WATERLOO - 18th June 1815


1st Life Guards

Major and Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel FERRIOR - Killed
Born in 24th June 1772, third son of Jenkin Ferrior and Mary Carrow, of East Pennar, Pembroke. Reported to have led his regiment in 11 charges; even after a sabre cut to the head and a lance wound to the body. He was unmarried.
Memorial of his youngest brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Ferrior, at St. Mary's Church, Tenby -
"In memory of Col. Charles Ferrior of this County who died 13th June 1863. During a period of 28 years in India he distinguished himself as a most efficient and zealous Officer.  He served under the Duke of Wellington throughout the Mahratta War and commanded his regiment the 43rd HMIS from the commencement to the termination of the Burmese War.  He was the youngest brother of Col. Samuel Ferrior who gallantly fell at Waterloo while charging at the head of his regiment 1st Life Guards. This monument was erected as a tribute of affection to numerous virtues by her who was for 31 years his sincerely attached and happy wife."

Captain Montagu LIND - Killed
Only son of Edward Lind.

2nd Life Guards

Captain Richard FITZGERALD - Killed
Shot dead at the head of his troop. Buried at Waterloo. Husband of Georgina Sinclair.
Memorial at Waterloo Chapel -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Col. Rich. Fitzgerald of HIS B.M. 2nd Life Guards who fell in the field of Waterloo June 18th 1815 in the 41st year of his age. His remains are deposited in the church yard."

Royal Horse Guards

Major Robert Christopher PACKE - Killed
2nd son of Charles Packe, of Prestwold, Leicester.
Memorial at St. Andrews Church, Prestwold, Leicester - "To the memory of Robert Christopher Packe, Major of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards Blue, who was killed at the Battle of Waterloo, June 18th 1815, aged 32 years. His remains lie buried on the field.."

1st (King's) Dragoon Guards

Lieutenant-Colonel William FULLER - Killed

Captain Henry GRAHAM - Killed
Husband of Maria Graham.
His father's gravestone at St. Mary's Church, Harrow-on-the-Hill  - "Also of his son Major Henry Graham of the 1st Regt Dragoon Guards who fell in the 37th year of his age at the Battle of Waterloo."

Captain John Dorset BRINGHURST - Killed
From Woodstone, Huntingdon. Husband of Frances Maria Bringhurst.
Memorial in Waterloo Chapel -
"In memory of Major John Dorset Bringhurst 1st Regt. Kings Dragoon Guards. who after serving seven Campaigns as Aid De Camp to Major Genl. Sir H. Fane, KCB in Spain Portugal & France. was killed in a charge of cavalry at the Battle of Waterloo on the 18th of June 1815. He was buried on the spot where he fell, near the west entrance of the farm of la Haye Sainte."

Captain George BATTERSBY - Killed
Born 20 April 1788. Youngest son of John Battersby, of Westmeath.

Lieutenant Francis BROOKE - Killed
Born 1794. Eldest son of Sir H. Brooke.
Memorial at Aghalurcher Church, Fermanagh - "Lt. Francis Brooke, 1st Dragoon Guards, Killed in action aged 22 when gallantly charging the French in the ever memorable Battle of Waterllo."

Lieutenant Thomas SHELVER - Killed

Cornet H.B. BERNARD - Killed
Born 5 December 1797. 5th son of 1st Viscount Bandon.

1st (Royal) Dragoons

Captain Edward Charles WINDSOR - Killed
Son of Edward Windsor, of Shrewsbury.

Lieutenant Charles FOSTER - Killed

Cornet Richard MAGNIAC - Killed
Listed as 'Missing' after the battle and never heard of again.

Cornet John C. SYKES - Killed
Grandson of Joseph Sykes, of West Ella, Hull. Brother of Rev. Sir Mark Sykes.

Cornet T. SHIPLEY - Killed

2nd (Royal North British) Dragoons

Lieutenant-Colonel James Inglis HAMILTON - Killed
Born as James Anderson, son of Sergeant-Major William Anderson of the 21st Fusiliers. He was born 4 July 1777 in camp at Tayantroga, America. He was taken in by General James Inglis Hamilton and commissioned under that name aged 15. During the charge at Waterloo both his arms were cut off. Taking the riens in his mouth he rode on and his body was found, shot through the heart.

Captain Charles Lewyns BARNARD - Killed
2nd son of Henry Barnard, of Cave Castle, Co. York and Sarah Gee.
Mmeorial at Parish Church, South Cave, Humberside  - "Capt. Charles Lewyns Barnard, 2nd RNB Dragoons who died at Waterloo 18th June 1815 aged 25 years buried in the field of Battle. He served a campaign in Germany and nearly the whole of the Spanish War in which he was severely wounded. At the Battle of Waterloo he led into action the right squadron of his highly distinguished regiment and displayed before he fell talent and courage."

Lieutenant James CARRUTHERS - Killed

Lieutenant Thomas TROTTER - Killed
Born 1795. Son of General Alexander Trotter, of Morton Hall, Midlothian.

Cornet Edward WESTBY - Killed
3rd son of William Westby, of Thornhill, Dublin. Memorial in St. Peter's Church, Dublin. HIs brother, Lieutenant George Westby; was killed at Fuentes d'Honor in Spain, May 5th, 1811.

Cornet Francis Charlton KINCHANT - Killed
Son of Rev. Francis Kinchant, of Easton, Hereford.
Memorial at Parish Church, Middleston on the Hill, Hereford - "Sacred to the memory of Francis Charlton Kinchant, Cornet in the Scots Greys only son of the Rev. F. Kinchant and Mary his wife, of Easton in this parish. This young man had only joined his regiment long enough to gain the good opinion and regard both of his brother officers and of his men, and to give great promise of becoming an ornament to his proffesion when he was cut off at the Battle of Waterloo the 18th of June 1815, in the 21st year of his age."

Cornet Lemuel SHULDHAM - Killed
Memorial at Parish Church, Marlesford, Suffolk - "Lemuel Shuldham, Cornet in the Scots Greys, the younger of 2 sons of William Shuldham of Marlesford, and Mary his wife, was born on the 27th February 1794 and fell in Battle on the 18th of June 1815 at Waterloo, far in advance, within the right of the French line. His body was found next morning and buried on the spot. To preserve in his native village a record of one so early and so nobly lost, this marble us consecrated in the blessed hope again to behold him in the beauty of immortal life."

6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons

Cornet Michael CLUSKY - Killed

7th (Queen's Own) Light Dragoons (Hussars)

Lieutenant Arthur MYERS - Killed

10th (Prince of Wales' Own Royal) Light Dragoons (Hussars)

Major Frederick HOWARD - Killed
3rd son of Frederick, 5th Earl of Carlisle and Lady Margaret Granville-Leveson.
Memorial at Waterloo -
"To the memory of The Honble Frederick Howard, Major of the 10th Hussars killed at the Battle of Waterloo. His mutilated remains were removed from the field of Battle by order of his affectionate father Frederick Earl of Carlisle to be deposited in the family Mausoleum at Castle Howard. This tablet was directed to be placed in the Chapel of Waterloo by his brother Officers."

Lieutenant George GUNNING - killed
Memorial at Waterloo -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant George William Gunning of the 10th Hussars killed at the Battle of Waterloo on the 18th of June 1815."

11th Light Dragoons

Lieutenant Edward PHELIPS - Killed
Son of Rev. Charles Phelips and Mary Blackmore, of Briggins Park, Herts.

12th (Prince of Wales') Light Dragoons

Captain Edwin W.T. SANDYS - died of wounds .

Lieutenant Lindsey James BERTIE - Killed

Cornet John Elliott LOCKHART - Killed
Eldest son of William Eliott, MP for Selkirk, and Marianne Lockhart.

13th Light Dragoons

Captain James GUBBINS - Killed

Killed by a cannon ball during a charge.

Lieutenant John GEALE - Killed

Lieutenant George PYM - Killed
4th son of Francis Pym, of the Hasells, Bedfordshire (MP for Beds.)

15th (King's) Light Dragoons (Hussars)

Major Edwin GRIFFITH - Killed

Lieutenant Isaac SHERWOOD - Killed

Lieutenant Henry BUCKLEY - Killed
Memorial at Museum of Garden History, Lambeth, London - "To the memory of Henry Buckley, Lieutenant in the 15th Hussars, who died at Waterloo, June 18th 1815 in the 19th year of his age. He was struck by a musket ball and mortally wounded."

16th (Queen's) Light Dragoons

Captain John Phillips BUCHANAN - Killed
Memorial in Chester Cathedral - "Sacred to the memory of Captain Iohn [sic] Phillips Buchanan Of the 16th or Queens Regiment of Light Dragoons Who in the glorious & decisive Battle of Waterloo On the 18th day of June 1815 Was killd [sic] by a musket shot In the Hour of Victory! In the 27th Year of his Age His afflicted Mother & only surviving Parent Has caused this Monument to be erected To the Memory & Virtues Of a beloved & lamented Son."

Cornet Alexander HAY - Killed
Born 6th September 1796. Son of Robert Hay of Drumelzier and Janet Erskine.
Memorial at Waterloo -
"Sacred to the memory of Alexander Hay Esquire of Nunraw, Cornet in the 16th Light Dragoons, aged 18 years, who fell gloriously in the memorable Battle of Waterloo June 18th 1815. This tablet was placed here by his brothers ad sisters."

23rd Light Dragoons

Lieutenant Stephen COXENS - Killed
Son of Ebenezar and Anne Coxens.