bellerophon
Memorial at St. Paul's Cathedral, London - "Erected at the Public Expense to the memory of Captain John Cooke who was killed commanding the Bellerophon in the battle of Trafalgar in the 44th year of his age and the 30th of his service."
Memorial at St Andrew's Church, Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire - "Sacred to the Memory of/JOHN COOKE, Esqr late Captain of/His Majesty's ship BELLEROPHON, who in the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of Oct'r 1805 having evinced the most consummate skill, and bravery, in the conflict of that eventful day, fell in a moment, glorious indeed to his country, but marked by individual tears of all who knew him. His inconsolable widow, places this tablet to record his virtues and his fate, near the spot which he had chosen as his favourite retirement and to which, having left it at the call of his Country, he returned no more. Peruit Anno Aetatis 43. Louisa, relict of the above departed this life at Cheltenham Feby 5th, 1853 Aged 96 Years."

CORBYN - Midshipman Edward - HMS Mars
DUFF - Masters Mate Alexander - HMS Mars
DUFF - Captain George - HMS Mars
Husband of Sophia Dirom. Their son, Norwich Duff, was serving on the Mars when his father was killed.
Memorial at St. Paul's Cathedral, London -
"Erected at the Public Expense to the memory of Captain George Duff who was killed the XXIst of Octr MDCCCV. commanding the Mars in the battle of Trafalgar in the forty-second year of his age and the twenty-ninth of his service."

FORSTER - Boatswain William - HMS Defiance
GEALL - Lieutenant Ebenezer - HMS Belleisle
GILLILAND - Lieutenant Brice - HMS Royal Sovereign
GREEN - Lieutenant Robert -
Royal Marines - HMS Royal Sovereign
Memorial at St. Mary's Church, Debenham, Suffolk - "Robert Green, son of Samuel and Mary Green. Lieutenant of the Royal Marines who fell in the Battle of Trafalgar on board the Royal Sovereign 21 October 1805 aged 21 years. Also his brother Samuel Green captain of the 6th Regt NI on the Madras Establishment. He died in peace 14th September aged 32."

GRIER - Midshipman Thomas - HMS Revenge
KINGSTON - Lieutenant John -
Royal Marines - HMS Temeraire
LLOYD - Lieutenant Robert - HMS Conqueror
MORGAN - Midshipman Henry - HMS Mars
MUGG - Midshipman Francis John - HMS Achille
NELSON - Viscount Vice Admiral Horatio - HMS Victory
NIND - Midshipman George - HMS Belleisle
NORMAN - Captain Thomas -
Royal Marines - HMS Mars
Grave at Trafalgar cemetery, Gibraltar - "To the memory of Captain Thomas Norman of the Royal Marines Corps and late of H.M.S. MARS who died in the Naval Hospital of this place the 6th day of December 1805 in the 36th year of his age after having suffered for several weeks with incredible patience & fortutude under the effects of a severe wound received in the great memorable sea fight off Trafalgar. His brother officers on this station have consecrated this humble but sincere testimony of their sense of his distinguished merit and their regret for his premature demise."

OADES - Carpenter Lewis - HMS Temeraire
OVERTON - Master Edward - HMS Bellerophon
PALMER - Midshipman Alexander - HMS Victory
PITTS - Midshipman William - HMS Temeraire
RAM - Lieutenant William - HMS Victory
ROSKRUGE - Lieutenant Francis - HMS Britannia
SCOTT - Admiral's Secretary John - HMS Victory
SCRIVEN - Master Thomas - HMS Colossus
SIMENS - Lieutenant Thomas - HMS Defiance
SIMMONS - Midshipman John - HMS Bellerophon
SMITH - Midshipman Robert - HMS Victory
St. GEORGE - Lieutenant William M. - HMS Conqueror
WHIPPLE - Captain's Clerk Thomas - HMS Victory
WILLIAMSON - Midshipman James - HMS Defiance
WOODIN - Lieutenant John - HMS Belleisle

Captain George Nicholas HARDINGE - HMS San Fiorenzo - killed 8th March 1808
Memorial at  St. Thomas Cathedral, Bombay -
"This monument is erected here by the public spirit of Bombay to consecrate the memory of Captain George Nicholas Hardinge, R.N. Animated by the example of his great master Nelson, he acquired an early fame and died a hero's death. Commanding the San Fiorenzo of 36 guns and 186 men, he chased and brought into action upon three successive days the enemy's frigate La Piedmontaise, who has 50 guns and 566 men, bore a high character, and was the terror of the Indian Seas. Nobly supported by his First Lieutenant, William Dawson, by his other officers and by his crew, he achieved a most brilliant conquest but fell with glory in the last and most critical portion of his heroic enterprise, upon the 8th March 1808, and in the 28th year of his age. His ardent perseverance and skill in those actions were so extraordinary, that by unanimous vote of the House of Commons there was raised a monument in St Paul's Cathdral for a perpetual record of honour to his name and character. Thus it is that Great Britain by herself and by her colonies marks her tribute of national recompense, gratitude and affection to heroes who devote and sac
rifice life itself upon the altar of Patriotic Valour. These are tributes that will animate the courage and zeal of her champions to the latest posterity."

Lieutenant John READ- Royal Marines
- killed at Cayenne - 8th January 1809
Memorial at
Church of St James the Great, St Kew, Cornwall - "Sacred to the memory of The Revd James Read A,M, many years Vicar of this Parish who was buried 12 Septr 1760 aged 55 And of his wife JANE: who was buried 25th May 1752 aged 46: with two of their infant children. Also their son James Read M.D. of Tremeare in St Tudy who departed this life 12th Novr 1806 Aged 52 And his wife Loveday, eldest daughter of Trehane Symons Esqr. of Trevine in St Minver who departed this life 25th March 1821 aged 71 with several of their infant children. Also in memory of the sons of James and Loveday Read the Revd. Trehane Symons Read A.B. who departed this life 21st May 1809 aged 27: And Lieut. John Read of the Royal Marines who fell gallantly fighting in his Country's Service at the reduction of Cayenne 8th January, 1809 aged 20: and was buried in the Ocean."

Lieutenant John BUCKLAND
- Royal Marine Artillery - killed at Cadiz - 23rd November 1810
Lieutenant Thomas WORTH - Royal Marine Artillery - killed at Cadiz - 23rd November 1810
Memorial at Trafalgar Cemetery, Gibraltar
- "To the Memory of Lieutenants Thomas Worth and John Buckland of the Royal Marine Artillery who were killed by the same shot on the 23 November 1810 while directing the Howitzer Boats in an attack on the enemies Flotilla in Cadiz Bay. Their Brother Officers on the same station have caused this stone to be erected as a tribute of respect to two who were the brightest ornaments of their Corps."
Captain John STUART - HMS Saldanba - died 19th March 1911
Memorial at St. Peters Church, Petersham, London -
"Sacred to the Memory of Captain John Stuart, R.N. second son of the Honourable Lieutenant
General Charles Stuart K.B. whose great example he steadily pursued supporting discipline by manly firmness and benevolence and encouraging
virtue by the precepts and practice of religion. He died on board the Saldanba Frigate which he commanded on the 19th day of March 1811
aged 30 years and was interred here near the remains of his beloved father whom he strongly resembled".

Edward PERCIVAL- HMS Havannah - killed 6th January 1813
Memorial at St Iberius Church, Wexford, Eire -
"Sacred to the Memory of Mr Edward Percival late Master's mate in the Royal Navy who fell gallantly fighting his Country's cause in an attack upon an enemy of far superior force, in a  Boat belonging to his Majesties Frigate Havannah Captn the Honble George Cadogan on the 6th January 1813 on the Coast of Istria in the Adriatic aged 21 Years. His amiable heart and noble disposition secured him the esteem and friendship of all who knew him whilst his public conduct ever intitled him to the approbation of those Officers with whom he served in testimony whereof the Captain and Officers of the Havannah have caused this monument to be erected to his memory as a sincere tribute to departed worth as well as of their admiration of the heroic manner in which he fell."

Midshipman Richard CALTHORP - HMS Leander - killed at Algiers - 27th August 1816
Memorial at
All Saints Church, West Ashby, Lincolnshire - "Sacred to the memory of Richard Calthorp who gallantly fought and fell in defence of Christian liberty in the dreadful but ever memorable attack upon Algiers on the 27th day of August 1816 Aged 23 years. He went to sea at the early age of thirteen and after eight years spent in the most active service during which period he had been in several partial but severe engagements went out upon promotion as an Admiralty Midshipman on board the Leander in the above expedition. In this ship carrying 56 guns he had the command of the small arm party and almost at the conclusion of that tremendous engagement and when it raged with its utmost fury as he was animating Seamen to exertions against the most ferocious enemies of mankind a fatal ball severed his head from his body and thus perished in religious, Holy cause this promising and intrepid youth, without a pang and in the very glowing moment of victory. From a respect to his many manly virtues, this sacred stone is here erected by an affectionate mother and ten surviving brothers and sisters."

Lieutenant John CROCKETT - Royal Marine Artillery - killed in Africa - 12th December 1819
Memorial at Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. John Crockett, RMA who was killed leading his men in an attack on a band of pirates in the River Teba near the Gambia on the coast of Africa on 12th December 1819, aged 26 years. He met a soldiers death and rests in a sailors grave. Also to the memory of Michael Cairns Boatswain's Mate, aged 35 years and John Neale, Gunner RMA, aged 27 years who died of wounds received on the same occasion. This tablet is erected by their messmates and shipmates in HM Steam Frigate 'Centaur' who deeply lament their untimely fate."

Lieutenant James STILL - HMS Pheasant - died 12th October 1821
Memorial at St. Mary of the Virgin Church , High Pavement, Nottingham - "Sacred to the Memory of Lieutenant James Still R.N. who in the 22nd year of his age, fell a victim to the ravages of the Yellow Fever, on board His Majesty's Ship, The Pheasant, while stationed off Sierre Leone, on the 12th October 1821. For four successive years he had been employed in the fatal service of enforcing obedience to that sacred Law, which to the honour of his Country and in the spirit of Christian Love, forbade the traffick in human blood. That he possessed the best feelings of the heart was manifested in his unwearied watchfulness over those whose aid he was in sickness, and who, withering like the blighted shoots of Spring, left their blessings upon him. That he was endued with the spirit of enterprise was proved by the testimony of those who had witnessed his skill, and admired his gallantry. That he was characterised by suavity of temper and prepossessing manners was apparent from that regard, excited in every breast, which held him forth as an ornament of social life. How beloved a son. How endeared a brother. How esteemed a friend is evidenced in the poignant grief of his sorrowing family, in the unfeigned regret of many who cherish the remembrance of his worth, and in the heartfelt tribute of him who dedicates this tablet to the memory of his Virtues."

Lieutenant Robert CARD - HMS Redwing - died 16th March 1826
Memorial at St. Mary's Church, Wareham, Dorset -
"Sacred to the memory of Robert Card, late in His Majesty's Navy, and of this town. Zealous and brave in discharging his duty to his King and Country, after constant employment during the war from his earliest years he was appointed First Lieutenant of the Redwing, stationed to promote the abolition of the slave trade and died of malignant fever off Whydah on the coast of Guinea the 16th March 1826 aged 32 years. His amiable qualities endeared him to all his associates, who with his beloved relations will mourn their loss."

Captain Cornelius James STEVENS - Royal Marines
- killed at Navarion - 20th October 1827
Memorial at  St. Dunstan's Church, Canterbury, Kent -
"Here are deposited the remains of John Stevens Esq a commander in the Royal Navy, who died October 1814 aged 72 years also of Elizabeth his widow who departed this life February 4th 1837 in the 89th year of her age they had three sons, the second Cornelius James, a captain in the Royal Marines was killed in the service of his country in the battle of Navarino on board his Majesty's ship Albion on the 20th of Oct 1827 aged 40 years. Thomas the eldest, also a captain in the Royal Marines and John Harvey the youngest a captain in the Royal Marine Artillery have caused this stone to be erected in memory of their revered parents and of their beloved brother."

Lieutenant Charles HOCKIN - Royal Marines - killed in Syria - 29th September 1840
Memorial at St. Paternus' church, Madron, Penwith -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Charles Hockin of HM Royal Marine forces, who fell in the assault of the town and castles of Sidon in Syria, on the 29th day of September, AD 1840. Although he received three wounds during the attack he continued intrepidly leading his men until he died from exhaustion in the moment of victory. His remains were interred with military honours in the British Camp at Djouni near Beirout. He had been employed nearly four years in the operations in the north of Spain, and had received from the Queen regent the cross of a cavalier of the first class of the National and Military order of San Fernando. His conduct as an officer obtained for him the esteem and regard of those with whom he served; and his amiable disposition greatly endeared him to his family and friends, by all of whom, and by those who knew him well in every rank of life, he is deeply lamented. He was the fifth son of the Revd. William Hockin, LL.B., rector of Phillack and Gwithian, by Peggy his wife, the youngest daughter of the Revd. Anthony Williams, AM, of Treneere House, in this parish. His afflicted uncle, with whom he passed many of his early years, has erected this tablet to the memory of his gallant nephew, thus suddenly cut off in the 27th year of his age."

Major Thomas Oldfield - Royal Marines
Memorial in Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"Sacred to the memory of Major Thomas Oldfield of the Marines who from early youth distinguished himself under several commanders and especially in America under Lord Cornwallis until honoured evenly by his enemies in whose fromt he fell he sacrificed that life which he had so often hazarded in the service of his country at the siege of Acre in Syria April VII AD MDCCXCIX Aet XLIII. This monument was erected as a testimony of sincere affection and gratitude by the widow of the above who died April IX, AD MDCCXCIII."
Memorial in St. Mary the Virgin church, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire - "Sacred to the memory of Humphrey Oldfield Esq. of the Marines who died while on active service in America AD1776 aetat 54. John Nicholls Oldfield Esq. late of the Marines who died at Portsmouth April 9th AD 1793 aetat 41. Thomas Oldfield Esq. Major in the Marines who fell during the memorable defence of St. Jean d'Acre in Syria by Sir Sydney Smith against General Boneparte and the Army of Egypt while leading a sortie made by the garrison on the 7th April 1799 for the purpose of destroying the enemies approaches aetat 43."

Leonard GIBBARD - HMS Wolverine
Memorial at St. Peter's Church -
"Leonard Gibbard, son of John and Mary Gibbard was wounded 19th August 1845 while engaged at Malloodoo River on the island of Borneo while attaching attacking pirates who had been terroising the adjacent coastline. The tablet was erected by the Commander and Officers of HMS Wolverine as a regard for his gallantry on the occasion and their regret at his loss, aged 26."

Commander W.G.B. ESTCOURT - HMS Eclair
- died 16th September 1845

Memorial at St Ann's Church, Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth - "Sacred to the memory of Commander W.G.B. Estcourt, late in command of Her Majesty's Steam Sloop Eclair, who died on the 16th September 1845 aged 38 years on passage from Bona Vista to Madeira from fever, contracted on the coast of Africa, while employed in the suppression of the slave trade. His brother Officers and friends, to whom he became endeared by his many virtues, have erected this tablet to record the deep sense of their loss, and perpetuate the memory of his worth with commander Estcourt perished 65 Officers and Men in the short period of two months."

Commander John LODWICK - Royal Navy
- died 13th May 1845
Memorial at St. Andrew's Church, Rochford, Essex -
"In memory of John Lodwick, Esquire, Commander R.N. Eldest son of John Lodwick, Esqre of Rochford Hall, and Ann, his wife. He served his country with distinction, in every quarters of the world, for a period of 20 years and was promoted for his gallantry in an encounter with a slave ship, on the 12th January 1845, when he was dangerously wounded. Shortly afterwards he fell victim to the pestilential fever of the Coast of Africa and died May 13th 1845, aged 35 years. This tablet was erected by a few of his friends, to mark their admiration and respect for his gallant and truly estimable character."

Commodore William JONES - HMS Penelope - died 24th May 1846
Memorial at Haslar Hospital, Gosport, Hampshire -
"Sacred to the memory Of Commodore William Jones late Commanding Her Majesty's Ship  Penelope on the West Coast of Africa where by his judicious arrangements 115 slave vessels were captured and 6738 human beings were released from slavery between 1st April 1844 and 12th March 1846. Unwilling to relinquish his labors until the energies of life were exhausted he returned to Spithead on the 8th but to die in this Hospital on the 24th of May 1846 aged 54 years. Intelligence zeal and perseverance marked the course of his active life and in his last hours his spirit was sustained and comforted by that Christian faith and hope which had informed and animated a mind ever ernestly devoted to the services of his Country and to the kind officers of friendship and humanity."

Lieutenant Edward Murray TUPPER - HMS Iris - killed 1st July 1858
Memorial in St. James Church, Sydney, Australia -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut Edward Murray Tupper RN aged 22 years and William Kennedy seaman aged 43 years. Both of HM Ship "Iris" who were killed by the natives of Tana on the 1st July 1858 whilst on service on shore. This tablet was erected by the officers as a mark of their respect and esteem."

Captain John McNeill BOYD - HMS Ajax -
killed 9th February 1861
Memorial in Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"In memory of Capt. John McNeill Boyd, of HMS Ajax, who with five of his brave sailors perished at Kingstown, Ireland, in a gallant attempt to rescue from destruction the crews of two vessels, driven on the rocks by the hurricane of the 9th of Feb 1861. To record this heroic act of self sacrifice as well as the rare union of qualities which endeared the warm friend, the manly Christian, the intrepid sailor and considerate commander to all who knew him, this monument is erected by 30 members of the congregation of this church in which his brother ministered for 18 years."

Captain John James Stephens JOSLING - HMS Euryalus

Memorial at St James's Church, Emsworth, Hampshire -
"Sacred to the memory of John James Stephens Josling Capt. RN, who was killed whilst commanding  HMS Euryalus at the siege of Kagosima, on the 15th of August 1863 aged 38 years. As a truibute to his many estimable endearing qualities this tablet is erected as an affectionate remembrance by his fondly attached sister."

Midshipman Lawrence James Peter Scarlett - HMS Victoria
Memorial at Christchurch Priory, Hampshire -
"Sacred to the memory of Lawrence James Peter Scarlett Midshipman Born April 27th 1877 went down with some 400 shipmates in HMS Victoria after collision with HMS Camperdown June 22nd 1893."

Lieutenant Angel Hope Freeman - HMS Tauranga
Memorial -
"To the glory of God and in memory of Lieut. Angel Hope Freeman RN First Lieut. HMS Tauranga formerly of this parish who fell in the service of his country whilst in command of a landing party of British and American seamen in an engagement near Apai in the island of Samoa on April 1st 1899."

Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Chalmers Meryon - C21
Memorial at St. Mary the Virgin, Rye, Sussex -
"In memory of Thomas Chalmers Meryon Lieutenant Commander RN son of the late Captain Meryon RN, who was washed off Submarine C21 and drowned at the mouth of the Tay on January 28th 1913 aged 26 years."