Midshipman H. Althorpe - Royal Navy (HMS Odin) - died of wounds at Gamla-Karleby - 8th June 1854

Lieutenant W. Arnold - 3rd Madras Native Infantry - killed at Giurgevo - 7th July 1854

Lieutenant J. Burke - Royal Engineers - killed at Giurgevo - 7th July 1854

Captain J. Butler - Ceylon Rifles - died of wounds at Silistria - 21st June 1854

Lieutenant E.W.M. Carrington - Royal Navy (HMS Odin) - killed at Gamla-Karleby - 7th June 1854
Memorial at the Old Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich, London - "Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned Officers, formerly pupils of the  Royal Naval School, who fell nobly serving their Country in the Russian War. Lieut. E.W.M. Carrington RN killed at Gamla Karleby 7th June 1854. Captain Edwin Richards, HM 41st Regiment killed at the head of his Company at the Battle of Inkermann 5th November 1854. R.O. Lewis Esqre RN Master of HM Transport Resolute lost in the storm off Balaclava 14th November 1854. Richard Morris Esqre RN Mate of HMS Wasp, died of cholera before Sebastopol 23rd November 1854. Sidney Smith Boxer Esqre Assistant Secretary to Rear Admiral Boxer, died of cholera at Balaclava 1st June 1855. In remembrance and appreciation of their gallant and meritorious services a few former puplis and friends of the Institution have erected this monument."

Lieutenant P. Chase - Royal Navy (HMS Albion) - killed at Sebastopol - 17th October 1854

Midshipman J. Forster - Royal Navy (HMS Bellerophon) - killed at Sebastopol - 17th October 1854

Captain H. Giffard - Royal Navy (HMS Tiger) - died of wounds at Odessa - 1st June 1854

Midshipman J. Giffard - Royal Navy (HMS Tiger) - killed near Odessa - 12th May 1854

Major G. Levinge - Royal Artillery - accidentally killed at Varna - 2nd August 1854

Midshipman C. Madan - Royal Navy (HMS Rodney) - killed at Sebastopol - 17th October 1854

Lieutenant W. Meynell - 75th Foot - killed at Giurgevo - 7th July 1854

Captain Charles Alan Parker - Royal Marines (HMS President) - killed at Petropaulovski - 4th September 1854
Memorial at S.t Mary's Church, Gosforth, Cumbria - "To the memory of Captain Charles Alan Parker RM who nobly fell leading the attack on Petropaulovski, Kamtschatka, September 4th 1854 aged 40 years. A faithful soldier of his Queen and of Christ."

Captain Hyde Parker - Royal Navy (HMS Firebrand) - killed at Sulina Mouth - 8th July 1854
Memorial in Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk - "In memory of Captain Hyde Parker of Her Majesty's Steam Frigate Firebrand, eldest son of Vice Admiral Hyde Parker C.B., who fell gloriously while leading on his men to the storm of a Russian fortification at the Sulina mouth of the Danube, July 8th 1854 aged 29 years. The British burial ground of Pera of Constantinople holds all of him that could die, but so long as a great intellect, a high and spotless character and devotion to his country, even to the death can command love and respect, so long will his name live in the foremost ranks of those who died too early for all save their own fame. This monument is erected by the Officers, Seamen and Marines of H.M.S. Firebrand the last sad tribute of their honour and affection."

Midshipman W. Storey - Royal Navy (HMS Arrogant) - killed by a rocket at Vyborg - 13th July 1855

Captain H. Thomson - 68th Bengal Native Infantry - died of wounds in England - 11th June 1856

Captain A. Wallace - 7th Fusiliers - accidentally killed at Varna - 3rd June 1854

Lieutenant C. Wrottesley - Royal Engineers - killed at Bomarsund - 15th August 1854

Memorial on the island of Naissar, off Estonia -

"This Memorial was erected by the British Admiralty in memory of
Commander A. Anderson
HMS "Crecy"
Lieutenant T. M. F. Bond
HMS "Royal George"
Mr T. Stephens, Boatswain
"HMS "Caesar"
F. Toomy and T. Longbottom
HMS "Monarch"
J. Barker
HMS "Arrogant"
J. James and G. Harris
HMS "Cornwallis"
C. Harris
HMS "Hope"
W. Boyle
HMS "Ajax"  
Who died in the years 1854 and 1855 and are buried
in the cemetery."

(thanks to David Vickers for the above transcript)