4th Light Dragoons

Major J.T.D. Halkett - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854

Lieutenant Henry Arthur Sparke - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854
Son of Revd. J.H. Sparke, canon of Ely.

5th Dragoons

Cornet Grey Neville - died of wounds at Scutari - November 1854. wounded at Balaklava, 25th October. Aged 24. Brother of Henry Neville (Grenadier Guards) who was killed at Inkermann, 5th November 1854.
Buried at Scutari -
"Sacred to the memory of Honble Grey Neville 5th Dragoon Guards. Youngest son of Lord Braybrooke. Died at Scutari Novr 1854 of wounds received at Balaklava 25th Octr 1854 Aged 24 years. Surviving by only six days his brother the Honble Henry Neville Grenadier Guards Killed at Inkerman 5th Novr 1854. To the dear memory of those so loved and early lost their sorrowing Family inscribe this stone."

8th Hussars

Cornet G. Clowes - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854

Lieutenant J.C. Fitzgibbon - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854

Captain George Lockwood - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854
Memorial at St. Marys Church, Lambourne, Essex - "To the memory of George Lockwood Captain 8th Hussars, second son of William Joseph Lockwood of Dews Hall. Born June 16th 1818. He fell October 25th 1854 in the memorable cavalry charge of Balaclava while acting as ADC to Major general the Earl of Cardigan. Every effort to recover his remains having been proved ineffectual this monument is erected by his mother as a tribute of love to an affedtionate and dutiful son."

11th Hussars

Lieutenant Powell Houghton - wounded at Balaklava - 25th October 1854. died at Scutari 22nd Nov.
Son of George Powell Houghton, of Kilmanock Park, Co. Wexford.

13th Light Dragoons

Captain Thomas Howard Goad - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854
Aged 27. Son of the late B. Goad and step-son of the late General Sir Thomas Bradford, GCB, GCH.

Cornet Hugh Montgomery - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854
Memorial at Harrow School Chapel - "Cornet Hugh Montgomery 13th Light Dragoons fell at the Light Cavalry charge at Balaklava on 25 Oct 1854 aged 24 yrs."

Captain J.A. Oldham - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854

17th Lancers

Cornet J. Chadwick - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854

Cornet Archibald Cleveland - wounded at Inkermann - 5th November 1854. Died 6th November
Aged 21. From Tapley Park, Devon. Charged with the Light Brigade.
Memorial at St. Johns Church, Instow, Devon - "To the memory of Archibald Cleveland Esq. Born at Tapeley May 10th 1833, Cornet in the 17th Lancers, accompanied his regiment to Turkey. On the subsequent landing of the forces in the Crimea he was present at the engagement between the advanced cavalry and a troop of Cossacks, and in the Battle of the Alma the following day. On the flank march to Balaklava his troop charged the Russian rearguard, when they took several prisoners and a quantity of baggage on the 25th October. He was one of the renowned 500 in the Battle of Balaklava, where he immortalised himself by his cool and dauntless bravery. After fighting through a large body of the enemy and when escaping to camp, 3 cossacks pursued him. He mortally wounded the three and arrived at camp leading his wounded charger, faint from the loss of blood. At the Battle of Inkermann he was mortally wounded by a shell from a Russian Frigate which burst close to him. He expired the following morning at 6 o'clock November 6th 1854."

Lieutenant John Henry Thomspon - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854
Aged 22. Son of Robert Thomson, of Camphill, Renfrewshire.

Captain Augustus Frederick Cavendish Webb - died of wounds at Scutari - 6th November 1854
Aged 22. Son of Frederick Webb, of Frederick Webb, of Westwick, Durham.
Wounded at Balaklava. Buried at Scutari -
"S. M. Aug. F. C. Webb Capt. XVII Lancers wounded at Balaklava Octr. 25th Died at Scutari Nov. 6th 1854. Aged XXII."
Memorial at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire - "In memory of Augustus Frederick Cavendish Webb, Captain 17th Lancers who died at Scutari 6 November 1854 of wounds received at the charge of Balaclava 25 Octover 1854 aged 22 years. Erected by his brother William Frederick Webb."

Captain J.P. Winter - killed at Balaklava - 25th October 1854

17th Bombay Lancers

Captain Richard Surtees Sherwood - killed near Kertch - 19th December 1855. Aged 23. Attached to the Turkish Cavalry.
Memorial in Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Richard Surtees Sherwood, 17th Bombay Lancers, who died of wounds received in action while gallantly fighting at the head of a detachment of Turkish cavalry near Kertch on the 19th December 1855 Aged 23 years. He was buried with military honours near Argin."