CHINA 1842 

Captain Charles John Russell COLLINSON - 18th Foot - killed at Chin-Kiang-Foo - 21st July 1842
Memorial at Parish Church, Sproughton, Suffolk - "To the memory of three beloved brothers the last of the sons of the late Charles Stryensham Collinson Esqre of the Chantry. This tablet is erected by their sisters. Charles John Russell Collinson, Captain in HM 18th Regt Royal Irish. Born 25th Sept 1808 - Killed 21st July 1842 at the capture of the Chinese city of Chin-Keang-Foo. William Clinton Pete Collinson, Lieutenant in the 37th Regt N.I. Born 7th Janry 1810 - Died 30th Janry 1840 from a wound received at the storming of the Fort of Pushoot in India on the 18th Janry 1840. Henry Redfearn Collinson, Lieutenant in HM 64th Regt. Born 19th August 1815 - Died May 1840 of yellow fever while serving with his regiment in Jamaica."

Colonel DRIVER - 6th Madras Native Infantry -
died of sun stroke  - 1842

Lieutenant FITZGERALD - HMS Modeste

Memorial at Protestant Cemetery, Macao - "Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Fitzgerald late belonging to H.M.S. Modeste who died at Macao on the 22nd June 1841 from the effects of a wound received while gallantly storming the enemies battery at Canton. This monument was erected by his numerous friends and shipmates in the Squadron in which he served as a tribute of respect to his memory." 

Major James UNIACKE - Royal Marines - killed at Chin-Kiang-Foo - 21st July 1842
Lieutenant C. HEWET - Royal Marines - killed at Woo Sung - 1842
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong - "This monument was erected by the Officers of H.M.S. 'CORNWALLIS' and Marine officers on the expedition Sacred to the memory of Major James Uniacke, Senior officer of R.M. who died at the capture of Chin-Kiang-Foo 21st July 1842. His remains were interred in Golden Island. Also to the memory of Lt. C. Hewet R.L. Marines who was killed at Woo Sung. Also to the memory of Lt. W.Atcherley who died in the Yang-Tsz-Kiang/1842."

HMS Vestal
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong -
This monument was erected by Captain Charles Talbot, the officers and crew of  H.M.S. Vestal to the sacred memory of their departed shipmates. March 1847 Killed: John SAXTON A.B. by falling 28 Feb 1844. John WATSON R.M. in action 19 Aug 1845. Drowned James KETTLE R.M. Canton R. 19 Jan 1846. John DICCERSON A.B. Canton R. 19 Jan. 1846. Henry SACKETT A.B. at sea 2 Sep 1846. Sam HULLOTT A.B. Died at Sea 1 Apr 1847. Died AD 1845 Edwd LANCEFIELD A.B. 22 Jan. Edwd PRATT Clerk Hong Kong 27 Jan. Wlm TOZER Seaman Hong Kong 31 Jan. Jams. FLEMING Seaman at aea 16 Feb. Murh. McLEOD Qrmaster at sea 21 Feb. Jams THOMPSON Capt F.T. Ceylon 6 Mar. Edwd HAWKINS Cap. Cook Ceylon 23 Mar. Thos WALKER 2nd Master Madras 7 Apr. Jams GREGORY Purser Madras 8 Apr. Died at Hong Kong  A.D. 1846-47 Dennis CONOLLY Carp. Mate 13 Jan. William ELDON Seaman 2 Mar. George GREIGG Carp Mate 22 May. Stepn JOYCE Cooper 6 Jul. William McKAY Qrmaster. Robt FEATHERBY Seaman 15 Nov. John ECCLES Seaman 24 Nov. Ben NORMAN Seaman 7 Dec. George WOOD Seaman 14 Jan."

HMS Winchester
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong -
Erected by Officers and crew of H.M.S. Winchester to the memory of their deceased shipmates' 1852 Wm SHEPPARD P.R.M. Killed ...BAREY P.R.M. Drowned. JNO...AB Drowned. Jas PAGE Quar. Master Died .. Ships Corpl Died. Robt.. AB Died.Jas.. AB Died.. AB Died. Jas. TATLAR AB Died. Wm WALLACE AB Died. Wm. ROSEVEAR AB Died. Jas. BURNETT AB Died. Thos. LOWE AB Died. Wm TIGGO AB Died. Wm ITHELL C. Crew Died. Thos EMERY P.R.M. Died
. John KEBLER P.R.M. Died. Jas. GILBERT P.R.M. Died. Jno. COLES P.R.M. Died. Hy. LAWSHAM P.R.M. Died. Saml. HALE P.R.M. Died. Jno. BROWN Bandsman Died. Patk. FOWLER Ord 2d C Died.
. Capt. G. G. LOCH G.B. Killed in action. Bernard CONNELL P.R.M. Killed in action. George STANTON P.R.M. Killed in action. Thos. HOCKEY Ord Killed in action. Lieut H.A. HINDE Died of wounds. Jos.LILLICRAP Capt Maintop Died of Wounds. Hy. HOLLAND Sergeant R.M. Died of wounds. Hno. MEW P.R.M. Died of wounds. Geo. MORRIS Ordinary Drowned. Capt. Hy. ESKINE R.M. Died. Mr. E.S. DOUGLAS Mate Died. Mr Hy FRENCH Assist. Surgeon Died. Edwin BLAKE A.B. Died. Jos. ROUSE A.B. Died. Wm. THOMPSON A.B. Died. Wm. DOWNING A.B. Died. Jno. ROBINSON A.B. Died. Philip HENDERSON A.B. DIED. Chas. RICHARDSON A.B. Died. Rd. HANCOCK A.B. Died. Charles FIRTH P.R.M. Died. Thos. JENNINGS P.R.M. Died. Saml. HARRIS P.R.M. Died. Jas. MURRANT Ordinary Died. Wm. JURMAN Ordinary Died. Jas. Thomas Bandsman Died. Geo. BLYTHE Ord. Q.C. Died. Jno. MAY Boy Died.
. Robt. HAMILTON Quarter Master Died. Wm ELLIS A.B. Died. Wm. THOMAS A.B. Died. Sim. COURTNAGE P.R.M. Died. Hy. AYLING P.R.M. Died. Edwd. GRAINGER P.R.M. Died. Wm. VICKERY P.R.M. Died. Geo. CHAPMAN P.R.M. Died. Jno. READ Mid. COOK Died. Saml. PIGEON Ordinary Died. Gwynne REES Ordinary Died. Geo. KETCHER Ordinary Died.
1855 Dan COURTNAYE A.B. Drowned. Thos. DUNNAWAY Boy Drowned. Ben. RERRICK A.B. Died. Thos. ROACH A.B. Died. Wm. ARBON P.R.M. Died. Fred. WINCHESTER Painter Died. Jno. MADDEN Ordinary Died. Wm. COE Ord. Q.C. Died.
1856 Geo. WELLS Ordinary Died
. Wm. FUGGLE Ord. Q.C. Died. John WILLIAMS Leading Seaman Died. Jas. MATHEWS A.B. Died. Geo. D. HARVEY Carpenters Mate Died. Jas. MICKLEJOHN Ordinary Drowned. Saml. SHORT A.B. Died. Thos. GARFORD A.B. Died. Wm. WEAVER P.R.M. Died. Henry WEST P.R.M. Killed. T.H. LATHAM P.R.M. Killed. J. NICHOLSON P.R.M. Died of wounds. BURGESS P.R.M. Died. Jno. GOWER Capt. M. Top Died. John BURGESS Qr. Master Died. Andrew MOFFAT P.R.M. Killed. Joseph BROOKS A.B. Died. George WOODWARD A.B. Died. Wm. TURNER A.B. Died. Jas. HARRINGTON Capt. of the mast Died. John RIDLEY A.B. Died.
1857 Fred. KNOWLES Ord.. Geo. LOCKE P.R.M. Died. Benj. EVANS A.B. M.E. HARRINGTON Master's Asst Died. Jno. WILKINSON Q. Crew. Morris CRONICK Ord. Died. Geo. GOODYEAR P.R.M. Jno. FUGE A.B. Died. Jno. MIALL Ships Stew. Geo. MORTEN A.B. Drowned. Jno. BENNET A.B. Morris PIGOTT Bandsman Died. Jno. PRIN A.B.. Thomas HALL P.R.M. Died. Thos. ATTRIDGE A.B.. C.F. HOCKING Clerk Died."

HMS Tribune
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong -
This monument is erected by Captain Harry Edgell, the officers and ship's company of H.M.S. Tribune to the memory of their shipmates who lost their lives in their country's cause/ 1856-58 Killed and died from wounds received in action: Henry L. BARKER Mid. Fat-shan Creek 2 June 1857. Richard HARPER A.B. Fat-shan Creek 2 June 1857. Barnet MORGAN A.B. Fat-shan Creek 10 June 1857. Benjamin SHELDRAKE Leading Seaman 29 July 1857. STRICKLAND Private R.M. French Island 7 July.. Drowned John CHAPMAN Shipwright Canton River 28 May 1857. William TILL A.B. Canton River 1 Feb 1858. Died from disease Charles KING Chief Engineer 2 July 1858. Thomas BARNES Assistant Engineer 15 July 1858. John GANGE Sail Makers Mate 13 Nov. 1856. George WHITE Ordinary 12 Feb 1857. George PAGE A.B. (Fell from aloft) 12 June 1857. David GIBSON Ordinary 28 July 1857. John BOWDEN Ordinary 6 Jan. 1858. Arthur BENHAM Captain of the Mast 24 July 1858/Thomas SMITH Quarter Master 10 August 1858. William SEARLE Ships Steward 17 September 1858. George BUTCHER Ships Steward 13 November 1858. John ALEXANDER Gunner R.M.A. 19 August 1857. William HORRELL Gunner R.M.A.27 November 1857. James BURLEY Gunner R.M.A. 20 January 1858. Thomas WEBSTER Gunner R.M.A. 28 October 1858. James NASH Private R.M. 2 August 1858."

HMS Rattler
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong -
Erected by the officers and crews of the United States Steam Frigate Powhatan and H.B.M. Steam Sloop Rattler in memory of their shipmates who fell in a combined boat attack on a fleet of piratical junks off Kuhlan August 4th 1855: KUHLAN 1855 Killed in the action 'Rattler' Geo. Mitchell A.B. Jas. SILVERS Carp. Crew Jno. MASSEY Gun. R.M.A. M. OLIFF Private R.A. 'Powhatan' Jno. PEPPER S.E.A. Jos. A. HALSEY Lands. Isaac COE Lands. S. MULLARD Marine B.F. ADAMSON Marine."

HMS Niger
Memorial at Fort Canning Cemetery, Singapore -
Erected by Captain The Hon'ble Arthur A. Cochrane CB and some of the Officersand ship's company of HMS Niger: Died from Disease Freshwater A. Capt. Cox Died at Canton 1 Dec 1856 aged 27 McPherson, P J AB Died at Singapore 22 Dec 1856 aged 27 Pearce, James Stoker Died at Canton River 17 Jul 1857 aged 31 Waller, Robert Mate Died at Hong Kong 25 Jan 1858 aged 29/Hill, William Capt. Miz. top Died at Hong Kong 26 Jan 1858 aged 33 Finn, Jeremiah AB Died at Canton 25 Feb 1858 aged 33. Ashman, Chas Boy Died at Singapore 12 Apr 1858 aged 17 Bourne, Mark Ordy Died at Singapore 11 April 1858 aged 20 Handcock, Robt Gunner RMA Died at Singapore 15 Apr 1858 aged 23 Middleton, V Private RM Died at Singapore 16 Apr 1858 aged 30 Gibbs, James, AB Died at Singapore 16 Apr 1858 aged 20 Durrant, Alfred Ord Died at Singapore 22 Apr 1858 aged 19 Stevens, W. Boy Died at Singapore 9 Jul 1858 aged 17 Manners, George AB Died at Singapore 29 Jul 1858 aged 21' Died in Action Seig, Christian RMA Died at Fatshan 1 Jun 1857 aged 29 Griffin, Edward AB Died at Fatshan 1 Jun 1857 aged 27 Bullemore Stoker Died at Canton 5 Jan 1858 aged 27. Smith, H.A. Boy Died at Canton 5 Jan 1858 aged 17 Drowned Roughton, Mr GE Master Asst Died at Sea 23 Oct 1856 aged 18 Day, Charles Boy Died at Sea 8 Sep 1856 aged 16 Meckril, H.J. Ordy Died at Pahang 19 May 1858 aged 18 Woods, William Capt. F.C. Died at Sea 19 May 1858."

CHINA 1857-60

Lieutenant Robert Burn ANDERSON - Fanes Horse - died as a Prisoner of War - 27th September 1860
He was captured on the 18th September. Born 18 Oct. 1833, son of John Anderson, a merchant of Glasgow. Served with 1st Bombay Fusilieers. During the Indian Mutiny he was posted to Hodson's Horse. Volunteered for China and posted to Fanes Horse.

Midshipman Henry L. Barker - HMS Tribune - killed at Fatshan Creek - 2nd June 1857
See memorial to HMS Tribune above.

Captain William Thornton BATE - Royal Navy -
killed at Canton - 29th December 1857
Killed while looking for a position to place scaling ladders against the city walls.
Memorial in St. Anne's Church, Portsmouth -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain William Thornton Bate RN who was killed under the walls of Canton at the storming of the city December 29th 1857 in the 37th year of his age. His distinguished career of professional service, the conspicuous gallantry, consistent piety and Christian values which adorned both his public and private life warmly endeared him to a wide circle of relatives and friends who deeply mourn his loss occassioned to them and to his country by his untimely death. His fiends in China add to a monument which they have erected at Hong Kong this simple memorial of their respect and affection for his memory."

Ensign Thomas Frederick BOWEN - 59th Foot - wounded at Canton, 29th December 1857 - died of wounds 10th January 1858
Aged 21. Son of Revd. Thomas Bowen, of Leamington, Warwickshire.

Captain L. BRABAZON - Royal Artillery - believed beheaded in the Tartar Camp during the Battle of Palichian - 21st September 1860
Son of Major Brabazon, 15th Hussars.

Lieutenant Robert William DANVERS - 70th Bengal Native Infantry - wounded at storming of Namtow, died same day - 12th August 1858
Gunshot wound in chest.
Memorial at Queens Chapel of the Savoy, London -
"Also of Robert William Danvers, their third son, Born 30 July 1833, Lieut. in the 70th Bengal N.I. He was Interpreter to HM 5th Fusiliers during the Mutiny in India 1857-58, served with the Regt at the 1st Relief of Lucknow by Gen. Sir Hy. Havelock KCB and in the Defence of the Residency. After the 2nd Relief, he joined the Force under Gen. Sir J. Outram GCB and subsequently went with his Regt to China where he was accidentally killed on the 12th Aug. 1858 after the capture of Namtow. He was buried at Hong Kong."

Lieutenant Frederick HACKETT - 59th Foot - killed in action at Canton - 29th December 1857
Aged 29. Son of Francis Beynon Hackett, of Moor Hall, Warwickshire.

Major Thomas John KEARNEY - Quartermaster-General to China Expeditionary Force - killed at Fatshan Creek - 1st June 1857
Formerly 15th Hussars and Horse Guards. Killed by a 32-pdr cannon shot aboard Commodore Keppel's ship, reportedly 'tearing him to pieces.'
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"Sacred to the memory of Major Thomas John Kearney, formerly Capt. in the 15th Hussars, and late Deputy Asst. Quartermaster General at the Horse Guards, who was killed by a cannon ball at Fatchan Creek in a gallant boat attack on war junks on the 1st of June 1857, while performing the duties of Deputy Asst. Quartermaster General to Her Majesty's forces in China. Beloved and respected by all who knew him in life, and in death most deeply mourned by his sorrowing family."

Captain W.F. LAMBERT - Royal Engineers - wounded at storming of Namtow, 11th August 1858. Died 12th August 1858
Gunshot wound to left thigh.

Surgeon Robert Welbank Macauley - Bengal Army - died at Talien - 15th July 1860
Born 4th March 1823. MD 1844. Served in the Indian Mutiny (medal & clasp).
Memorial at St. Pauls Cathedral, Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Robert Welbank Macauley MD Surgeon of the Bengal Establishment who died on the Hospital Ship Mauritius at Talien when in the North of China on the 15th July 1860 when proceeding on service with the China expeditionary force Aged 37 years. This tablet is erected in affectionate remembrance of their former comrade by the officers of the 1st Regiment Sikh Cavalry Probyn’s Horse."

Captain Thomas MACKENNA - 1st Royals - killed during the naval attack on Pei-Ho forts - 25th June 1859
He was killed on board HMS Plover.

Lieutenant William Hector RASON - Royal Navy - killed 25th June 1859
Memorial at
St Mary's Church, Eastbourne, East Sussex
- "Sacred to the memory of William Hector Rason, Lieut R.N. aged 26; who gallantly fell under the Batteries of the Peiho; 25th June 1859, when in command of the 'Plover' Gun Boat; sunk in Action carrying the Admiral's flag. This monument/is erected by his Brother officers in token of their admiration of his conspicuous gallantry and moral worth."

Midshipman Henry THOMSON - HMS Sansparell - wounded in assault on Canton - died 30th December 1857
Aged 16. Son of Capt. Thomas Sparke Thomson, RN, of Hayes, Kent.
Memorial at St. Mary's, Hayes, London - "In memory of Henry Thompson, Midshipman of HMS Sanspareil who fell mortally wounded in the assault on Canton on the 29th Dec 1857 and died on the following day, aged 15 years and 11 months. This window was erected by some friends in the neighbourhood on Oct. 30 1858."
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong - "Erected by Captain .... the Officers, Seamen and Marines of H.M.S. Sans Pareil in memory of their shipmates who departed this life on the East India and China Station. William Bowden Ord. Singapore Drowned July 2nd 1857 William Barnes Ord. Calcutta Died August 6th 1857 John Garland Pt. R.M. Calcutta Died October 6th 1857 John Hutchins Stoker Calcutta Died October 13th 1857 George Blackmore A.B. Calcutta Died October 13th 1857 John Twoney Ord. Calcutta Died October 14th 1857 Thomas Deacon Pte. R.M. Calcutta Died October 15th 1857 Joseph Hackwell Pte. R.M. Calcutta Died October 16th 1857 Isaac Hawkins Pte. R.M. Calcutta Died October 23rd 1857 John Alderman Bom. R.M.A. Calcutta Died October 25th 1857 Robert, Lane Pte. R.M. Calcutta Died October 26th 1857 James Andrews Pte. R.M. Calcutta Died October 27th 1857 Geo. Stephenson 2 Cap. M.T. Calcutta October 28th 1857 Edward Earl Cap. Cook Calcutta October 30th 1857 George M. Lane Boy 1st Class On Board November 3rd 1857 John Williams Gun. R.M.A. On Board November 9th 1857 James Green 2 Cap. F.T. On Board December 2nd 1857 Richard Harris Ord. 2nd Class H.K. January 13th 1858 John March Ord. 2nd Class H.K. January 28th 1858 Robert Reader Gun. R.M.A. H.K. January 29th 1858 John Palmer Carp. Mate On Board February 20th 1858 James Cragie A.B. H.K. March 4th 1858 Samuel Hobbs Leading Stoker H.K. March 5th 1858 James Tomlinson A.B. H.K. March 8th 1858 James Arnall Bandsman H.K. March 11th 1858 John Milton Bandsman H.K. May 6th 1858 Frederick Page Ord. Canton River June 7th 1858 William Halford Ord. Canton River June 21st 1858 Henry R. Crofton Lieut. Died November 16th 1857 aged 36 Edward H. Joll Assist. Clerk Died December 7th 1857 aged 18 Henry Thompson, Midshipman who was killed under the walls of Canton, December 29th 1857 aged 17 years. His body is interred beneath this monument. His memory will long survive."

Captain Nicholas VANSITTART - Royal Navy - died of wounds 17 July 1859
Memorial at
St John's Church, Shottesbrooke, Berkshire
- "To the memory of Captain Nicholas Vansittart RN CB who died 17th July 1859 of wounds received at the attack on the Peiho Forts. This window is erected by his brother officers and friends as a token of their esteem and admiration."

CHINA 1900-01

Captain Herbert W.H. BEYTS - Royal Marine Artillery - killed at Hsi-ku - 23rd June 1900
Served on HMS Centurion. Killed while defending the Imperial Armoury.

Major Arthur Robertson BROWNING - 4th Punjab Infantry - killed at Tai Tao Ying - 20th April 1901
Son of Colin A.R. Browning, CIE. Born 12th February 1860. Served Zhob Valley 1884, Hazara 1888 (medal and bar), Waziristan 1894 (bar).
Memorial at St. Augustine's Church, Kohat -
"In memory of Major Arthur Robertson Browning 4th Punjab Infantry killed in action at Tai Tao Ying, North China April 20th 1901. erected by his brother officers in token of their regard and esteem."

Midshipman DONALDSON - HMS Aurora - mortally wounded at Tientsin 19th June 1900. Died 3rd July

Midshipman Frank Samuel Drake ESDAILE - HMS Barfleur - wounded at Tientsin - 6th July 1900. Died 7th July
Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Cothelstone, Somerset - "In dear memory of Francis Samuel Drake Esdaile midshipman H.M.S. 'Barfleur' who died July 7th 1900 of wounds received in action at Tientsin aged 17 years. Also Edward Jeffries Shelly Esdaile who died May 16th 1898 aged 21 years. This tablet is placed here by the brothers and sisters who deeply mourn the loss of their dearly beloved companions."

Captain Arthur Joseph HILL - 1st East Surrey Regiment (attached 1st Chinese Regiment) - killed at Tientsin - 18th September 1900
Killed in an explosion while removing Chinese gunpowder from a temple.
Memorial at St. Peters Church, Wimblington, Cambridgeshire - "In memory of Captain Arthur Joseph Hill, 1st Battalion the East Surrey Regiment, accidentally killed in China on Sept. 18th aged 37. This tablet is erected by his brother officers."

Captain H.T.R. LLOYD - Royal Marine Light Infantry - killed at Tientsin - 13th July 1900
Served on HMS Aurora.

Captain OLLIVANT - 1st Chinese Regiment - killed at Tientsin - 13th July 1900

Captain Bernard M. STROUTS - Royal Marine Light Infantry - mortally wounded, Defence of the Legations, Pekin - 16th July 1900

Captain WATTS-JONES - Royal Engineers - murdered at Kuei-hua-cheng - November 1900

Commander Philip Nithsdale WRIGHT - Royal Navy - died of wounds 27th June 1901
Memorial at St. Nicholas Church, Churchstoke, Powys, Wales -
"Commander Philip Nithsdale Wright RN Born 3rd Feb 1871, Died 27 June 1901 in consequence of a wound received on the 19th June 1900 during the siege of Tientsin, China. To his organisation of the whole defence and to his exertions the safety of the town was largely due. Erected by his sorrowing father."

Memorial at Victoria Park, Portsmouth -
"Taku Forts, Tientsin, Defence of Legations, Pekin. H.M.S. Orlando North China 1900 Commander P.H. Wright, died of wounds received at Tientsin. Killed Sir E. Seymour's Column W. Gingell Srgt R.M.L.I. N. Berry Ord. Killed at Tientsin J.W. Johnson Lt. SMm R. Wheeler A.B. H. Mills A.B. F. Hussey A.B. E. Craddock A.B. N. Robinson Pte R.M.L.I. Legation guard died of wounds A.G.Sawyer Pte R.M.L.I. This bell was taken at the capture of the North West Fort, Taku June 17 1900 and brought home by H.M.S. Orlando. The memorial is erected by the Officers and Men in memory of their comrades who lost their lives during the commission. Captain James T. Burke C.B. died at sea 12th May 1902. Mr E.A. Govett, Midshipman. Benj. Green Chief Stoker. E.C. Holloway P.O. 2nd Cl. R.J. Halls A.B. J. Harding Stoker. W. Snelgrove Ord. F. J. Boulton Boy."

HMS Aurora
Memorial at Happy Valley Cemetery, Hong Kong -
"This stone was erected by the Engine Room staff of H.M.S. Aurora in loving memory of Joseph Alfred HARDY, Leading Stoker, who died in the Royal Naval Hospital, Hong Kong on the 11th May 1901 aged 27 years also of James SPILLARE, Stoker, Killed in action at Tientsin, 27th June 1900 and of John Morgan, Stoker, who died at Pekin, 26th August 1900. All of H.M.S. Aurora."