BURMA 1824 - 1930


Lieutenant Dering ADDISON - 18th Madras Native Infantry - Killed - March 1826
Memorial at All Saints Church, Maidstone  - "Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Dering Addison of the 18th Madras Native Infantry who was shot by the Burmese March 1826, aged 22 years. This gallant young officer fell whilst bravely defending those entrusted to his charge. He was in interred at Prome amidst the sorrow and regret of all who knew him. This tablet was erected by his brother officers as a mark of their affection."

Lieutenant Andrew Bigoe ARMSTRONG - 10th Bengal Native Infantry - Killed in action at Dudpatli, Assam - 21st February 1824. Born in India, 2 June 1802. Son of Major Edmund (Bombay Native Infantry) and Leonora Armstrong. Cadet 1818.

Ensign Frederick BENNETT - 45th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action at Ramu - 16th May 1824.
Grave at Ramu. Born 1802/3. Cadet 1821.

Lieutenant Mark GRIGG - 45th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action at Ramu - 16th May 1824.
Born in Devon, 1794. Son of Mark Grigg, of Tamerton Foliott, Devon. Cadet 1809. Served 3rd Mahratta War.

Assistant-Surgeon Humphrey MAYSMOR - Bengal Army - killed in action at Ramu - 16th May 1824.
Born 16 Jan. 1796. MRCS 1821.

Captain Thomas NOTON - 45th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action at Ramu - 17th May 1824.
Grave at Ramu. Born in London, 30 April 1790. Son of Benjamin and Margaret Noton. Cadet 1804. Served in 3rd Mahratta War.

Captain Robert PRINGLE - 18th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action at Ramu - 16th May 1824.
Commanding the Magh Levy. Born in Cawnpore, 21 Sept. 1791. Son of Andrew and Cordelia Pringle. Cadet 1806. Served at Java 1811.

Captain John Augustus SCHALCH - 29th Bengal Native Infantry - killed at Kiung-pala - 25th February 1825. Grave at Arakan. Born in Woolwich, 27 Jan. 1793. Son of Captain Andrew (Royal Artillery) and Phillis Schalch. Family of German-Swiss extraction. Cadet 1807. Surveyor of Calcutta; erected iron suspension bridge at Kalighat. Superintendent Bengal Canals 1823. Killed in action on board the vessel 'Research'.

Captain William Louis TRUEMAN - 40th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action at Ramu - 17th May 1824. Grave at Ramu. Born at Camberwell, 7 Nov. 1791. Son of Robert and Sarah Trueman. Cadet 1806.

Major T. WALKER - Madras Army - killed in action - 5th December 1824.
Aged 42 years. Memorial in St. John's Church, Rangoon.

PEGU 1852

Ensign A.N. ARMSTRONG - 51st Foot - wounded at Rangoon, died same day - 11th April 1852.

Captain W. BLUNDELL - 51st Foot - wounded at Rangoon, 12th April 1852, died of wounds a few days later.

Lieutenant Walter COOK - 22nd Madras Native Infantry - died of wounds - 6th December 1852.

Lieutenant Robert DORAN - 18th Foot - killed at the storming of the Pagoda, Rangoon - 14th April 1852. He was struck by 4 bullets into his body on the steps of the Pagoda.
Grave in Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"Lt. Robert Doran, H.M.'s 18th Royal Irish, who fell at the taking of the Pagoda on 14th April 1852."
Memorial in The Curragh Military Cemetery, Ireland - "18th Foot (Royal Irish Regiment) Casualty Roll. Second Burma War 1852-53. Killed in Action: Lt R. Doran 14th April 1852 at Rangoon."

PEGU 1853

Captain Henry BARRY - 71st Bengal Native Infantry - killed near Prome - 28th December 1853.
Grave in Prome Cemetery.

Lieutenant L.A. BOILEAU - 67th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action at Myat Tun - 17th March 1853.

Lieutenant W.P. COCKBURN - 18th Foot - wounded at Myat Tun, 17th March 1853, died of wounds.

Lieutenant C.B.D. KENNEDY - Royal Navy (HMS Fox) - wounded at Myat Tun, 6th January 1853, died a few days later.

Captain Granville Gower LOCH - Royal Navy (HMS Winchester) - died of wounds - 4th February 1853.
Memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral, London - "Sacred to the memory of Granville Gower Loch Companion of the Order of the Bath Captain of H.M. Ship Winchester who fell in the service of his Country near Donabew on the River Irrawaddy on the 4 Feby 1853 in the 40 year of his age."

Captain Robert PRICE - 67th Bengal Native Infantry - wounded at Myat Tun, 6th January 1853. Died at Donabyu - 4th February 1853. Buried at Donabyu Cemetery.

Lieutenant James Marriott TAYLOR - 9th Madras Infantry - killed at Donabyu - 19th March 1853.
Buried in Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"James Marriott Taylor of the 9th Regiment, Madras Native Infantry who was killed on 19th March 1853, while gallantly storming the enemy's breastworks near Donabew."
Memorial in St. Mary's Cathedral, Madras - "Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant James Marriott Taylor 9th Regiment, N.I. Acting Interpreter to Her Majesty's K.O.L.I. who was killed on 19th March 1853, while gallantly leading a company of the Regiment to the assault of a stockade in the Donibeu District of Pegu. The officers of the King's Own Light Infantry erected this tablet to mark their sense of his worth and gallantry."

1875 -76

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Charleton HAMILTON - Bengal Staff Corps - killed 28th May 1875.
Grave at Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"In loving memory of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Charleton Hamilton B.S.C. Offg Inspection General of Police British Burmah. Aged 46 years. Killed by Dacoits near Pegu on the 28th May 1875. Erected by his brother officers in the Police."

Captain John BUTLER - Bengal Staff Corps - died of wounds 7th January 1876.
Memorial at Holy Rood Church, Empshott, Hampshire -
"In memory of Capt. John Butler, Bengal Staff Corps and Political Agent of the Naga Hills who died on the 7th January 1876 aged 33 near Gologhat Assam on the NE Frontier of India from the effects of a spear wound received in an encounter with the Naga tribes whilst leading an exploring party. A life fill of bright promise was thus prematurely closed in a cause to which he had devoted many years in attempting to civilise the wild and barbarous tribes of that frontier. A true and loyal soldier and a most devoted son, brother and friend."


Lieutenant J.E.O. ARMSTRONG - Hampshire Regt. - died of wounds - 29th January 1886.
Shot near Sagaing Fort, 9th January 1886, along with Surgeon Heath.
Grave at Mandalay - "In memoriam Lt. J.E.O. Armstrong, The Hampshire Regiment, born 13 Jan 1863, died 29 Jan 1886 from wounds received in a sudden attack by dacoits at Sagaing."

Captain Richard Frederick ATKINSON - 2nd Hampshire Regt. - killed at Salin - 31st July 1886.
Served in Afghanistan 1878-80 (medal & 2 clasps, MID)

Major Daniel AUCHINLECK - 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers - died of wounds - 15th September 1886.
Grave at Taintah - "Sacred to the memory of Daniel Auchinleck, Major, of the 2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers. Died on the 15th September 1886 at Taintah of wounds received in action two days previously, aged 39 years."

Lieutenant BALFOUR - South Yorkshire Regt. - killed at Sabinatha, near Tantabin - 9th November 1886.

Lieutenant William Philip COCKERAM - 2nd Middlesex Regt - killed near Sagaing - 2nd December 1885.
Memorial at St. Peters Church, West Knighton, Dorset - "This window was erected by the officers 2nd Batt. the Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment) in memory of their brother officer Lieut. William Philip Cockeram 3rd son of H.T.I. Cockeram Esq. of Fryer Mayne, Dorset, who was killed in action on 26th December 1885 near Sagaing in Burmah, whilst bravely leading his men against the enemy."

Captain William George DUNSFORD - 2nd Bengal Light Infantry - killed near Salin - 12th June 1886.

Lieutenant Robert Ashton Theodore DURY - 2nd South Wales Borderers - killed at Minhla - 17th November 1886.
Grave at Minhla. Memorial in Rochester Cathedral - "Lieutenant Robert Ashton Theodore Dury, 2nd South Wales Borderers, attached XI Regiment Bengal Infantry. Killed in the assault on Minhla-Burmah. 7 July 1863-17 November 1885. Erected in token of their esteem by his brother officers."

Lieutenant Henry Francis ECKERSLEY - 2nd Somerset Light Infantry - killed at Kyeetswaysmyo - 13th November 1886.
Memorial at St. James Church, Poolstock, Manchester - "In loving memory of Henry Francis Eckersley Lieutenant Prince Albert's Somerset Light Infantry who was killed in action whilst gallantly leading the advance at Kyettha, near Ningyan, Burmah, on 13th November 1886. Born 20th April 1863."
Memorial at St. Oswalds Church, Guiseley, West Yorkshire - "In memory of Henry Francis, 3rd son of Nathaniel and Elisabeth Eckersley, Carlton Manor, Guiseley, Lieutenant in Prince Albert's Somerset Regt Light Infantry killed at Kyellha, near Ningyan Burmah, while gallantly leading the attack aginst the Kyimindine Prince's Forces, November 13th 1886 in the 24th year of his age."

Lieutenant FORBES - 11th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action near Hlaingdet - 21st April 1886

Lieutenant J.F. GREENWOOD - 16th Madras Native Infantry - killed at Kanhla, near Gwebin - 17th November 1886. Buried at Gwebin.

Surgeon Joseph HEATH - Hampshire Regt. - killed near Sagaing Fort - 9th January 1886.
Born 12 June 1857. He was walking with Lieutenant Armstrong when they were both shot.

Lieutenant Charles Brownlow MACDONALD - HMS Ranger - killed 9th January 1887.
Memorial in St. Anne's Church, Portsmouth -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Charles Brownlow MacDonald, RN, HMS Ranger. Killed in action in Burma January 9th 1887 and to the Officers, Seamen and Marines HMS Ranger who died during her commission in the East Indies 1884 - 1887. Erected by their shipmates."

Lieutenant Henry Thomas SHUBRICK - 2nd Somerset Light Infantry - killed at Dumgee - 26th June 1886.

Major TROTTER - ? - wounded at Pantha, near Tamu - died of wounds, May 1886.

Captain Arthur George WILBRAHIM - 2nd Somerset Light Infantry - died of wounds at Yewoon - 21st July 1886. Served in Zulu Wars 1879 (medal & clasp)

Lieutenant E.P. WILLIAMS - Liverpool Regt. - killed at Ngape - 19th June 1886.

CHIN HILLS 1888-90

Major Frederick Edward Charles Henville GORDON-CUMMING - Cheshire Regt. - killed on the march to Fort White - 23rd March 1890. Grave at Fort White.

Captain Patrick CUNNINGHAM - 2nd East Yorkshire Regt. - died 11th May 1888.
Memorial - "In memory of Captain Patrick Cunningham 2nd Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, who died at Myingyan, from the effects of snakebite, on the 11th May 1888, aged 37 years and 10 months. Erected by his brother officers."

2nd Lieutenant Francis Alexander Kingslake FOSTER - 1st Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers - killed near camp Taungtek - 12th January 1890. Grave at Haka.
Memorial at Harrow School Chapel, Harrow - "In memory of Francis Alexander Kingslake Foster 2nd Lieut. Kings Own Scottish Borderers killed in action 12 Jan. 1890 on the Chin-Lushai Expedition Burmah aged 22 years."

Captain GRIMSHAW - 5th Royal Munster Fusiliers - died of disease - 1890.

Lieutenant Bertram Alfred JAMES - Royal Engineers - killed at Thetta - 2nd June 1891.

2nd Lieutenant William Graham MICHEL - 2nd Bn. Norfolk Regt. - killed at Tartan - 4th May 1889. Aged 21 years. Surgeon Le Quesne was awarded the Victoria Cross for the incident in which he tried to save this officer's life.

Lieutenant PALMER - Royal Engineers (Madras Sappers) - shot in an ambush near Fort White, 6th December 1888. Died next day. Grave at Kambale.

Lieutenant John STEWART - Leinster Regt. - killed near Rangamutti while carrying out survey work - 1888. His head was recovered in February 1890.

Assistant-Superintendent C.H.P. WETHERELL - Burma Police - killed in an ambush near Yokwa - 21st December 1890.


Lieutenant Streynsham Robert MASTER - 2/1st Gurkha Rifles - died of wounds 6th February 1893.
Grave at Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"Lieutenant Streynsham Robert Master 2nd Bn. 1st Gurkha Rifle Regiment and Assistant Commandant Mogaung Levy, Burma Military Police who died at Sima on 6th February 1893, from a wound received in attacking the Kachins at Kumja Stockade."

Captain Boyce William MORTON - 12th Bengal Infantry - killed in action 6th January 1893.
Grave at Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"Captain Boyce William Morton 12th Regiment of Bengal Infantry and Commander of the Magwe Battalion, Burma Military Police who was killed in action against the Kachins at Sima on 6th January 1893."
Memorial at Shrewsbury School Chapel, Shrewsbury - "This tablet placed here by friends and schoolfellows commemorate Boyce William Morton, Captain Indian Staff Corps, Commandant of the Magwe Battalion, Burma Military Police, killed in action at Sima in the Kachin Hills, Jan. 5th 1893, aged 34."


Captain Edward Maxwell WEST - 2/3rd Gurkha Rifles - killed in action 1927.
Served with Burma Military Police against the Kachins. Grave at The Triangle.


Superintendent Willoughby HEMANS - Burma Police - murdered by rebels in the Prome District - 1930.

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Traise MORSHEAD, DSO - Royal Engineers - murdered at Maymyo - 17th May 1931. Born 1882. Served France First World War, wounded, DSO, MID. Shot dead while out riding.