WATERLOO - 18th June 1815


1st Foot Guards

Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry BRADFORD, KCB - Died of Wounds
Born 25th June 1781. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bradford, of Woodlands, near Doncaster. A Knight of the Order of Wilhelm (Dutch), and of the Russian Order of St. Vladimir. He died of wounds at La Vacherie, near Lilliere. He was buried at Strorrington, Sussex.
Memorial in the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks -
"In memory of Lieut-Colonel Sir Henry Bradford, KCB. 1st Guards, 1814-16. Aide-de-Camp at Copenhagen, Corunna, Flushing. Assistant Adjutant-General at Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, Toulouse, Waterloo. Died on 17th December 1816, from a wound received at Waterloo, Aged 35. Placed by his nephew, Lieut-Colonel Ralph Bradford Atkinson, Grenadier Guards 1840 to 1860."

Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Francis D'OYLY, KCB - Killed
3rd son of Rev. Matthias d"Oyly. Killed by a musket ball near the end of the battle.
Memorial in the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks - "
Sir F. D"Oyly was with the 1st Guards on the Helder, in Sicily, during the Corunna Campaign, and at the Defence of Cadiz; he was Assistant Adjutant-General to a Division at Salamanca, Vittoria, Orthes, Toulouse; he was at Quatre-Bras, and was killed by a musket ball when in command of the 2nd battalion at Waterloo."

Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel William Henry MILNES - Died of Wounds - 20th June 1815.
2nd son of Sir Robert Milnes and Charlotte Bentnick.

Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel Edward STABLES - Killed
From Great Hormead, Herts.
Memorial at St. Nicholas Church, Great Hormead, Herts.  - "To the memory of Lieutenant Colonel Stables of Great Hormead Bury, in the county of Herts. He served in the Continental Wars under Sir John Moore and the Duke of Wellington, and fell gloriously at the close of the action while commanding a Battalion of the Grenadier Guards on the 18th day of June 1815, in the 33rd year of his age. His body found a soldiers grave near the field of Waterloo."

Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel Charles THOMAS - Killed
Husband of Sarah Brandon.

Lieutenant and Captain Edward GROSE - Killed

Ensign Edward PARDOE - Killed
4th son of John Pardoe, MP for Plympton, Camelford and Jane Oliver. Born 4th April 1796.
Memorial in the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks -
"In memory of Edward Pardoe, youngest son of John Pardoe, Esq, MP, of Leyton, Essex. Born 4th April 1796. Ensign 1st Guards, 1813. Severely wounded at the siege of Bergen-op-Zoom, 1814. Killed at Waterloo."

Coldstream Guards

Lieutenant and Captain John Lucie BLACKMAN - Killed
Youngest son of Sir George Blackman and Mary Harnage. Buried in the orchard at Hougomont.

Lieutenant and Captain Edward SUMNER - died of wounds
Died of wounds at Brussels, 26th June 1815. Previously served in the Royal Fusiliers.

3rd Foot Guards

Lieutenant and Captain Hastings FORBES - Killed
3rd son of George, 6th Earl of Granard, and Selina. Born 5th December 1793.

Lieutenant and Captain John ASHTON - Killed

Lieutenant and Captain Thomas Gage CRAUFORD - Killed
Memorial at Hengrave, Suffolk - "In remembrance of Thomas Gage Crauford, Lieutenant 3rd Guards, eldest son of Sir James Crauford Bart and Maria Theresa, daughter of the Honble General Thomas Gage, his wife. Born February 23rd 1793. He fell while cheering on his men in the orchard of Hougomont during the Battle of Waterloo, there he was found by his brother, Lt. A.C. Crauford, while searching for his own commanding officer (whose life he thereby saved) and the body was at his father's request removed to England and deposited near this spot."

Lieutenant and Captain Robert B. HESKETH - died of wounds
Son of Robert and Frances Hesketh, of Bamford and Upton, Chester. Died of his wounds by 1828.
Memorial at St. Michaels Church, Abergele, Clwyd - "Sacred to the memory of Robert H. Bamford Hesketh. Born July 26th 1789. Died Sept. 15th 1828. He was Lieutenant in His Majesty's 3rd Foot Guards and Major in the Army, from a wound he received at the memorable Battle of Waterloo he never recovered and from that time to the day of his death his sufferings were severe and heart rending to his numerous relations who deplore the loss of an amiablekind hearted friend and religious good Christian."

Lieutenant and Captain Hugh B. MONTGOMERIE - died of wounds
Son of Rev. Hugh Montgomerie and Emilia Ward. Died of wounds 2nd May 1817.

Ensign C. SIMPSON - Killed


1st Foot (Royal Scots)

Lieutenant John ARMSTRONG - Killed

Lieutenant John E. O"NEIL - Killed

Lieutenant William YOUNG - Killed

Ensign Alexander ROBERTSON - Killed

Ensign William ANDERSON - Killed
His brother, Lieutenant John Anderson, 1st Foot, died of wounds at San Sebastian.

23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry Walton ELLIS - died of wounds 20th June 1815
Son of Major-General John Joyner Ellis, of Worcester. He was buried at Braine l"Alleud, near to where he fell.
Memorial in Worcester Cathedral -
"In memory of Colonel Sir Henry Walton Ellis, KCB. A native of this city, who, at an early age, entered the 23rd Regiment of Royal Welch Fusiliers. Then commanded by his father, Major-General John Joyner Ellis, and afterwards led on to honourable distinction by himself, during 7 years of unexampled military service, having received eight wounds, and rendered services as important as they were ... in Holland, Egypt, the West Indies, America, Spain, Portugal and France. He fell by a musket-shot at the head of his Regiment, almost in the glorious moment which announced victory to Great Britain and Peace to Europe on the memorable field of Waterloo. He died of his wounds on the 20th of June 1815 aged 42 years. His loss was lamented and his worth recorded by his illustrious commander Wellington. in words that will perish only with history itself! This monument was erected by the officers, Non-commisisoned officers and privates of the Royal Welch Fusiliers as a tribute of their respect and affection to the memory of their leader, not more distinguished for his valour and conduct on the field than beloved for his every generous and social virtue."

Captain Joseph HAWTYN - Killed

Captain Charles JOLLIFFE - Killed
Youngest son of T.S. Jolliffe, of Ammerdown, Somerset and Mary Holden. Had been wounded at Orthes.
Memorial at St. Peters & Pauls, Kilmersdon, Somerset  - "To the memory of Charles Jolliffe, Captain in HM 23rd Regiment of Infantry, Royal Welsh Fuziliers, who was slain in the tremendous and decisive Battle of Waterloo, after being constantly engaged in active service at the siege of Copenhagen, the reduction of Martinique in North America and during several campaigns in the Peninsula of Europe. He received a severe wound in the brilliant action of Orthez from which he was scarcely recovered when he accompanied his battalion to Belgium; where, being struck by a shell on the 18th June 1815, he met a glorious death, dying lamented as he lived beloved."

Captain Thomas FARMER - Killed

Lieutenant John CLYDE - Died of Wounds.

Lieutenant G. FENSHAM - Killed

Lieutenant W.A. GRIFFITHS - died of wounds

2nd Lieutenant William LEEBODY - Killed

27th Foot (Inniskilling Regiment)

Captain George HOLMES - Killed

Lieutenant William Faithful FORTESCUE - died of wounds
Son of John Fortescue (ex-24th Foot, served at Quebec). Married Honoria in 1798.

Ensign Samuel IRELAND - Killed

28th Foot (North Gloucestershire Regiment)

Captain William Prescott Meacham - Killed

Lieutenant J.P. CLARKE - Killed

Lieutenant George INGRAM - Died of Wounds
Wounded in the leg, which was amputated. He died soon after.

30th Foot (Cambridgeshire Regiment)

Captain Thomas Walker CHAMBERS - Killed
Memorial at S. Margarets Church, Lowestoft - "Sacred to the memory of Major Thomas Walker Chambers of His Majesty's 30th Regiment of Foot after distinguishing himself in Europe and India for 18 years fell gloriously fighting at the memorable Battle of Waterloo on the 18th day of June 1815 in the 34th year of his age. To commemorate their severe loss and perpetuate the affectionate regard of his father Mr John Chambers and other relatives the above inscription is to be placed in this his native parish church."

Captain Alexander M"Nabb - Killed

Lieutenant Henry BEERE - Killed

Lieutenant Edmund PRENDERGAST - Killed

Ensign John JAMES - Killed

Ensign James BULLEN - Killed

32nd Foot (Cornwall)

Captain Jaques BOYSE - Killed

33rd Foot (1st West Riding)

Captain John HAIGH - Killed

Lieutenant Henry Rishton BUCK - Killed
Memorial at Sedbergh School, Cumbria - "To the memory of Henry Rishton Buck, BA  Lieut. in the 33rd Foot who was killed at Waterloo. He was educated at Sedbergh and Cambridge."
Memorial at St. Michaels Church, Kirkham, Lancs.  - "To the memory of Henry Rishton Buck BA, Lieut. 33rd Regt who fell at Waterloo June 18th 1815 age 27. Also of James Buck, Lieut. 21st Light Dragoons who died Jan 7th 1815 AE19."

Lieutenant John BOYCE - Killed

Lieutenant J. HART - Killed

Lieutenant Arthur GORE - Killed
Eldest son of Lt-Colonel Ralph Gore (33rd Foot) and Sarah Wynne.

Lieutenant Thomas D. HAIGH - Killed

Lieutenant John CAMERON - Killed

40th Foot (2nd Somersetshire)

Major Arthur Rowley HEYLAND - Killed
Eldest son of Rowland Heyland, of Castle Roe, Co. Derry. A monument was erected at Mont-Saint-Jean.
Memorial at Bangor Cathedral - "Sacred to the memory of Arthur Rawley Heyland of Ballin Temple, in the county of Londonderry, Major in the 40th Regiment of Foot who closed a life of private excellence and professional honour in the glorious victory of Waterloo, June 18th 1815 in the 34th year of his age. He was the second son of Rowley Heyland of Glen Oak, Co. Antrim, Ireland."

Captain William FISHER - Killed
His head was taken off by a cannon ball while standing in square.
Memorial at St. Mary's Church, Wavedon, Bucks. - "To the memory of Captain William Fisher of the 40th Regt of Foot who after serving his country through the whole of the war in the Peninsular as well as in North and South America fell at Waterloo June 18th 1815 aged 28."

Lieutenant Frederick FORD - Died of Wounds.
Shot through the spine and died a few hours later.

52nd Foot (Oxfordshire)

Ensign William NETTLES - Killed
One of the five sons of Captain Robert Nettles, of Nettleville, co. Cork, and Esther Conran. Killed while carrying the King"s Colour, which was found under his body.

69th Foot (South Lincolnshire)

Captain William CURZON - Killed

Captain Benjamin HOBHOUSE - Killed
2nd son of Sir Benjamin Hobhouse and Charlotte Cam. Acting as orderly officer to Sir Colin Halkett when killed.

71st Foot (Highland Light Infantry)

Lieutenant John Raleigh ELWES - died of wounds
Died a few days after the battle. Son of Colonel Elwes. He had been married 10 months when he died.

Ensign John TODD - Killed

73rd Foot (Highlanders)

Major Archibald John MACLEAN - Died of Wounds.
Born 16 June 1778. Fourth son of Gilbert Maclean, of Scalasdale, island of Mull. Major Maclean died of his wounds in Brussels.

Captain Alexander ROBERTSON - Killed

Captain John M. KENNEDY - Killed

Lieutenant Jos. William H. STRACHAN - Killed

Lieutenant John ACRES - Killed

Lieutenant Donald BROWNE - died of wounds
Died soon after his left arm was amputated, shortly after the battle.

Ensign William Lawson LOWE - Killed

Ensign Charles PAGE - Killed
Son of William Page, of Fitzroy Square, London.

79th Foot (Cameron Highlanders)

Memorial at Waterloo Chapel - "Sacred to the memory of Captains Neil Cambell, John Sinclair, John Cameron. Lieutenants Donald Cameron, Duncan MacPherson, John Kynock, John Rowling, Ewen Kennedy, and of nine Non-Commissioned Officers and seventy five privates of the 79th Reg of Highlanders who fell in the memorable Battles of Quatre Bras & Waterloo 16th and 18th June 1815. In which actions there were also wounded of the same Corps 21 Officers, 375 Non-Commissioned Officers & Privates. In testimony of the valour of the deceased bretheren in arms, this tablet is inscribed by the surviving Officers of the Regiment."

Captain Robert MACKAY - Killed

Captain John CAMERON - died of wounds

Captain Neil CAMPBELL - died of wounds

Captain John SINCLAIR - died of wounds

Lieutenant Donald CAMERON - Killed

Lieutenant Duncan M'PHERSON - Killed

Lieutenant John KYNOCK - Killed

Lieutenant Ewan KENNEDY - Killed

95th Foot

Lieutenant John STILWELL - Killed

Lieutenant Elliott Dunkin JOHNSTON - Killed
Killed by a cannon ball. 3rd son of Lieutenant-General Johnston, HEICS.

King's German Legion

Lieutenant Anthony Albert - 1st Light Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Major George Baring - 2nd Light Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Memorial at Farm of La Haie Sainte, Plancenoit -
"To Maj. Baring and the 2nd Light Btn. KGL's Heroic defence of La Haie Sainte 18 June 1815 Also to Col. von Ompteda who fell leading a brave counter attack after the fall of the farm. Dedicated by Bexhill-on-sea, England, A Kings German Legion Garrison 1804-14."
Captain A. Boseweil (Major) - 2nd Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Major G. Chuden - 4th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - died of wounds
Ensign Frederick Cronhelm - 4th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain Frederick Didel - 3rd Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain Alexander Goeben - 1st Light Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain Charles Holle - 1st Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain Philip Holzermann - 1st Light Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Lieutenant William Mahrenholz - 8th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain Henry Marschalk - 1st Light Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Colonel Baron Charles von Ompteda - General Staff, K.G.L. - killed (see memorial to Baring)
Ensign Frederick Robertson - 2nd Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain William Schaumann - 2nd Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Adjutant Laves Schuck -
5th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain George Tibe - 2nd Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain William Voight - 8th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain T. Westernhagen - 8th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed
Captain C. Wurmb - 5th Line Battalion, K.G.L. - killed


Captain Bobart - 1st Lunenburgh Battalion - killed
Ensign Berghoff - 2nd Battalion Duke of York - killed
Captain M. Hanbury (Brigade Major) - General Staff - killed
Ensign Thomas Holt - Bremenvorde Battalion - killed
Lieutenant-Colonel Langrehre - Field Battalion Bremen - died of wounds
Lieutenant Leoper - Militia Battalion Bremenvorde - died of wounds
Major Leue - 4th Battalion, King's German Legion (attached Griffhorn Battalion) - died of wounds
Ensign de Plato - 1st Lunenburgh Battalion - killed
Ensign Schautz - Osterode Battalion - killed
Lieutenant Uffel - 2nd Battalion Duke of York - killed
Lieutenant-Colonel Baron Wurmb - Field Battalion Grunbenhagen - killed