Guards Officers Memorial at the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks (1882)

War against Holland, 1665-1674

Naval Action off Lowestoft, June 3rd, 1665
Colonel Sir Edward Broughton, King's Regiment of Guards.

Naval Action off Bergen, Norway, July 5th, 1665
Captain Edward Montagu, King's Regiment of Guards.

War against France, 1678

Operations in Flanders, September 6th 1678
Brigadier-General Lord Howard of Escrick, King's Regiment of Guards.

Siege of Buda, July 3rd 1686
Captain Dudley Rupert, Coldstream Guards.

War against France, 1689-1697

Campaign in Flanders, July 1691
Lieut-General Douglas , Colonel, Scotch Guards.

Battle of Steinkirk, August 3rd 1692
Lieut-Colonel Lenthal Wareup, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel George Hamilton, 1st Guards
Lieut. Penny, 1st Guards
Lieut. and Adjt. Walter Herlackenden, 1st Guards
Ensign Pickering, 1st Guards
Ensign Gunter, 1st Guards
Ensign Ironside, 1st Guards

Colonel James Bridgeman, Coldstream Guards, July 1692

Battle of Landen, July 19th 1693
Lieut-Colonel George Wingfield, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Charles Cludde, 1st Guards
Captain Fausset, 1st Guards
Captain John Villiers, 1st Guards
Captain John Forster, 1st Guards
Ensign Samuel Swannick, 1st Guards
Ensign Carre, 1st Guards
Captain O'Brien, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Colonel Mudie, Scotch Guards
Captain Johnston, Scotch Guards
Ensign Verrall, Scotch Guards
Ensign Lundy, Scotch Guards

Lieut-Colonel Edward Shenton, Coldstream Guards, July 1693

Battle of Marisglia, near Turin, September 24th 1693
General Charles, 2nd Duke of Schomberg, Colonel, 1st Guards

Landing at Camaret Bay, near Brest, June 8th 1694
Lieut-General the Hon. Thomas Tollemache, Colonel, Coldstream Guards.

Siege of Namur, July 1695
Lieut-Colonel Charles Robinson, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Henry Davies, 1st Guards
Captain Charles Montagu, 1st Guards
Captain Robert Hide, 1st Guards
Captain Jonathan Upcot, 1st Guards
Captain Mitchell, 1st Guards
Ensign Charles Cavendish, 1st Guards
Ensign Witherong, 1st Guards
Captain Paul Wentworth, Coldstream Guards
Captain Benjamin Weston, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Thomas Holmes, Coldstream Guards
Captain St. Claire, Scotch Guards
Ensign Borthwick, Scotch Guards
Ensign Ross, Scotch Guards

War against France, 1702-1713

Attack on Vigo, October 12th 1702
Captain Butler Ramsden, Coldstream Guards

Storming the Heights of Schellenberg, August 2nd 1704
Lieut-Colonel Blount, 1st Guards
Captain Walter Raleigh, 1st Guards
Captain John West, 1st Guards
Quartermaster Bibey, 1st Guards

Battle of Blenheim, August 13th 1704
Colonel Philip Dormer, Commanding 1st Guards

Expedition in Spain, August 1706
Lieut-Colonel Charles Wakelyn, Coldstream Guards
Captain Jonathan Atkins, Coldstream Guards

Battle of Almanza, April 25th 1707
Lieut-Colonel Edward Austen, 1st Guards
Captain William Peachy, 1st Guards

Battle of Oudenarde, July 11th 1708
Lieut-Colonel Sir John Mathews, 1st Guards
Ensign John Deane, 1st Guards

Siege of Ghent, 1708
Colonel Charles Gorsuch, 1st Guards, December 24th.

Battle of Malplaquet, September 11th 1709
Captain James Gould, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Edmond Rivett, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Colonel Robert Bethell, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Colonel John Arundell, Coldstream Guards
Captain John Phillips, Coldstream Guards

Campaign in Spain, 1710
William, Fifth Earl of Dalhousie, Colonel, 3rd Guards

Battle of Brihuega, June 2nd 1711
Colonel Vaurrier, 3rd Guards

War against France, 1744-1748

Battle of Fontenoy, May 11th 1745
Captain G.W. Harvey, 1st Guards
Captain Henry Berkeley, 1st Guards
Captain Francis Brereton, 1st Guards
Ensign Sir Alexander Cockburn, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Samuel Needham, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Colonel William Kellett, Coldstream Guards
Captain Francis Townsend, Coldstream Guards
Ensign The Hon. Shaw Cathcart, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Vanbrugh, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Robert Molesworth, Coldstream Guards
Colonel Robert Carpenter, 3rd Guards
Lieut-Colonel Douglas, 3rd Guards
Captain Ross, 3rd Guards
Ensign Murray, 3rd Guards

Battle of Laufeldt, July 2nd 1747
Ensign Brown, 3rd Guards

Seven Years War, 1756-1763

Expedition to St. Cas, September 11th 1758
Major-General Alexander Dury, Lieut-Colonel, 1st Guards
Captain James Walker, 1st Guards
Captain Thomas Rolt, 1st Guards
Ensign James Cocks, 1st Guards

Lieut-Colonel Charles Craig, Coldstream Guards, 30th March 1761

Action of Brucken Muhl, 21st September 1762
Captain John Twistleton, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Richard Clive, Coldstream Guards

Captain William Wynch, Coldstream Guards, February 1762

Lieut-General Julius Caesar, Coldstream Guards, 7th August 1762

War against France in America, 1758-1761

Siege of Fort Niagra, 1759
Lieut-Colonel John Prideaux, 3rd Guards

First American War, 1776-1783

Action at Westfield, North America, June 20th 1777
Captain the Hon. John Finch, 1st Guards

Action at Sea, September 1778
Colonel Thomas Howard, 1st Guards

Capture of Newhaven, July 5th 1779
Ensign and Adjt. W. Campbell, 3rd Guards

Passage of the Catawba, February 1st 1781
Lieut-Colonel Francis Hall, 3rd Guards

Battle of Guildford Court House, March 15th 1781
Lieut-Colonel the Hon. James Stuart, 1st Guards
Captain John Goodricke, 1st Guards
Captain the Hon. William Maynard, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Lord Dunglass, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Schutz, Coldstream Guards

Captain John Bourne, Coldstream Guards, December 1776
Lieut-Colonel Thomas Collins, 1st Guards, 4th June 1781
Lieut-Colonel Thomas Willet Saltren, Coldstream Guards, 1782
Captain Florentius Boscawen, 3rd Guards, at sea, April 18th 1782

War against France, 1793-1802

Assault of Valenciennes, July 25th 1793
Ensign Lyonel Robert Tollemache, 1st Guards

Battle of Lincelles, August 18th 1793
Colonel Kingsmill Evans, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Thomas Bosville, Coldstream Guards

Colonel Colin Campbell, 1st Guards, October

Action at Furnes, August 24th 1793
Lieut-Colonel George Eld, Coldstream Guards

Action at Ostend, May 12th 1798
Lieut-Colonel Hugh Campbell, 3rd Guards

Landing at the Helder, August 27th 1799
Lieut-Colonel Alexander Smollett, 1st Guards

Action at the Zuype, North Holland, September 10th 1799
Captain Brownlow Bate Neville, 3rd Guards

Battle of Bergen, September 19th 1799
Lieut-Colonel Charles Dawkins, 1st Guards
Captain Richard Gordon Forbes, 1st Guards
Captain John Gunthorpe, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Roger Morris, Coldstream Guards
Captain John Pate Neville, 3rd Guards

Action at Beverwyck, October 6th 1799
Colonel Augustus Maitland, 1st Guards

Expedition to Egypt 1801

Landing at Aboukir, March 8th
Captain John Frederick, Coldstream Guards
Ensign George T.B. Warren, Coldstream Guards
Surgeon George Rose, Coldstream Guards

Battle of Alexandria, March 13th
Ensign B. Jenkinson, Coldstream Guards

Lieut-Colonel Arthur Brice, Coldstream Guards, March 14th
Ensign Lorn Campbell, 3rd Guards, March 21st

War against France, 1803-1814

Expedition to Sicily, 1806-07
Captain Thomas Aubrey, 1st Guards, November 19th 1806
Lieut-Colonel Edward Williams Vaughan Salesbury, 1st Guards, 1807

Battle of Vimiera, August 21st 1808
Captain Keating James Bradford, 3rd Guards

Corunna Campaign

Brigadier-General Robert Anstruther, 3rd Guards, January 11th 1809

Battle of Corunna, January 16th 1809
Ensign Paul Harry Durell Burrard, 1st Guards

Battle of Talavera, July 28th 1809
Lieut-Colonel John Ross, Coldstream Guards
Captain Richard Beckett, Coldstream Guards
Captain F. Edward Jenkinson, Coldstream Guards
Captain and Adjt. George Bryan, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Harry Parker, Coldstream Guards
Captain Samuel Walker, 3rd Guards
Captain James Buchanan, 3rd Guards
Captain Robert Dalrymple, 3rd Guards
Ensign and Adjt. the Hon. Edward Methuen Irby, 3rd Guards
Ensign Stopford Ram, 3rd Guards

Ensign Edward Noel Long, Coldstream Guards, March 9th
Ensign the Hon. John Ashburnham, Coldstream Guards, December.

Expedition to the Scheldt, 1809
Lieut-Colonel George G. Donaldson, 1st Guards
Ensign E. Morant, 1st Guards

Battle of Barrosa, March 5th 1811
Ensign William Henry Commerell, 1st Guards
Ensign Gervase Anthony Eyre, 1st Guards
Ensign Michael Watts, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Henry Swann, 3rd Guards

Battle of Fuentes D'Onor, May 5th 1811
Ensign George Parker Cookson, 3rd Guards

Ensign the Hon. John Wingfield, Coldstream Guards, May 4th 1811
Major Edward Dalling, Coldstream Guards, July 31st 1811

Assault and Capture of Ciudad Rodrigo, January 19th 1812
Major-General Henry Mackinnon, Coldstream Guards

Assault of Burgos, October 1812
Captain Edward Harvey, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Wentworth Noel Burgess, Coldstream Guards
Ensign John Charles Buckeridge, Coldstream Guards

Major-General William Wheatley, 1st Guards, September 1st
Major-General Richard Hulse, Coldstream Guards, September 7th
Lieut-Colonel John Scrope Colquitt, 1st Guards, September 15th

Assault and Capture of San Sebastian, August 31st 1813
Ensign William Burrard, 1st Guards

Passage of the Nivelle, November 10th 1813
Lieut-Colonel John Charles Rooke, 3rd Guards

Operations on the Nive, December 12th 1813
Lieut-Colonel Samuel Coote Martin, 1st Guards
Captain Charles William Thompson, 1st Guards
Captain Carey LeMarchant, 1st Guards
Ensign James Oliver Lautour, 1st Guards
Captain and Adjt. Henry Robert Watson, 3rd Guards

Lieut-Colonel the Hon. John de Courcy, 1st Guards, May.
Ensign Wyndham Knatchbull, 1st Guards, 14th October
Ensign Sir Thomas Styles, 1st Guards, 5th November

Action at St. Palais, 15th February 1814
Captain William Henry Clitherow, 3rd Guards

Affair of Aire, March 2nd 1814
Lieut-Colonel the Hon. Francis Wheeler Hood, 3rd Guards

Sortie from Bayonne, April 14th 1814
Captain Walter Vane, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel George Collier, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Colonel Sir Henry Sullivan, Coldstream Guards
Captain William George Crofton, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Burroughs, Coldstream Guards
Ensign Frederick Vachell, Coldstream Guards
Ensign William Pitt, Coldstream Guards
Captain Charles Laurence White, 3rd Guards
Captain John Bridger Shiffner, 3rd Guards
Captain Luke Mahon, 3rd Guards
Captain and Adjt. Francis Ralph Thomas Holburne, 3rd Guards

Campaign in America, 1813
Captain Henry B.O. Milnes, 1st Guards, August 21st.

Storming of Bergen Op Zoom, March 8th 1814
Lieut-Colonel the Hon. James Macdonald, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel George Clifton, 1st Guards
Captain John Bulteel, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Robert Mercer, 3rd Guards

Waterloo Campaign, 1815

Battle of Quatre Bras, June 16th
Lieut-Colonel William Miller, 1st Guards
Captain Edward Grose, 1st Guards
Captain Robert Adair, 1st Guards
Captain Thomas Brow, 1st Guards
Ensign James Lord Hay, 1st Guards
Ensign the Hon. Samuel P. Barrington, 1st Guards

Battle of Waterloo, June 18th
Lieut-Colonel Sir Francis D'Oyley, KCB, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel William Henry Milnes, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Edward Stables, 1st Guards
Lieut-Colonel Charles Thomas, 1st Guards
Captain Newton Chambers, 1st Guards
Ensign Edward Pardoe, 1st Guards
Captain John Lucie Blackman, Coldstream Guards
Captain Everard Sumner, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Colonel Hon. Sir Alexander Gordon, KCB, 3rd Guards
Lieut-Colonel Charles Fox Canning, 3rd Guards
Captain Hastings Forbes, 3rd Guards
Captain Thomas Crauford, 3rd Guards
Captain John Ashton, 3rd Guards
Captain William Sothert, 3rd Guards
Ensign Simpson, 3rd Guards
Lieut. George Richard Buckley, Coldstream Guards, August 15th
Lieut-Colonel Sir Henry Hollis Bradford, KCB, Grenadier Guards, December 17th 1816.

Battle of Ferozeshah, December 25th 1845
Captain Arthur William FitzRoy Somerset, Grenadier Guards

War against Russia, 1854-1856

In Turkey 1854
Col. Walter Trevalyan, Coldstream Guards, August 21st
Lt-Col. the Hon. Robert Edward Boyle, Coldstream Guards, September 4th

Battle of the Alma, September 20th 1854
Captain Horace William Cust, Coldstream Guards
Captain William Frederick Viscount Chewton, Scots Fusilier Guards

Battle of Inkermann, November 5th 1854
Lt-Col. Edward William Pakenham, Grenadier Guards
Captain Sir Robert Lydston Newman, Grenadier Guards
Captain the Hon. Henry Aldsworth Neville, Grenadier Guards
Lieut-Col. the Hon. Thomas Vesey Dawson, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Col. James Charles Murray Cowell, Coldstream Guards
Lt-Col. Lionel Daniel Mackinnon, Coldstream Guards
Captain the Hon. Granville Charles Cornwallis Eliot, Coldstream Guards
Captain Henry Montolieu Bouverie, Coldstream Guards
Captain Frederick Henry Ramsden, Coldstream Guards
Lieut. Edward Ameilus Disbrowe, Coldstream Guards
Lieut. Cavendish Hubert Greville, Coldstream Guards
Lieut-Col. James Hunter Blair, Scots Fusilier Guards
Lieut-Col. Charles Francis Seymour, Scots Fusilier Guards

Siege and Capture of Sevastopol, 1854-5
Captain Albert Evelyn Rowley, Grenadier Guards, October 16th 1854
Col. the Hon. Francis Grosvenor Hood, Grenadier Guards, Octrober 18th 1854
Lieut. Francis Byam Davies, Grenadier Guards, November 10th 1854
Captain the Hon. Robert Drummond, Coldstream Guards, October 1st 1854
Captain Hylton Joliffe, Coldstream Guards, October 1st 1855
Major and Adjt. Hugh Fitzhardinge Drummond, Scots Fusilier Guards, August 30th 1855
Captain Duncombe Frederick Butt Buckley, Scots Fusilier Guards, September 6th 1855

Lieut-Col. Augustus Cox, Grenadier Guards, September 27th 1854
Surgeon-Major Francis Cornelius Huthwaite, Grenadier Guards, September 6th 1854
Lieut. Arthur Henry Thistlethwayte, Scots Fusilier Guards, November 26, 1854

Expedition to Ashanti, 1872-3
Lieut. the Hon. Alfred Walter Charteris, Coldstream Guards, November 23rd 1873

Zulu War, 1879
Captain the Hon. Ronald George Elidor Campbell, Coldstream Guards, March 28th
Captain Robert Johnston Barton, Coldstream Guards, March 28th

Transvaal War, 1881
Lieut. Robert Hamond Elwes, Grenadier Guards, January 28th