INDIA 1780 - 1840

Richard ROSE - H.E.I.C. Army - died of wounds 7th June 1768.
Memorial at St. Helen's church, Abingdon, Oxfordshire -
"To the memory of Mr. Richard Rose late an Officer in the Service of the Honble East India Company who died June the 7th 1768 aged 28 of wounds received at the seige of Attoor a Fortress in India April the 5th of the same year. This monument to his son's merit and his own loss was erected by his afflicted father. Blessed by a most sweet disposition he was a dutiful son and tender parent, the excruciating tortures occasioned by a desperate wound and the lingering and painful consequences during the space of 3 months by which it gradually brought on his dissolution he sustained with the most perfect patience and exemplary resignation to the divine will."

Cadet Kingsford VENNER - 1st Circar Battalion - killed 3rd October 1780.
When ordered to travel to Madras by ship, the sepoys refused to embark as they did not want to travel by sea. Cadet Venner was shot dead and the sepoys left the town, but were soon stopped by loyal sepoys and turned back.
Grave at Vizagapatam - "Here rests his head upon the lap of Earth a youth to fortune and fame unknown. Beneath this stone is deposited the mortal part of Mr. Kingsford Venner Cadet in the 1st Circar Battalion of Sepoys An ill fated youth who possessed of the most amiable disposition and every requisite to form a good man was precipitated to an untimely grave at the age of 19 in a Mutiny of Grenadier Sepoys ordered for embarkation from this Port on the 3rd of October 1780."

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Russel DEARE - Bengal Artillery - killed at Sattimungulum - 13th September 1790.
Memorial in Calcutta - "Here rest the remains of Mrs. Catherine Deare who died at Calcutta the 6th Sept. 1790, aged 34 XXXIV years. In memory of her and her husband, Lieut-Col. Charles Russel Deare, who fell by a canon shot on the 13th of the same month; while commanding the Bengal Artillery in the action fought between a detachment of the British forces and those of Tippo Sultan, near Sattimungulum, aged XL years. This monument was erected by their brother, Col. George Deare."

Memorial at St. Johns Church, Calcutta - "In memory of Colonel George Burrington - Major Thomas Bolton - Captain Norman MacLeod - Captain John Mawbey - Captain John Mordaunt - Lieut Andrew Cummings - Lieut Edmund Wells - Lieut John Plumer - Lieut Joseph Richardson - Lieut William Hencksman - Lieut Y. Q. M. Birch - Lieut William Odell - Lieut Edward Baker - Lieut-Fireworker James Telfer and the European and Native non-commissioned officer and provates who were killed in the second Rohilla War October 1794."

Lieutenant Thomas FALLA - 12th Regiment - died of wounds 6th April 1799.
Memorial at St. Sampson's Church, Channel Islands -
"Thomas Falla, Lieutenant in the 12th Regiment of Infantry who died at the siege of Seringapatam 6th April 1799 aged 18 years, 6 months and 25 days, from the effects of a wound from a solid cannon ball weighing 26 pounds, which had located itself between the 2 bones of one of his thighs. The said wound becoming considerably inflamed the Regimental Surgeon although having examined it, was unaware that a bullet was enclosed, and it was only after his death, which occured 6 hours after the event, that it was extracted, to the surprise of the whole army."

Captain Edward COOKE - Royal Navy - killed 23rd May 1799.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Edward Cooke Esq. Captain of H.M. Ship 'La Sybelle' who recieved a mortal wound in a gallant action with the French Frigate 'La Forte' which he captured in Balasore Roads, March 1st 1799, and brought to this port where he died 23d March 1799, aged 26 years."

Lieutenant John BROWN - 76th Foot - killed in the assault on Allyghur - 4th September 1803.
Monument at Allyghur -
"To the memory of the undermentioned gallant officers of the H.M. 76th Regiment of Foot. Captain Ronald Cameron, Lieut. Michael Bailing Fleming, Lieut. John Brown, Lieut. and Adjt. Fk. Wm. St. Aubin, Lieut. Arthur Cuthbert Campbell, who were killed during the assault in which the strong fortress of Allyghur, defended by a numerous and well appointed garrison, fell to the superior energy of British valour and British spirit on the 4th Sept. A.D. 1803."

Captain Ronald CAMERON - 76th Foot - killed in the assault on Allyghur - 4th September 1803.

Lieutenant Arthur Cuthbert CAMPBELL - 76th Foot - killed in the assault on Allyghur - 4th September 1803.

Lieutenant Michael Bailing FLEMING - 76th Foot - killed in the assault on Allyghur - 4th September 1803.

Lieutenant John Henry HURD - 76th Foot - killed at Laswaree - 1st November 1803.

Captain Hugh MACKAY - 4th Madras Cavalry - killed at Assaye - 23rd September 1803.
Son of Rev. Thomas and Margaret Mackay. Born 1763.
Memorial at Lairg Cemetery, Sutherland, Scotland -
"Rev. Thomas Mackay (eldest son of Rev. J. Mackay); born 1717, died 1803, minister Lairg for 55 years; wife Margaret Montgomery, died 1773; Rev. John Mackay (2nd son of Captain William Mackay of Scourie) born 1680, died 1753, minister Durness for 7 years, minister of Lairg for 39 years; wife Catherine Mackay, died 1724; William, (son of Rev. T. Mackay), born 1770, died Calcutta 1804, Naval Commander, author of Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Juno 1795; Hugh Mackay (2nd son of Rev. T. Mackay) Captain 4th Regiment Madras Cavalry, Commissary Army Staff, born 1763, served his country 24 years, died 23 Sept 1803 at muzzle of enemies guns battle of Assaye fought between Wellesly and the Mahrattas."

Lieutenant William MEULH - 76th Foot - killed at Laswaree - 1st November 1803.
Monument at Allyghur -
"Also of Lieut. and Adjt. William Meulh, Lieut. John Henry Hurd, of H.M. 76th Regiment of Foot, who lost their lives, nobly fighting in their country's cause, during the memorable victory afterwards gained over the Army of Dowlut Rao Scirdia, near Laswarry, in Hindostan, by the British Forces under the command of General Lake, on the 1st November A.D. 1803."

Lieutenant Frederick William ST. AUBIN - 76th Foot - killed in the assault on Allyghur - 4th September 1803.

Lieutenant John THURTON - 1/4th Native Infantry - killed in the assault on Allyghur - 4th September 1803.
Grave at Allyghur -
"To the memory of Lieutenant John Thurton, 1st Bn. 4th Native Infantry, who was killed at the Assault of Allyghur on the 4th Sept. 1803, Aetatis Suae 25. This monument, the tribute of affection was erected by a friend."

Captain Henry CORFIELD - 47th Foot - killed - January 1805.
Memorial at St. James Church, Taunton -
"In memory of William Corfield who died in Sept. 1814 and Christian his wife who died Nov. 1792 aged 56. Also their sons William Corfield Capt. of the 47th Regt who died Oct. 1802 aged 42. Winsmore Corfield of the Royal Navy killed in America June 1776 aged 15. Thomas Corfield who died in China 1789 aged 19. Henry Corfield Capt. of the 47th Regiment killed in India January 1805 aged 29."

Colonel St. John FANCOURT - 34th Foot - killed in the mutiny at Vellore - 10th July 1806.
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"In the memory of Mrs Amelia Fancourt, widow of Col St. John Fancourt of HM 34th Regt of Foot, who as Commandant of Vellore in the East Indies, fell a sacrifice to his devoted gallantry in defence of the garrison committed to his charge, during the mutiny of the native troops on the morning of the 10th of July 1806. Died January the 7th 1852, aged 75 years."

Lieutenant George PAYNE - Bengal Artillery - died of wounds at Cawnpore - 25th October 1806.
Son of Edward Payne, of London.
Grave at Cawnpore - "Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant George Payne of Artillery who died at Cawnpore on the 25 October 1806 in consequence of a wound received at the attack of the fort of Budyke in Bundelcund on the 21 of October 1806 aged 20 years."

Lieutenant J.H. YOUNG - killed at Comonah - 14th November 1807. Aged 25 years.

Lieutenant John Du FEU - 1/23rd Native Infantry - killed at Kamoonah - 18th November 1807.
Mmeorial at St. Andrews Church, Channel Islands - "In memory of Lieut. John Du Feu, 1st Battn 23rd Regt N.I. in the Honourable East India Companys Service, killed at the taking of Kamoonah 18thy November 1807, aged 23 years. This monument is erected as a tribute of affection by his twin sister Mary R. Le Lievre."

Captain N.P. GRANT - 15th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action April 1810.
Memorial at Barrackpore -
"To perpetuate the remembrance of professional gallantry, manly character and private worth of Captain N.P. Grant, of the 15th Regiment of Bengal Sepoys, who whilst employed in the service of his country, was slain by a Banditti near the city of Kurrembad in the month of April AD 1810, at the early age of 26 years."

Lieutenant John Bellamy Bowles LUXFORD - Bengal Horse Artillery - died of wounds - 30th November 1814.
Son of John and Caroline Luxford. Born at Ewell, Surrey, 14th Nov. 1791. Served in Nepal 1814.
Memorial at Meerut -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. John B.B. Luxford of the Bengal Horse Artillery who fell mortally wounded in the attack on Fort Kalanga on the 27th, and died on the 30th November 1814, aged 22 years. This Cenotaph is erected by his brother officers in testimony of their affection and esteem."

Lieutenant George Mackintosh MUNT - 2/26th Native Infantry - killed at the heights of Jeytuck, near Nahan - 27th December 1814.
Born at Morden, Surrey, 12th August 1785. Son of John and Sarah Munt. Served Nepal War 1814.

Ensign George STALKART - 2/26th Native Infantry - killed at the heights of Jeytuck, near Nahan - 27th December 1814.
Born 28th March 1794. Son of Marmaduke and Mary Stalkart. Served Nepal War 1814.

Lieutenant Thomas THACKERY - 2/26th Native Infantry - killed at the heights of Jeytuck, near Nahan - 27th December 1814.
Born at Monken Hadley, Middlesex 26th July 1789. Son of William (Bengal Civil service) and Amelia Thackery. Served 2nd Mahratta War 1805-6, Bundelkhand operations 1807-10. Nepal War 1814. See memorial below.

Ensign William McMurdo WILSON - 2/26th Native Infantry - killed at the heights of Jeytuck, near Nahan - 27th December 1814.
Baptized at Dumfries 17th June 1792. Son of William and Isabella Wilson. Served Nepal War 1814.
Monument at Nahan -
"Sacred to the memory of Wm. McMurdo Wilson Ensign 2nd Battn. 26th Regt. N.I. killed on the 27th Decr. 1814, Aged 22 years, with the Light Company of his Regiment while covering the retreat of Major Wm. Richard's column, on the Heights of Jeytuck, near Nahan, when the Officer Commanding the company, Lieut. Thackery and 57 men were killed and wounded by a strong and over-powering column of Goorkhas, led by Cazee Ranzore Thapa, the remains of the deceased with the other officers (Lieut. Munt, Thackery and Ensign Stalkart) were buried at this spot, and this tomb erected, by the surviving officers of the Light Battn. to their memory."

Lieutenant Humphrey BAGOT - 19th Bengal Native Infantry - killed at Malown - 15th April 1815.

Lieutenant Edward Wilson BROUGHTON - 19th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action - 1815.

Captain Charles Lionel SHOWERS - 19th Bengal Native Infantry - killed at Malown - 15th April 1815.
Born in India 1780. Son of Samuel and Melian Showers. Godson of Warren Hastings. Served in Egypt 1801-2. 2nd Mahratta War 1803-4, Nepal War 1814.
Memorial in St. John's Church, Calcutta -
"Consecrated to the memory of Charles Lionel Showers, Esq. Senior Captain of the 19th Regiment Bengal Infantry, who in the assault of the fortified heights of Malown, on the 15th of April 1815, led one of the principal columns to a separate attack, in most gallant style, and gloriously fell at its head just when in personal conflict he had with his own hand slain the chief of the enemy. In the various duties of life, as a man, soldier, and a Christian, the eminent qualities of the amiable and lamented Showers conspicuously shone. To record their deep sense of his worth and their heartfelt concern for his loss, the officers of the 19th Regiment have caused this monument to be erected in affectionate remembrance of their valued and regretted comrade. Aetat 25. On the same occasion, in the gallant execution of duty, fell Lieut. Humphrey Bagot of the same Regt. Aetat 25. and in the same campaign equally honorable, fell Lieut. Edward Wilson Broughton, of the same regiment aetat 26."

Lieutenant John Clerk - 4th Bengal Native Cavalry - killed at Mangrol 4th October 1821.
Born 19th November 1802 at Worting, Hants. Son of John and Anne Clerk. Brother of Sir George Russell Clerk, GCSI. Cadet 1818. Killed at Mangrol, Rajputana.
Memorial at St. Marys church, Cheltenham -
"To the memory of Lieutenant John Clerk of the 4th Regiment of Bengal Native Cavalry who was killed in action at Mongroule on the Western Frontier of Hindostan the 4th October 1821 in the 19th year of his age."

Captain Henry Bruin Armstrong - 14th Foot - killed in the assault on Bhurtpore - 18th January 1826. See memorial below.

Brigadier-General William Tollmache Edwards - 14th Foot - killed in the assault on Bhurtpore - 18th January 1826. See memorial below.

Memorial at Meerut - "Sacred to the memory of Brigadier-General W.T. Edwards His Majesty's 14th Regiment, and Captain H.B. Armstrong of the same Corps, who in the successful assault on the Fortress of Bharatpur on the morning of 8 January 1826, fell on the ramparts in the gallant discharge of his duty, General Edwards leading the left column of the attack. This tablet is erected by their brother officers."

Lieutenant Joseph TINDAL - Bengal Engineers - killed at Bhurtpore 1st January 1826
Born 23 March 1803 in Skipton. Cadet 1822. Served First Burma War.
Memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Skipton, Yorkshire -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Joseph Tindal of the East India Compys Bengal Engineers third son of William and Ann Tindal of this place who after a short but not undistinguished career met the death of a soldier at the memorable seige of Bhurtpore on the 1st of January 1826 in the 23rd year of his age yet not before his talents and acquirements combined with spirit heart and promise had marked him out for future eminence and made him beyond the common lot respected and beloved. Near the spot where he fell a monument erected by his brother officers marks his grave."

Assistant-Surgeon H. BEADON - killed 25th May 1829.
Killed during the operation to avenge the murders of the two officers below.

Lieutenant Richard Gurdon BEDINGFIELD - Bengal Artillery - murdered 2nd April 1829.
Murdered at Nunklow, near Gowhatty, Assam, by a gang of bandits. His head was cut off. The gang then besieged the house where Lieut. Burlton was holding out with a few sepoys of the Assam Light Infantry. He was born in Ditchingham, Norfolk 5th Sept. 1802. Son of Francis and Catherine Bedingfield. He served in the First Burma War.

Lieutenant Philip Bowles BURLTON - Bengal Artillery - murdered 4th April 1829.
Born at Ravenstock, 18th Dec. 1803. Son of William Burlton, of Wykins Hall, Leicestershire. Born 1804. Served in the First Burma War. Murdered at Nunklow, near Gowhatty, Assam, by a gang of bandits. The gang killed his friend, Lieut. Bedingfield, and then besieged the house where Lieut. Burlton was holding out with a few sepoys of the Assam Light Infantry. When they tried to escape they were all killed.

Memorial at Nucklow, Assam - "Sacred to the memory of Lieuts. Bedingfield and Burlton, Bengal Artillery, who were barbarously murdered by the Cossays of Nucklow, on the 2d and 4th of April 1829. And to H. Beadon, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, who was killed 25th of May 1829, whilst nobly avenging their death."

Ensign Thomas Harrison Scott MACLEOD - 34th Native Infantry - died of wounds - 11th March 1832.
Born at Greenwich, 12th Jan. 1828. Son of Thomas and Jane Macleod. Died from an arrow wound.
Tablet at Barrackpore Church -
"To the memory of Ensign T.H.S. Macleod, of the 34th Regiment N.I. who died at Somer in Chota Nagpore, on the 11th March 1832, of a wound received in action at Arkee, on the 8th of the same month, aged 22 years."

Captain Henry BOWDEN-SMITH - 37th Native Infantry - died of wounds - 14th November 1833.
Tablet in St. Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst, Hampshire - "In memory of Capt. Henry Bowden-Smith of the 37th Bengal Native Infantry who died at Neemuch on the 14th November of wounds received in action with the Bheels on the 29th October 1833 aged 34."

Lieutenant Robert Harvey TURNBULL - 24th Bengal Native Infantry - killed in action - 1st January 1833.
Tablet in St. John's Church, Calcutta - "Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant and Adjutant Robert Harvey Turnbull, of the 24th Regt. Bengal Native Infantry, who was killed in action with the Choars on the 1st January 1833, Aetatis Sui 25. This tablet is erected by his brother officers as an unaffected tribute to departed worth, and in testimony of their sincere regard."

Ensign Charles Douglas BABINGTON - 31st Light Infantry - killed in action - 3rd April 1834.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign C.D. Babington, 31st Light Infantry, who fell at the assault on Buck in Coorg, 3rd April 1834, aged 22 years. This tomb was erected by the officers of his Regiment."

Ensign Charles John GIBBON - 14th Native Infantry - killed in action - 5th March 1836.
Grave at Vizianagram -
"In memory of Ensign Charles John Gibbon 14th Regt. N.I. who fell in action at the Durgapersaud Pass Goomsoor on the 5th March 1836. This tomb is erected by his brother officers in token of their deep regret."

Lieutenant William Clinton Pete COLLINSON - 37th Bengal Native Infantry - died of wounds - 30th January 1840.
Memorial at Parish Church, Sproughton, Suffolk -
"To the memory of three beloved brothers the last of the sons of the late Charles Stryensham Collinson Esqre of the Chantry. This tablet is erected by their sisters. Charles John Russell Collinson, Captain in HM 18th Regt Royal Irish. Born 25th Sept 1808 - Killed 21st July 1842 at the capture of the Chinese city of Chin-Keang-Foo. William Clinton Pete Collinson, Lieutenant in the 37th Regt N.I. Born 7th Janry 1810 - Died 30th Janry 1840 from a wound received at the storming of the Fort of Pushoot in India on the 18th Janry 1840. Henry Redfearn Collinson, Lieutenant in HM 64th Regt. Born 19th August 1815 - Died May 1840 of yellow fever while serving with his regiment in Jamaica."